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best places to land in warzone 3

I'm going to show you some incredibly simple War Zone 3 tips and tricks that are going to help you improve at War Zone 3 pretty much instantly with minimal effort. Now, before we get too far into the article, I am literally ticking 40, 000 subscribers, so if you find this at all useful, make sure you like the article and hit subscribe now.

The first thing I'm going to talk to you about is where you should land now. There's one big difference with how the map works in War Zone 3 compared to the War Zone of years ago, and that is that we know the first circle. When we are on the plane, hot drops are going to change depending on where we are and where the circle is, so if we take a dance, for example, a lot of people would drop, like Superstore.

Well, that's not necessarily the case here, and because of the knowledge of this first circle and how quickly the gas comes in, it's not always going to be the best play to land in the same spot every time. Now, where should you land? Well, the thing is, the load-out comes in pretty quickly. I wouldn't worry about getting together as much money as possible to get that load out; this will free up that initial capital that you gain because you know you're going to be getting that first load out 15 seconds before the first ring closes, so I would suggest that you land on a bounty.

best warzone 3 tips

Obviously, this might change depending on whether you're playing solo. Duos, trios, and squads I play a lot of solos, and this is my preferred way to start the game. What you want to do is make sure that you look for a bounty that is both outside of the first circle and near a redeployed drone. Essentially, what this is going to allow you to do is loot up freely, get some good guns, and get enough armor.

Maybe get an extra bit of cash to buy a UAV, and then you're going to take that redeployed drone and land directly. On your target, the nice thing about this is that you're going to get an amazing bird's-eye view of where your target is, and because it's so early in the game and because you have landed outside the circle, they are already going to be conscious of the gas coming in, so more than likely they're going to be rotating inwards.

get better at warzone

This means that they won't be camping in a building, and they won't be holding angles on you, so you'll be able to spot them as they're running through the streets. Land on a building next to them, and then take them out easily. This is nice because it's going to inject that initial capital that you need to get the ball rolling with UAVs, self-revivals, and other things, but it also gives you that vital bit of information about knowing where at least one enemy on the map is now.

If you don't want to play that aggressively, I would also suggest landing on a scavenger, as this is a great way to get money early. Just bear in mind that all of the scavengers that are within the circle or on the flight path are going to be very highly contested, but this is the beauty of choosing a scavenger that's got a redeploy drone next to it: you can afford to land a bit outside of the zone, a bit further away from the flight path, giving you more of a chance to loot up freely and get that cash easily, and then you'll be able to take that redeploy drone and rotate into the first zone and get your load out with minimal resistance.

how to get better at warzone

Now this brings me nicely to my next point, which is about rotations. As I've said, what I would suggest is that if you want to land outside or on the edge of the first circle, you could land in the center of the zone, and this means that you're not going to have the pressure of the gas coming in, and you'll be able to loot up while staying pretty much central.

However, if you land in the middle of the first zone, by definition, this is going to mean that you are surrounded on all sides. And not only that, you have no information about where the enemies are. The thing is, you're going to have two types of people that are landing in the center of the zone: you're going to have the ultra-aggressive, high-paced players that are going for high kills, and you're also going to have the very scared Sentinel players that are left over from War Zone 2.

how to get better at warzone 3

And these are the ones you're going to have to worry about because they're going to be hiding in buildings, not opening loot boxes just praying for you to walk straight into their trap and the problem is you have no idea where these people are going to be and that's why I say land on the peripheries of the circle because as you rotate, in, you'll be catching people who are also rotating in if you give yourself enough time so that you are moving on like a diagonal path to the Zone this is going to help you out because you're going to catch people who are running in front of you not paying attention to their flanks so they'll be easy, kills but on top of this you'll also be clearing the path behind you so you know that you're pretty much safe from getting shot in the back now I don't know about you but if I stay too Ste in a match I get very bored and when I get very bored I push things I shouldn't and I make mistakes, that get me killed and then I don't make it to the top 10 but when you're landing on the edge, you're constantly, rotating.

how to get more kills in warzone 3

With the Zone you're having a better overview of the match in general, you're seeing where more people are and then if you make it to the End Zone by the time that final circle's, closing you're probably going to have a pretty good idea about where the remaining players are but if you've just been doing Intel contracts or maybe you landed in the center and the Zone's been lucky to you you're not going to have a clue where the remaining players are and as a result you're probably going to get shot in the back and come second in a really frustrating, way with just one kill and that's no good to anyone and then the last thing I'm going to tell you about today, is you need to practice fighting outnumbered.

It doesn't matter if you're a solo player; it doesn't matter if you're a duo, a trio, or a quad nine times out of 10. By far the best way that is going to get you the wins is going to be those times where you're having to fight one, two, or three enemies, and if you're putting yourself into these situations regularly, you'll be able to come out on top nine times out of 10.

how to improve at warzone

Now, by far the best way that you can practice doing this is to play solo duos or solo trios. In Resurgence mode if you didn't know, when you're playing Solo in Resurgence mode, this basically allows you to respawn immediately. Normally, you have to wait out a timer to see if your teammates die, but if you're playing solo, that timer is completely null and void.

Urzikstan Warzone 3 is FINALLY here and today ive got a warzone 3 tips and tricks video to show you how to improve at warzone 3! From the best drop spots and places to land in urzikstan to how to rotate effectively, These warzone tips and tricks will help you get better RIGHT NOW.
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