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Welcome back, everyone, to another War Zone 2 article! In today's article, we're going to be taking a look at 10 broken, overpowered, and incredible strategies that I have been using in almost every single game to help rack up wins. High-kill games, and most importantly, just have a lot of fun over on Warzone too.

I am live over on Twitch right now, recording this intro with the Twitch stream constantly and gaining content, so if you want to hang out, ask me any questions. I've already put over 12 hours into the game, so make sure to join me live over on Twitch, but without further ado, let's get into today's article.

Drop spot

Single game on top of plates and boxes, a lot of time I find like good loot and precision airstrikes things like that, and it's over here by High-Rise, so a lot of people know High-Rise as the classic multiplayer map, but actually just beside it there's like this little food court, bank grocery store type of thing, and there are 10 cash registers inside.

And those cash registers, each one of them. I think can carry a maximum of like 32 hundred dollars, and with all of those together, no matter what. I am walking out with at least fifteen thousand dollars sometimes. Not a lot of people know about it, but just beware with today's articles coming out, and I'm going to make a social media post as well.

It may be contested, but that's an early kill and a lot of money, so hey, make sure to check that out, and it's definitely good luck out there because it's going to get contested.



fast Okay, the second tip of the day is the ascenders. They recently reworked the ascenders, which are the things that you can grapple onto to get on much faster, so you hook onto them much faster. As you ascend, it seems to be at a faster rate, and you also unlatch and get off faster. So, you don't have the really prolonged climb to the top, and then you get out; it's actually pretty quick to get off of that mechanic.

That being said, there are some cooler things you can do, which you can actually grab onto the ascender at any point during its verticality, so if you jump and hit it from the side, you can jump off, jump on, grab onto it, and do all sorts of mechanics. If you get shot off, you can jump, but then you can grab back onto it midair, and it makes for some pretty cool mechanics.

What I've actually done with my partner before is get on the ascender, jump off, get back on, and then we're good. is going to sound weird inside, of each other going up the ascender, and so that's how we're stacked when we're clearing out the top of a rooftop together. I think it's a great mechanic.

It's a nice little quality-of-life feature. We lost our redeploy balloons, but at least they made those a little bit cleaner for us.



Moving over to tip number three, we have some strategies. If there's anybody in the game who's going to find something broken when it comes to air vehicles, I'm your guy, and I've already found it. So, the helicopters are pretty sluggish, okay, but what you can do to make the helicopters fly faster is if you just hold forward, whether it's on Mouse and Key or forward on your joystick, that then goes slow.

But if you want to go faster, spam, go down so that you're spamming decent and then climb and then spam decent and then climb so L2 R2 L2 R2 and you actually start zooming across the map with that helicopter. On top of that, the helicopter, whenever you get out of it, and you've probably seen it before, will maintain.

Level flight, almost like it's on autopilot, it'll continue the trajectory, so if you have it going forward and then you get out, it will just continue to float forward, and you can use that to throw people into buildings who would ever do that right. But what you can do is make it straight and level.

Out of the helicopter, shoot out of the side of the helicopter, and if your teammates get down, guess what they're doing inside the helicopter with you. You can resuscitate them, and then you basically make yourself your very own Chopper Gunner with your squad, and I think it's a lot of fun to use that mechanic heading.

Over to tip number four. One of the other things you can do with the helicopter is actually refuel and repair it. A lot of people know you can do that with vehicles by going up to a gas station, but it always seems awkward, and I've seen people try to land helicopters on the side of gas stations and then it ends up getting banged up and then there's destruction to their helicopter. What you can do is actually land your helicopter on top of gas stations, and it will repair and refuel you through the ceiling of the gas station.

Carry 3 guns

Carry 3 guns

Heading over to tip number five, you can now carry three guns. Inside of Warzone, you guys already know we have the primary and the secondary, and you can just press triangle to switch between those, but you also have a backpack slot.

A lot of people don't realize that, so when you're looking at multiple guns on the ground, what you can do is hold down on the d-pad, or I believe it's like holding the tab on the mouse and keyboard, and you can stow a weapon as well. Cheval range that's most of the engagements that I'm going to get into, or at the very least, those are the most important gun fights that I need to win if someone's, you know, 300 meters away.

You know, if I don't have the perfect gun out, it's no big deal, but what I'll do is throw a sniper in my backpack slot. So the way it works, and the quickest way you can do it, is to press triangle. When you're trying to switch any of your guns, just press triangle, and you're switching your guns as normal.

When you want to switch to that sniper, all you need to do is press down on the d-pad, and then it defaults to that weapon location in your backpack first, and then all you need to do is swap that weapon in, so it's either triangle or d-pad. To switch a weapon, it's down on the d-pad and then square, and then that equips it, so it's actually a really quick process.

And you're either down triangle or down square, and you can pull out any of those guns as quick as you need. Just keep in mind the weapon that you have out, like if I have an AR out and I press down and then square, it's going to put my sniper in my hands and then my AR and my backpack, so what I try to do is always have my SMG because I always want a close-range weapon on me, so if I'm switching to my sniper.

I'll switch to my AR with triangle, press down and then D, switch to my sniper, take some shots at long range, then press down and then square, and then press down and deep down in square. Switch my sniper down to square. Switch my AR around the map.

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