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This is some of the highest-value content you can find on YouTube for War Zone. There is no better resource to help you get better at War Zone than this channel, because typically you either send me your footage and I break down what you're doing right or what you're doing wrong, or in today's article.

I break down as I'm playing, step by step, how to get higher kills. How to rotate, and even where I mess up and what I could be doing better, make sure you guys drop a like on this article if you want me to review your gameplay. Those instructions are in the description, but without further ado, let me break down how I'm frying inside of Ukhan.

Enjoy So, basically, the game plan Grab a bounty, hit the zip, and by the time we get the money from doing both of those, we have enough money to buy a loadout, and then we chase the lobby. No, I was about to say I was shocked that guy CH it, but, all right, we're going to head over towards that station to bring the Hummer with us.

how to rotate in warzone

We got full plates about to have our load out. It's going to be a good game, and I feel like I'm right in front of it. Nice, so I saw that guy there basically pre-aiming me with his sniper, and that was like his only way ever of possibly killing me, so I decided I would rather jump and spam jump, which is going to make me kill him slower, but it's significantly less likely that he's going to headshot me.

Left, say I heard metal footsteps on my left. I mean, not that I knew that was metal, but okay, the ATV just got out, and we heard the ATV noise. We can look across the street and see that's where the ATV was. Close; that should not be a thing. That guy had plates, and he died in one of those. I called that out at COD next, and they still didn't fix it.

I should have been playing it up for that gunfight. Basically, we were kind of in like a stalemate right there of who's going to CH first, but when I hear him run away. I know that he has his back like a face to me, so by the time that I challenge him, he's not going to be able to turn around and, like you know, get any effective shots on me, or if he does.

how to win gunfights in warzone

I have already had the advantage to start the gunfight. So, kind of a weird start, but gas things are going all right after relocating the safe zone. Now that we've done a lot of damage over here, we'll start rotating across the map to see if we can chain together some. I don't know if that guy's AFK or if I think that was the same.

Guy, I don't know if he was put there because he saw my name and was pulling up my stream or whatever. Keeping an eye on the rooftops here is pretty dangerous. I don't always like the smoke when I get on the bus because a lot of times the smoke actually just tells people where you're at. Obviously, if you know that you're going to get contested, throw the smoke, but sometimes the SM gives your enemy information, and you're trying to take it.

how to win warzone

Away two guys over here, one's gliding in enemies are dropping into the area. Be advised: the UAV has an Olympic high diver; the enemy is no longer tracking you; you lost them. I don't want to waste this, but UAV. Di, there we go. Gas is closing in. Get to the new safe zone. A lot of times when you're sniping someone, you can just wait, like they're trying to wiggle wiggle, and then you'll see them dive, and then when they dive, you know they're flopped onto the ground for a second and they can't do anything with their movement, so when both evading and sniping, you can just wait for that dive because then they're stuck there for that moment, and it makes the snipe super easy.

It's also the same thing whenever you jump, because when you jump, your movement is stuck in the air because you can't like tap-stripe in this game. It just makes it a hell of a lot easier for the sniper, and often times, unless you're diving into cover, that's a totally different story. high alert Pops I'm going to go and throw that down.

I have self-revived, so I'm willing to CH. Honestly, in solos, I actually like to stack double self-revivals because you don't have a teammate to tap you, so a lot of times I'll just keep it in there. You just have to make sure whenever you die. I haven't checked in this game; in the previous games, it did not auto-equ, so you had to reinstall.


UAV, Normally I don't like to rotate into the gas, but if I can get this big game Bounty, that advanced UAV will give me a lot of info for late game someone over here, based on my. Nice! I'm going to go and stow this. I don't need a whole bunch of plates; actually, it's kind of getting the end game right, so I'll just get over the fact that I've got this gas mask on my face, make sure I have enough plates, and then now I have two portable radars to help kind of get around the map in a situation like that.

Even though I had that guy cracked, the best thing I could possibly do is just use that simex to clear him out. He has to either go left or right. I pre-aim one way and then just hold him on the other, but I got high alert off to my left, so I'm going to bias to the right, and I see a red dot on my mini map up here on the top right; he's dead, another one up on the top.

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Hill Clear those two levels real quick; he was looking for someone right, and I want to push up that hill and find out who it is, but it's really risky to go through the open because there's no hard cover; instead. I'll bias over here to the left where there's like hard. No, that's one of those times, man, where if I had freaking aim assist, I would have felt him pull to the left, but I thought he pulled to the right.

I'm just glad it's still a good time. It's not even whiffed. I didn't even see him. I thought he would. I thought he would. I thought he strafed to the right. I just couldn't see two options. Their aim is to assist One Life. All right, well, I would love to be back on that hill. Frankly, I have a pretty strong weapon with the MTZ press.

If I can see where this guy is, that might be him fighting over the gas that is moving and going to push up on mine. Right honestly, someone late game, it was probably really worth looting that guy's body cuz more than likely he had a streak or something I could have used, but you can go over here towards the bum this guy's hitting the by right now he's going to come either left or, right no way, he's still on The.


Bu I mean, one of five. Remaining failure, ain't it, do I mean? I get your pause. We're inbound now. Wait, was I last alive? Look up and stand by. But ladies and gentlemen, as you can kind of see, I made some mistakes, some critical mistakes that I made. I got a little distracted; I was a little tired, but I lost track of how many people were left in the lobby.

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