News - World's Most Useless Gun. Warzone 2 Stormender

Maybe life isn't all that bad, as the new Storm Ender launcher in Modern Warfare 3 is not going to help you at all. As a matter of fact, this might be the most useless gun ever added to a Call of Duty game, and I love it. This potato makes the caliber from Battlefield 1 look overpowered. The in-game description for the Storm Ender launcher is described as a state-of-the-art weapon system that fires a localized EMP on a slight delay, destroys Tac iCal and lethal equipment, and temporarily disables other electronic devices, but this is what the description should really say.

I think it's also worth mentioning that this launcher has no unlockable attachments to make it stronger. Nice war zone. Yeah, so just to save us all some time, pretty much everything that I tested for multiplayer is going to apply to War Zone as well for the Storm Ender launcher, and since most people are out there sweating to win with meta builds in War Zone.

I'll tell you right off the bats that this thing has no utility or purpose in War Zone whatsoever. At best, you can use this to destroy some low-tier kill streaks, but aside from that, it is quite literally dead weight on your class if you equip it and not just the dead-weight teammates that you're playing with multiplayer, so to get a better understanding of what this launcher is supposed to do, we need to do some rigorous testing.

The first thing that you need to know is that this gun effectively does no damage to enemy players at normal health in core if you shoot an enemy with this launcher; it does nothing at 30 health in hardcore modes. This launcher also does nothing but hear me out if you go to a private match and set the health to just one HP.

This launcher will still not kill anyone. When I was testing this launcher with my wife, we were goofing around and we were like. Hey, since this thing shoots an EMP and it seems to have kind of like a lightning effect, what happens if you shoot the water and this is what. It happened; I just told you, yeah, it's not doing anything.

Look how cool that is! It does look really cool, though. Yeah, well, shoot me directly. I don't think I even know if I have footage of it. That said, let's have a fight to see who can kill who. Faster wait, I'm actually dying. What I thought this thing couldn't do was do any damage. I'm doing head shots; I'm too.

I'm not doing any damage. I think I might be somehow gray on my screen's side, right? It was the first ever kill with it, but it didn't give you a kill. It didn't give you a kill. This thing's so bad it couldn't even count that, I guess, not mine, and it even shows it in the kill C. This is so disrespectful.

My, I went right back in the water; it didn't even give you a kill. Yeah, so this is what we're working with. We are dealing with a launcher in a Call of Duty game, and again, I don't have the exact values, but it seems like it's basically doing like 1 damage per shot. It is possible to kill an enemy who is at 1 HP, but that can somehow not regenerate their health back, so if you somehow manage to get an actual kill with this thing in multiplayer, you have just struck the Call of Duty lottery, and unless, of course, this launcher gets a buff, there's a pretty good chance that this will never happen again.

Now I already know there's going to be that Melvin out there watching this who's like, actually, Eric. This weapon is meant to take out kill streaks; it is a support weapon. Okay, simmer down there, buddy. If we look at some of the other launchers we've had in previous Call of Duty games, like the RPG.

Horrible It can be used to take out kill streaks, but it cannot be used to kill enemies in its current state, so now the real question is: how effective is the Storm Ender against kill streaks? Hopefully I'm showing you guys how effective this thing has been against enemy killstreaks up until this point, and one thing you'll immediately notice off the bat is that the stor Ender is actually not that bad against low-tier enemy killstreaks; things like uavs and uavs get taken out relatively quick with the storm Ender, and even some of the mid-tier enemy killstreaks get taken out somewhat easily with the storm Ender, but the second we start to move on to the higher-tier kill streaks like the chopper Gunner, the ac130.

And even the Swarm is able to take out some of these high-tier enemy killstreaks, but then some of them, like the AC130 and the Swarm, are going to be almost impossible to effectively take out. Why are you yawning? Yawn god is still yawning. Yawn, the head came off, and maybe now I can kill you.

That was close. It was close, and honestly, this is a massive disappointment for a launcher that can really only be used against enemy kill streaks and equipment. And by the way, I didn't test equipment because I have no doubt that you can point this thing at an enemy Claymore and blow it up. Come on guys, we're not 3 years old, but testing this thing against some of the best killstreaks in the game was definitely worth our time.

Okay, maybe that was not the best wording; it wasn't worth our time. It was a waste of time because this thing is not that good against the most powerful kill streaks in the game, but hopefully our testing will save you guys some time. My main takeaway from testing the Storm Ender against killstreaks is that it's pretty decent against taking out some of the weakest killstreaks in the game, and since it does have unlimited ammo, you will not run out, so if you have this thing on your back, it can always be used to quickly deal with some of the weaker enemy killstreaks, but if you weren't aware, most guns that you already use in the game can deal with enemy kill streaks like this very quickly.

I think the prime example in recent Call of Duty games is the counter UAV because they're relatively easy to find in the sky and almost any gun can take them out with a couple of bullets, so realistically, if you wanted to use the stor Ender to destroy counter UAVs, you don't really need to; there's a pretty good likelihood that the weapon you're using right now will do a better job anyway.

One thing that I also noticed from testing is that when you shoot an enemy player with this, it does say that you have EMP the player, but as you can see here, when I get shot, it doesn't affect my character whatsoever. I could barely even tell that I was shot by this thing. It's pretty funny because it just again goes to show how useless this launcher really is.

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