News - Cheapest" Unlock All For Warzone 3 And Warzone 2 (works On Console) Step By Step Tutorial


back with another article today I'm going to be showing you how to use the unlock tool after you join my Discord and you get the loader, so this is basically a tutorial, so basically just watch this article through every direction and every step and you'll be able to use the unlock tool in the chair, so basically this is what you want to do, so first you want to open up your loader, show you guys I'm going to drag it to the bottom, press enter interior key, press enter should be in you going to load up Call of Duty, just wait till it loads.

When you hear that beep, that's how you know the tool has been injected. Going skip, this is how you know the tool is injected. When you hear that beep right there, it should be that one little beep. You should know that the tool is injected, so let's get into the game. So let's just switch. Let's go to Reinsures Hot Trip.

So what you want to do now is open the tool; it should already be open for you. Now what you want to do is press unlock all, so let's click on that. Let's press insert. Now let's go to our loadouts, and it should be everything open on every gun in the game. So this is how it is, and this is how it looks.


Every blueprint you want—literally, everything you get—just wants every gun and, by the way, every mastercraft you get. Now let's check the operators. You get any operator you want; you can choose from this wide variety of operators, and you can choose anyone you want; it doesn't matter which one you pick; you never want to refuse free loot; you can choose any operator going dark; and, now also, you can choose any emblem you want; it's a whole list of them that you could choose from; choose any emblem you want; and clan tag; you could use any clan tag.

By the way, you could use active clan tags. You open a menu, and you go. Lobby, I think it's Lobby or it's SM. Yeah, input the clan tag, and we can use the Activision clan tag, so you could use any calling card as well. You can use any vehicle spray; it doesn't matter; you will have it; yes. UV spray doesn't matter; you have it any Contra as well; you can have anyone you want; and yeah, it's pretty much how you use the tool if you want blueprints.

Go to Saver blueprint slot one; there are five blueprints you could choose from. So you want to put that camo that you want, say if we want to do interstellar, and let's put the name is anything, Figure, so now put it in the war zone. This is attachments multiplayer war zone. You want to save the blueprint.


You want to go to weapons, and when you're in, here you can click anyone you want. Let's click a gun from Modern Warfare 2. Let's go all the way down, and it will be there, including the charm, so yeah, it's pretty easy. That's how I use the tool. Make sure you guys follow the Discord link and bio.

I will be doing a sale of half off for any PC or console players.

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