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A Russian delegation suffered massive losses and estimated 158 deaths at the Covian base, with more than 200 injured. Several explosions and an apparent chemical attack were seen by witnesses from miles away. The Kremlin blames Pera for what they are calling a brutal and unjustifiable attack, and they are asking world leaders to join them in denouncing the Ulf as a terrorist.

Absolutely nothing it's clear the Ulf remains at large, and for all we know, they have weapons within striking distance of Moscow. How do we know we're. History, get this off me. You [__], son of a [__], will be a hero for what you're doing here, Samar. No one will believe you. I am not a terrorist.

No, you're a citizen soldier inspired by Farak Karim to fight Russia. You're a freedom fighter. You're Russian this plane is full of Russians. How could you kill your own people? No, I'm not killing them. Give we need to update you on the breaking news of a Russian passenger jet that crashed in the passengers, and N may have been deliberately crashed.

The voice recorder that is a crucial part of the investigation article from passenger cell phones could also be destroyed after a missile attack on Arov Military Base, resulting in massive casualties when they were believed to be a possible terrorist. Tolerance terrorists' intentions haven't been written all over it.

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He's done more damage in 72 hours than Con did in 5 years. Without him, that airliner went down in my country. It was no accident. I need to get to that crash site and prove it. IO Data shows that it was a flight out of Covia Bound for SOI; they lost contact in this region. That's all I need; you'll have to get there before the authorities arrive.

It's not the authorities I'm worried about.

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