News - Warzone 2 Zombies - This Overpowered Gun Needs To Be Nerfed (best Weapon Loadout)

It was recommended by Bot David, who stated that by far the DG58 is the best lmg. That thing needs a nerve. After reading that, I knew I had to give this weapon a try. Make sure you guys stay until the end of the article because something unbelievable happened during this weapon review. Just like in my usual setup, we spawn in with the four tools and the three crystals for the full-in-death review, going to pop my ether blade and my golden armor first.

It's always lovely weather in Ar60. It brings me warmth because it's currently snowing a bit where I'm at. I'm not really a cold-weather person. So starting off here, I'm actually just making my way over to an ammo crate because, for some reason, you don't spawn in with full ammo in your reserve.

I always thought we did, but I guess I'm just tripping out, so I actually had full ammo from killing the zombies on my way over here, but I still wanted to replenish ammo just to make sure this weapon that is the base has 100 in the magazine with 450 in the reserve, summing up to a total of 600 bullets, which I say is about decent.

As usual for our testing, we are going to try out this weapon against some tier 1. Zombies, I think that took about two bullets; we're just kind of bursting this gun, right? Now, I really like the sound of this gun; it just sounds very strong—not really that much recoil yet, Far. Reload speed is a little bit slow, but then again, we don't even have speed cola.

Yet this time we're we actually going to start off our first objective with an Outlast contract I always thought to myself if the developers were to crop out the Outlast area in this cool looking dark ether Crystal atmosphere and transform them into a round based map I actually think that it would be pretty fire like for instance if you think about it this building here has a decent layout, there are some other Outlast locations where it takes place in a smaller theater, a fighting stadium and even a mini siiz looking Kino first room all these details are in the game kind of just wasn't produced in the right direction we're kind of just chilling here at this Outlast contract as it isn't really that difficult this objective has honestly grown on me a lot recently as I've been trying to grind for the Balis Camo, and I've basically been using this contract to endlessly Farm Nice.

We got a dragonar perk, which is the best and most OG perk in zombies. One thing I notice is that whenever there is a counter UAV, that usually means that there are merks nearby. And indeed, I was right—we just have to make sure we take these guys out. Here, who is shooting at me? Beam, honestly, I have no idea how I even got that kill because that enemy was 100% blended in.

We're going to bring this weapon to a test against an HVT contract. Now, one thing I find very annoying when it comes to the Bounty contract is that sometimes the HVT is hidden in the building or is somewhere on the roof. It's just kind of a hassle to search and destroy. God, that mimic just scares the hell out of me.

Far, Mimi's claws are super, and long reloading is a little bit slow. 40% Health, 30% Come, on there we go. Nice now we're going to test this weapon in Tier 2. To my surprise, I have not yet used any upgrades on my weapon. Usually, before entering Tier 2, I would have already popped at least an uncommon ether tool.

The damage is, surprisingly, still very good. These zombies definitely don't feel like they're in Tier 2. Are we actually in Tier 2? We got a dispo here. Let's see how well it does. I had to reload here because the C is usually rare and very tanky. Damn, it's doing damage. We haven't even used an uncommon ether yet.

Okay, now it's time to put on the uncommon ether to see how well it does. It does a little bit more; actually, the gun was technically still shredding even before that. Someone's dropping me money. This guy's kind of generous here. Welcome, disciple i just got melted here. Thank you very much.

Do you guys ever get lobbies where random people just go up to you and start dropping you money? Or, like, you know, Wonder Weapons? All that said, we need more people like you, man. A big shout out to you, man, so we're actually going to pick up here. Another Bounty contract, Mangler. I wonder if I can shoot out my teammates.

Choppers, down, h, i mean, I wouldn't get any benefit out of it either, so why would I be approaching The Mangler just right here? He's doing another kamehameha. It's a little bit tough to deal with manglers. I feel like manglers are more challenging to kill than mimics we still haven't really managed to get any shots in The Mangler so I'm going to have to put on a raw Crystal here once packed this weapon has 200 in the magazine with 600 in reserve one downfall I realized here is I only gain 150 extra in reserve which really isn't that much compared to some of the other weapons damage wise we could see a huge boost here, let's see if we can actually do some kind of damage against the mangular now, we got a kaboom we got to grab that Kaboom let's go for the head shot major damage we see that 50% Health already mag's coming at me with the Wolverine, slash, another Kamehameha, zombie just trip, don't hit your own teammates Friendly Fires on all right, so we're going to slap on the rare ether now just to see how much faster it will kill.

The mangler, it's doing a little bit better now. Here we go. Let's see what kind of reward we get for refining Ean crystal; that's not bad, usually better than what I get. Even in even 3, I came across a USB at the bottom middle, so we might as well pick it up just in case we do get the chance to fight the red worm.

I went over to my Tombstone here to pick up a scorcher just for faster mobility, then I flew over to the Wonderfit to get all of my perks except for Tombstone. We're actually going to test out this weapon and see if we can complete an escort contract. Do you guys think something looks off about the truck of this vehicle, like the side folders are not there?

Keep in mind that this weapon is still only on pack one with a rare tool. Rarity: I don't normally do esort missions, as it just takes way too long, but it's amazing when it comes to testing out the capability of a weapon. We're actually going to see if I can beat this without having to put on another upgrade.

I got a mimic here. Surprisingly, this weapon with cryo freeze is absolutely just melting that mimic; the CPO melted as well. Damn, Crow Freeze is actually a lot better than I expected. We're doing major damage too, and we have a huge amount of reinforcements coming forward in case you guys did not know, but the vr11, once upgraded, can actually heal the escort; you won't really ever need to use that unless you're going to Elder Sigil to actually do the escort mission.

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