News - Why I Talk Sh"t About Call Of Duty But Still Play It. Warzone 2 Rant

cod down

Let's get down to the bottom of that because I'm getting tired of being asked this stupid question. Yeah, to me, it's a dumb question. Is there any other game out here that is anywhere close to Call of Duty that will give me the type of dopamine rush and adrenaline rush that I'm looking for? No, the game doesn't exist as it stands right now.

Call of Duty doesn't have any type of competition because, when it comes down to it, I'm not playing the article game anymore. I stopped playing article games a long time ago. In place of Call of Duty, I have to say that because, as you know, people are out here acting like it's all kinds of options.

What do you mean there's no game to play? There's all kinds of games to play out here; there's hell divers; you can play Elden Ring; and, yeah, exactly, there's all types of games dropping all the time, and you know what? I buy games all the time. Good games, you know Blockbuster Games. I have all the greatest top games, but guess what?

They don't give me any type of adrenaline or dopamine rust worth mentioning compared to Call of Duty. Once you cross over to a first-person shooter going to war with other people on the internet, you can't go back to going to war with the computer, playing against a bunch of bugs, and Rob, it's a computer.

cod is dead

There's no satisfaction in that for me. People who answer that question must not have ever played Call of Duty, or if you did, you were never addicted, because it's an addiction as well, and I'm still addicted. Hey, congratulations to you if you kicked the hat! Congratulations! I haven't, and I do a lot of complaining about Call of Duty.

Because of the state of Call of Duty, are you [__]] happy with the game? Is anybody happy with the game? No, when you complain about it, how loud are you? How far does your complaint go? Let's go further than the comment section. No, it doesn't go anywhere, does it, so I sit up here, and even though, if you have eyeballs, you can see looking at the screen, does it look like I'm not having fun?

Can't you tell I'm having a whole ton of fun, but for the love of you, the person who is still miserable out here. I sit up here and use my platform to complain about the state of the game until they make it better, because to not do that to me would be being selfish, and I could be a narcissistic [__] and sit up here and be like.

cod love

Well, he is not my problem. Bros I'm out here having fun. I'm dropping nukes, swarms, war zones, and rebirth winds. I have two nuke contracts on two different accounts in my back pockets right now as we speak. Does it look like I'm not having fun? I'm having a blast out here, and you should be grateful that I'm still out here.

One of the last surviving Call of Duty content creators is giving you some Call of Duty content to look at because you are obviously still in love with the franchise because you haven't walked away. I know your ass ain't playing any more. How do you get your fix? You get it from watching me, so how in the [__] do you fix your mouth to ask me why I'm complaining about the game but I'm still playing a [__]?


Why are you watching me? I am the number one goddamn card boy out here, representing the streets. [__]] I'm merciless badass, AKA murder show. You're talking about why I'm playing Call of Duty every day. I'm a living legend. I'm the captain of the ship, and I'm going down with the [__]]. I'm the goddamn ban on that place, as the Titanic Saints [__].

Don't you ever get me confused with these friendly neighborhood card boys out here making positive articles? I don't make a article unless I'm [__]] on this goddamn game; you better believe it, and in every game play and in every live stream, I'm going to be [__]] on my [__]] enemies. You should be praising and thanking me for what I do out here and questioning me like I'm supposed to walk away from the [__] who we are going to have left.

If everybody walks away, [__]] we are still waiting on the game to get better, Room, what am I supposed to do? Close it down. What are we supposed to do? All go wander off and find some and lower our standards to find some other game to play to have so-called. Fun! This [__] right here is top-shelf chronic smoke, compared to that [__] brown Mexican dirt weave that you smoke.

is dead

I wish I could have fun playing other games. I do it all the time, waste money on a [__]] game, play the [__]], and be bored out of my mind because I ain't getting no dopamine and no adrenaline rushes like I do in Call of Duty. Fact of the matter, it's an addiction that I can't stop, and people love to hear me complain, so I don't get to give a [__]] about you, and you here there who don't like it.

If you don't like hearing me complain about the game, then don't [__]. Pull up to the articles because, sper alert, if I drop a commentary, I'm [__] on the game; it is what it is. You should appreciate the fact that I'm out here complaining on your behalf; I could be talking [__]. in these game plays over some music, cracking jokes, or something, but no, I fight for you, but you don't appreciate it.

is down

I guess you too are having fun playing Fortnite, no bill or something. M, stay the [__] over that; it's ridiculous, man. How do the [__]] y'all feel about this [__]]? I'm getting tired of people asking me, You're not even a Call of Duty fan. What is it that you started playing after 2019? What have you never had a game that wasn't even St.

Like you what's your fun out here? Getting bent over—what is it? What is it? You just have to do something negative. Keep it to yourself. If you aren't adding to the conversation about Call of Duty, [__] We are gathering up and trying to bring awareness to what's really going on, so people come wandering their brand new asses in here.

This game looks fun. I used to play back in the day. This looks like back in the day. Don't be fooled, watching my game play does look like back in the day, but when you get out here, it's going to feel like you're watching [__]] scomp and them play, except you're on the losing team, getting folded up like a lounge chair after the summertime picnics are over.


Beware; this game will chew you up and spit you out, so as long as I'm here, that's what I'm going to be talking about. I'm not going to be sitting out here putting out best-class setups and reporting on the Call of Duty news. No hate to anybody who does that; that ain't my thing. [__]] on the game, look me up.

[__]] it on Bill 3 way back when I first started into my channel, and the community ate it up, and that's what I'm going to continue. Are we clear around here? Is there anybody else who is? broken in half, how they took a good thing and ruined it was wrong, and as long as I got breath, as long as I got a channel, and I got people listening.

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