News - Call Of Duty Just Aint Fun No More. Warzone 2 Season 3

cod down

With this being the biggest content drop that we have seen in Call of Duty in the past 5 years, you might be thinking about coming back with season 3. You might even be thinking about trying this game out for the first time with the free-to-play weekend on the outside. It might look fun, but as an insider.

I'm going to tell you why this game is everything but fun, so hold on to your seat and don't move your feet. It's murder time. You are now tuned in to the one and only Mr. Merciless Badass welcome to the murder show. And that's just the sad reality: that we living in the game just ain't fun any more.

It doesn't matter what new features are added; it doesn't matter what setting we are in; it doesn't matter what maps come back; it doesn't matter what guns they put in the game; it doesn't matter how fun the game play looks in the YouTubers article; it doesn't matter how fun the game play look in the in the in the live streamers live stream.

If you buy this game, play it enough, and you actually get good at it, then you'll hate it. You'll feel exactly like all of these content creators who walked away from the game. Let's never forget that there's a secret ingredient in Call of Duty nowadays that sucks the fun out of it. Call it what you want, Eomm, Sbmm, The algorithm.

cod is dead

Whatever, it will not allow you to have a consistent experience, enjoy yourself in the game, and see the progress of your skill progression. Does that make sense? You know what I'm talking about: you can't get better at the game; it's only going to lead to depression. Let's never forget the same thing that made Mara Jay quit and give his channel away.

Imagine being Mark [__]] with a million subscribers on YouTube playing Call of Duty for a living, and you [__]] up and quit. Let's never forget, because the same thing that made him quit is the same thing that makes regular people quit every day. You don't want to become part of the reinstall/uninstall gang.

How many times have people reinstalled and uninstalled in the past 5 years? section, it doesn't matter if Snoop Dog's In the game, it doesn't matter if it's shiny glitter [__] crystals in the game when you kill somebody; it doesn't matter if you can be a Dober, and from the Snoop Dog Dogg Style article.

cod love

It Doesn't Matter; it doesn't matter that they brought back rebirth; none of that matters. If the chef's secret ingredient is a squirt of piss, it doesn't matter what the super weak is; you don't want it, and that's what the algorithm is: A squirt of piss in the suit, which is Call of Duty, ain't nobody really having fun out here.

You have to rig the [__] game just to have fun. You don't want to have to do that. Let's be real out here. The fact of the matter is that Call of Duty will never be worth playing again; it'll never be back; it'll never be fun again. Treyarch can't save Call of Duty; only Microsoft can save it by removing this algorithm that has sucked the fun out of the game for anybody competent for the last 5 years, so unless you're an incompetent fool.

is dead

I would suggest you stay far away from this game. Call of Duty in the past 5 years has caused nothing but stress, pain, mental anguish, and anger. Depression: You can't play this game to relax; you better be ready to try your hardest just to not go negative. Isn't that a Forget about the good old days of having fun in the game and dropping streaks on noobs after work that don't exist any more.

All you're going to get is lobbies full of [__]] exactly on your same level, and you're going to be like AR KY talking and talking to Gail scream about fighting for his [__]] life, just trying to survive out here. I'm fighting for my life. King me with this. You know what I'm saying. Check out the comment section and tell me your testimony.

is down

List I mean, I don't have anything else to say about this game regarding this game until they fix it right, because, yeah, you see me out here having [__] fun. I had to fix the algorithm just to have fun out here. The game should come with a goddamn stick of warning on it. Just say warning. Don't attempt to have too much fun in the game because then the algorithm is going to jump up and snap you in your ass and put you in place if you don't enjoy going even Steven, or going negative, or you know you're just like down right getting peeled if you don't enjoy an inconsistent experience.

Stay the far [__]] away from this [__]] I don't give a damn what they are talking about in that matchmaking, long ass paperwork, That you that they put out, did you anybody try to read that? [__]] shout out to Nero; he made a article about it. I tried to read the [__] man; it just pissed me off [__] with them talking about the fact that the game just ain't fun, no more the game ain't fun.

Timothy, are you listening? Stay away from this game. I know you're looking at Little Billy playing the game, and it looks like Billy's having fun, but as Billy learns how to actually play the game, he's going to be miserable too, and then he's going to move on to another game. Call of Duty is not going to survive much longer, like you know what I'm saying, like content creators out here are badly hanging.

level reset

Not only is the game not fun, but the support for the game is walking away. We are bleeding supporters daily because Call of Duty is dying. Inside people's hearts, people are realizing that it ain't getting better; it ain't going to get better, and they are done with it and they are walking away.

They are not just walking away from playing it; they are walking away from even watching it. You're looking at the final days of Call of Duty. Cherish them while you still have them. They are out here working really hard, putting out all kinds of blog posts and PDF files, all types of spreadsheets, and all types of things that look like some [__].

A lawyer wrote all types of information, trying to explain why. They are not giving you high praise for being a good player, man. Shut the [__] up with all these stupid ass lies and [__]]. The fact of the matter is, goddamn, the game just ain't fun any more, and unless they realize that [__]], you know it's that simple, like just shut up all the [__]].

level reset mwiii

Turn off the algorithm and take it out of the game. Is that going to happen? probably not so, Forget about it, it's over people, but maybe you came back for Rebirth Island; maybe you gave up on multiplayer like a lot of other people; well, researching ain't any better. Call of Duty doesn't want you having fun, going off, dominating, and doing good; it just doesn't exist any more.

It doesn't matter what game mode you're in, whether it's multiplayer or BR. The algorithm is the secret sauce that's actually like a [__] spread on a delicious hamburger. And why is nobody complaining about the absence of the death icon and rebirth? I'm really pissed about that, so beware of that.

A message of warning for anybody thinking about coming back to or trying Call of Duty. It's gonna take more than season 3 to bring the fun back to CoD MW3 and Warzone. FCK WIT ME.
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