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activision addresses sbmm

I was wrongly kicked for inactivity while in the middle of playing Modern Warfare 3. They did me wrong, y'all. I wasn't sitting in a corner, laying in a bush, hiding on top of a building, or tucked in a Nook in some cranny of a building. Nah, I was out here getting it in. I was actually in the chopper, Gunner.

It was hard-core-free. All in all, I'm just grinding my camos. I think I needed some head shots. I went to Hardcore and found myself in a chopper, Gunner, as I'm shooting rockets at my enemies just as one of them connects with somebody's ass. Boop, I get kicked right out of the lobby like J and Jeff out of Fresh Prince.

House. I said, damn, okay, but I heard about this [__] here and there about people getting kicked for inactivity wrongly while playing the game, but it never happened to me, and I have called in plenty of Chopper Gunners, but it never happened, so when it happened, the one time I called in the Chopper Gunner and hardcore.

I said it must be a hardcore thing. Guess I can't call in Chopper Gunners out here. Well, I wish it was a hardcore thing, because after hardcore, I ended up here on Russ, still grinding camo. You'll see me unlock one of the camos in this game right here, but I find myself sitting up at the top of Russ.

activision mw3

I'm flawless i hadn't dropped a nuke yet in the game. I'm saying to myself, You know what? This is a good lobster. This feels like it might be it, even though I ain't got enough bullets. I'm sitting here waiting for my ammo to replenish, just so I can see if I can finish getting it in. I'm getting nervous; everybody's watching.

This might be just the night before I was in this same place, and I was on. 29 somebody cooked the grenade and put that [__] right in my fan pack, mother, so here I go again. I'm staying calm, staying collected, and thinking I got my [__] together. I'm sitting up here on top, and I don't want to spoil it for y'all.

You're going to see if I get this nukon or if I get kicked for inactivity before I even have a chance to drop them. That's tough; y'all wouldn't? The hell is going on. I just got done looking on the internet to see if other people have been having this problem and came to find out they have it. It has been going on for well over a month now.

activision sbmm

People are getting kicked out while using other streaks; they're getting kicked out while they're trying to snipe; they're getting kicked out while they might just be playing slow; they might be 13 and 0. It seems like they are always doing well, though when they kicked out, is this some type of bug, and if it is, why is it not being addressed?

or is this some sbmm, algorithm [__] tossing people out of lobbies to protect Billy from getting his ass bust? Pause might be about to drop a nuke, if I. Don't run out of time in game mode. In this article, you're going to see the face of a broken bar. At the end of this article, they are out here kicking people while they are in the middle of sniping.

One guy was holding a house down when he dropped the Claymore, turned around, and boom kicked him from inactivity. You know what I'm saying, like people should be on streaks and [ __ ]. What in the hell is going on, and it's been going on for over a month? It ain't on a sledgehammer, a Trello board, or anything.

adresses sbmm

I just saw one of the developers talking to Repulse. I'm going to tell him in a tweet that I'm getting wrongly kicked for inactivity and that we are getting wrongly kicked for inactivity. Look at me. The priceless camo unlocker is just grinding my camos. You know what I'm saying out here: getting my ass kicked because I'm doing the grind ended up in the good lobster.

God lobby, this was the one right here the algorithm triy to bless me from my [__] heartache from yesterday. Look at him, counting him down. SW alert: I ain't F to get. Boy, I can't even believe this is happening. To the game appreciating the love y'all have been doing so well, four kills off our first do you not know about this bug you going to know tomorrow, ain't no way you don't know about this, up I wish I would have known about that perk for fast field upgrades before I climbed up on top of this thing, but I'm here now, [__] up, and I can't believe that I felt my second nuke like this; hell.

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I didn't even fail the nuke I got. Nuke, yeah, I get the [__]. This is some [__]. You know how hard it is to try to drop a goddamn nuke out here. You know how valuable it is out here. You know how people are trying to snipe a [__] from sitting up in here. Do we call that some [__] in here? That's why I [__] up.

I should have gone ahead and called it in, but I had no idea. Unstoppable Medals: Why? Why call it in when I'm still on a on a on a on a on a Flawless streak? Let's get the unstoppable metals. Why not i mean, we had plenty of time. I'm playing hardpoint. We only got 157 points. I had plenty of time.

It's my first nuke. I'm enjoying the moment. You know what I'm saying. I'm full of dopamine and adrenaline. I'm on a natural high right now. I'm trying to extend the [__] and make it last, so after I run out of bullets, I decide to go ahead and jump in my Chopper Gunner. I had totally forgot about.

cod sbmm

I totally forgot about getting kicked for inactivity earlier when I was playing Hardcore Call It In, and I thought it was just a hardcore thing because it never happened to me out here in Core. I've called in hundreds of Chopper Gunners. I'm the Chopper Gunner King out here. Be sure to watch the live streams.

I had no idea what was coming; the chat knew. Shout out to the people who knew they saw it coming a mile away. My stupid ass is sitting here, oblivious. I'm just trying to get more. Kills dropping rockets You think I'm not going to own the kill feed before I drop the nuke and leave? Please, there's no way I was going to just ride out with that Chopper gun in my back pocket.

You are going to feel all this pain, and then look at this. I've seen you too many really [ __ ] I had a nuke in my back pocket when [__] happened, and you really kicked me out. God, damn it, after getting out of the chopper, Gunner has the right to cry in the car. There is no way that just happened to me.

kicked for inactivity while playing mw3

My first nuke coming back off the field from the night before was the big one [__]. That was my moment, thanks to [__]. A lot, guys. I appreciate all the hard work in bug testing, Department B. I hope you check this out, Tweet. I'm adding your ass; you said you were going to make it look emotional.

God damn it, it hurts. Not hard; I worked for that. You watched it, B. Boy, I tell you this some [__]. What more do you want? I'm fighting for my life; y'all are killing me with this. Boy ain't no way, boy. I don't know what else to say. What is a boy ain't no way? boy, there's no way. boy, ain't no [__] What is this?

I was recently wrongly kicked for inactivity while playing Modern Warfare 3. Neither time was I inactive. I was actually in a chopper gunner in one game and fresh out one in another.
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