News - Call Of Duty Should Feel Ashamed. Warzone 2 Rant

cod down

Free an $80 melee, a $100 weapon, camo skill-based matchmaking in public matches, and a hidden MMR in rank play. Cheaters, out the ass, while innocent people get banned for no reason, they are out here marketing to children in a so-called adult game, and we got the absolute worst servers in all of online FPS shooting games.

Call of Duty should really be the asham of theirs; they went from being the game that we all used to love into being the game that we love to hate because it just ain't nothing else to play, and they ruined what used to be a good thing. 100, For a goddamn camo from Sledgehammer. 2017 World War II game: How do you sleep at night?

taking advantage of people using match rigging algorithms and [__]] to try to encourage them to spend money in the store by giving them so-called rewards for spending $100 in a store, [__]] spending $100 in a store. The goddamn game only cost $70. Only a fool would set up there and spend $100. In the goddamn store to get a [__]] camo, he would spend $80.

Buying King Kong bundles just to get a [__] melee weapon King Kong should be the same, bringing all this [__] that has nothing to do with Call of Duty into Call of Duty. Am I tripping? or do I need to calm the [__] down? Let me pipe it down a little bit. Man, how do [__]] y'all feel about this [__]]?

cod is dead

If it ain't one thing, it's another one, right? If it wasn't SBM that ran you off from the game, it was the cheaters. And if it wasn't the cheaters and sbmm that ran you off from the game, it's the shitty ass connection. Why does the connection to the lobbies keep getting worse as more time goes on?

Don't you have a blood clot? Make at least $5 billion a year on this [__] game. You should be ashamed of yourselves; innocent people out here are getting Perma banned. Perma is banned. I know people personally who do not cheat and who have been Perma banned in the game, but yet still, even though they got all these bands going on, you got all these cheaters out here because, guess what?

At the end of the day, Ricochet, Really ain't about, [__]], by the time Ricochet catches up with somebody, they've been cheating for a long time, and guess what? It doesn't take very long for them to make a new account. Turn around, push a couple of buttons, do a couple things, and be right back on the game.

cod love

It's free to play. Ricochet trying to handle the cheating problem is like an old man getting up in the middle of the night from the projects going on in the kitchen in his house shoes, turning on the light, and trying to stomp away his roach infestation. You might stomp a few of them, but you ain't going to ever get rid of the problem of how the [__] can't handle this.

Other games don't have problems like this with these cheaters. Why does Call of Duty have the worst problem? You make more money than anybody else; why do you have the worst service? You make more money than anybody else; otherwise, I don't understand how this is [__]. But, you know, we sit up there and buy into it.

We allow them to do this because we sit up here with our $70, waiting to give it to him every year, like we didn't just get [__] over for the past five years. Y'all are enjoying the algorithm out here, probably not. They should be ashamed of themselves because people used to be able to play the game, have fun, and let off some stress.


Now that you play the game, it adds more stress to you. You're having anything but fun out here in a article game, which is supposed to be the fun you should be ashamed of. I got people out here who fell in love with Call of Duty multiplayer years ago. Now all they can play is zombies or DMZ. You should be ashamed of yourself; that's not what they really want to play; it's just that the algorithm sucked all the fun out of the game, and then you're out here losing players to games like Hilda.

Hil diver or PVE game, how do you lose people who fell in love with PVP? You're sending them back to PVE. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Call of Duty used to be called Vibe. But then Fortnite came out, and you wanted to be Fortnite. Now Call of Duty ain't even recognizable with all of these [__] cats, pigeons, ducks, and monkeys.

is dead

What happened to the vibe in Call of Duty? You sold your soul for the money. You should be ashamed of yourself, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for still supporting this franchise, because if it weren't for the support, they would not be able to get away with this. But what am I supposed to do?

What are you supposed to do? What are we supposed to do when there is nothing else to play? Hell, the gaming industry should be ashamed of themselves for not bringing no real competition to call it Duty out of [__]. This is the entire gaming industry sitting up there and leaving the Call of Duty formula untouched.

They make games in all types of other styles except Call of Duty, leaving the door wide open for Call of Duty to treat us any kind of where they want to because they know that we don't have nowhere else to go, a lot of people thought that ranked play was going to be a better experience than pubs because pubs been ruined with sbmm but even rank play is [__] because they got a hidden MMR and rank play just like in public matches, so it doesn't matter where you go out here; the Call of Duty experience has been ruined hell.

is down

Even if you like zombies, they ain't the same any more. What is this open-world zombie? Even if you like DMZ, DMZ doesn't exist anymore because they made zombies. It's just a messed-up situation, ain't it? Call of Duty had a good guy, goddamn thing, and they ruined it. What an embarrassment! All of the leadership at Card should be embarrassed.

I'm ashamed of you, fools. And the worst part about it is that this [__] is still going on; they are still continuing to do the same [__]. That ruined it in the first place is still going on out here; the spawns are still shitty, and what's the worst part about that the shitty spawns ruin in multiplayer?

Well, I ain't even touched on that the shitty spawns are done on purpose, On purpose. Remember when the beta came out and the spawns were a little off, and people like Exclusive Ace gave some input on how to fix the spawns, and they addressed it, saying. Hey, well, we're going to work on the spawns, and then they started working on it, and the [_] got worse.


You know, and then they worked on them again, and they got worse. It's clear now that it's fully intentional that the game has shitty, unpredictable ictable spawns to prevent you from popping off. Where is the goddamn integrity in the game? This used to be the NBA. Now, this [__] is a basketball game at the carnival; it's rigged, and you should stay far away from it.

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