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Humpty Dumpty, Sit on the wall. Humpty Dumpty, Had a great fall, All the king's horses, And all the king's men. The greatest gaming franchise of all time is now just barely recognizable. A shell of its former self went from being number one to getting awarded at the game award shows, to not even being mentioned, to getting roasted.

At the game award shows, Call of Duty then fell off harder than a drunk old man who didn't miss the step, just like the king's horses and All the King's Men. They brought back dead silence. They put the red dots back on the mini map working the way that they were supposed to; they brought back reload counseling slide counseling; they put speed back in movements.

They fixed it all, but it just wasn't enough because Call of Duty has sold fewer copies this year than they have ever sold. Call of Duty is more unpopular this year than ever. You look out on the streaming scene; ain't nobody playing the [__] you got more people playing zombies nowadays than actually playing.

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Multiplayer. And I want to talk about that, because I think we're at a pivotal point in Call of Duty right now with the handover from Activision owning the [__] to Microsoft owning Activision and controlling the [__]. You have new leadership getting ready to take over. You got people going to be looking at numbers and looking at you know what performed and what did this and what did that, and I want to talk about this [__] because I don't want nobody getting any type of misunderstanding.

Or nothing, you know, no type of confusion out here, just because Modern Warfare 2 sold 38%. More copies than Modern Warfare 3 doesn't mean that Modern Warfare 2 was the better game; it doesn't mean that Joe Seot was right and Sledgehammer is wrong; it just means that the Cod Community has finally woken up and realized that it doesn't matter what card it is, what development studio it is, or what setting the game is in.

As long as the current matchmaking system—let's call it SBMM. Eomm, whatever the [__] you want to call it, as long as that's system is in the game, nobody will be able to have fun and enjoy the game. It's the fact that they are finally waking up to realize that [ __ ]. Because, as you see, each year we look at a different-colored pig with a different-colored lipstick and a different-colored wig on we forget.

activision sbmm

About the secret algorithm laying low, behind the scenes, secretly rigging and controlling the matches, deciding when you win and deciding when you lose, taking away the power from the player to master the game and get better and therefore perform better and therefore have more fun. That is why the game has fallen off.

It's not the $70 price tag for DLC. It's not weird. DMZ-style zombies—it's not the short ass whack ass campaign. They tried the [__] out in the beta, and they got put in the Amazon position, and they didn't like it. That is why the game has failed. People have finally realized after 4 and 1/2 years that it's not.

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It's the game; it doesn't matter how hard you try; it doesn't matter what setup you pull out. This game gets more unenjoyable the harder you try. The better you do, the worse time you're going to have, and that's just the bottom line. Plain and simple, you have hundreds of thousands of disgruntled players out here who want to play Call of Duty but the algorithm won't allow them to, or, should I say, the algorithm won't allow them to enjoy themselves while they play Call of Duty.

And that's simply what it is; it doesn't matter what you throw at us—the maps, the map size, this type of perks, that type of boot you got, the vest—or what does it matter all that little? You know, one person could say, Hey, I like this, and somebody else could say, Hey, I don't like this. At the end of the day, we can adapt to all of that.

It doesn't matter; you know, it's just like it's the superficial little [__] that we be complaining about and nitpicking about. At the end of the day, we can adapt to all of that. But what you can't adapt to is that Wicked Ass [__]. That demon wear got cooking in that goddamn algorithm. Some people dropped off in Modern Warfare 2019, some dropped off in Cold War Vanguard, some people just dropped off last year, and some people found they made it all the way to mod Warfare 3 before they finally realized.

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Man I can't take this [__] any more. You know what I'm saying? You got us out here feeling like AR when they were setting him up. I'm fighting for my life. Am I hearing y'all killing me with this? It's been a miserable last 4 and a half years, and I think a lot of people finally just decided to go ahead and throw the towel in, realizing that this [__] ain't going to get better.

You know, it doesn't matter what the setting is; it doesn't matter who's in charge. As long as BMM is in the game, nobody won't be able to have fun, or maybe not nobody because you know there's you know there's the exception to the rule. I see people out there all the time. I just saw somebody in the live chat earlier tonight say that he enjoys the challenge that SBMM gives him.

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Okay, well, congratulations to you. I hope you're happy. I'm happy for you, but for most people out here, we're suffocating. We're drowning you know what I'm saying, and we can't take this. No more, and that's why the game fell off; that's why scump retired early; that's why Mar J quit YouTube; that's why your favorite YouTuber doesn't upload; More, you know it's not it's nothing else; it's 100% the algorithm, and I just want that [__] to be understood by the gaming developers.

The gaming publishers The goddamn you know the shareholders, the [__] chairman, everybody who got something to do with the decision-making need to understand if Call of Duty stands the chance of being brought back, the algorithm got to get tossed the [__] out of here there ain't no way around it, it don't need to be tuned, it don't need to be adjusted, it just needs to be removed, before it existed.

Call of Duty was the biggest thing ever since they turned it up to demonic hellish levels in Modern Warfare. In 2019, people have been dropping off like flies. People have actually been complaining ever since it was first introduced in Call of Duty. It started running people off the field. I've said this in other articles.

cod sbmm

The first cards they put it in were Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2. These were the first two cards that I actually played other games that year other than just playing Call of Duty for 12 months straight. But it wasn't crippling; it just made the game a little less enjoyable for me, but with the current system that we have now, it is absolutely crippling.

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