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But I didn't really mind playing the lobbies that I got in Modern Warfare 2019, as a matter of fact. I felt that they made me a much better player, learning the ins and outs of playing against better players, and all that kind of stuff has definitely shaped me into the player I am today, so I didn't play ground war because it was an escape from skill-based matchmaking but rather because there's 32 players on the map, and that means kill streaks tend to have a higher possibility.

Of getting more kills and that's the same reason I like 10 versus 10 over six versus six is because kill streaks have a chance to get a lot more kills, and kill streaks are what make Call of Duty fun for me. So back in Modern Warfare 2019, playing a match with 32 players on each side of the teams made it a very fun experience to see how many kills I could get with kill streaks, and I fell in love with the game mode.

Fast forward to Modern Warfare 2. I still enjoyed the game because kill streaks in Modern Warfare 2 were also pretty devastating in Ground War, mostly the lethal ones I tended to run like Vetle Chopper Gunner and Gunship and just Farm kills with them, as well as trying to take out as many vehicles as possible because Modern Warfare 2's version of Ground War was a little bit more vehicle dominant than 2019.


As well as the introduction of the transport helicopter, being able to destroy that thing with the gunship made it so you could have a lot more control over how the match flowed. This time around, in Modern Warfare 3, there is an overabundance of vehicles, just like we saw in Modern Warfare 2, but at the same time.

I just feel that the maps are designed a little bit strange, okay, like with the transport helicopter still in the game on the Orov military base and Lev Resort. Levan Resort is on a small map. I don't think it needs the transport heli, especially for how many rooftops there are; it just gives everybody free access to the rooftop, so L Resort plays very weird, especially considering all the flags are basically on ground level.


The higher levels really don't serve much of a purpose whenever it comes to playing the objective, and a lot of people just tend to go for the high ground because you have an advantage, so it just plays very strange. And then military bases, yeah. I get it, it's a big map, but at the same time, there's a lot of vehicles you could use for rotation around the map, and as a result, it just doesn't feel like a nice tug-of-war match the conquest is, and it just feels like you're giving up map control with really nothing you can do about it because this infinitely spawning helicopter now I know Battlefield players are going to tell me what about the transport helicopters and stuff in Battlefield, but Battlefield has all this synergy with classes and how you have engineers that are meant to take out vehicles and you have the assault players who are meant to be aggressive and running towards the objectives, and medics who are reviving their teammates and keeping them alive.

You know what I mean, like Battlefield is balanced around all that Call of Duty is not. So that's why I say Call of Duty plays better whenever it's like a tough war and people are fighting over map control. If you want to try to get a flank off, you can grab a vehicle and drive there or take a light helicopter.

modern warfare

You know only your squad can spawn on it, or no one can really spawn on it, and then they spawn on you after you get to a good position. It played really, really well in Modern Warfare 2019. And it had a lot more strategy and overall took more gun skill on the map to play rather than just getting free spawns around the map, at least in my opinion, so Modern Warfare 2 was kind of a step backwards in my opinion with how they went about the transport helicopter; even in the map design, there were a lot of useless rooms and dead space on the maps.

That just added confusion for players and all that kind of stuff, but Modern Warfare 2 ground war I still enjoyed because, like I said, the kill streaks went absolutely bonkers. But boy, this time around in Modern Warfare 3, let's see what we have. It took a much longer time to kill than that of the previous cods, and I think Modern Warfare 2019's time to kill was definitely too fast down longer ranges.

modern warfare 2

Now modern Warfare 2 I felt had the perfect balance of time to kill for ground war it was up close it was what you would expect from a Call of Duty game but at the same time down longer ranges, there were damage falloffs and there were multiple damage ranges which means the game was actually kind of balanced in ground where whenever it came to using certain guns and how their time to kills were and it kind of made every gun usable, although the game was definitely a little bit more assault rifle dominant because of the map and design.

But in this game, I don't see it like that at all I see it as. The only usable guns in ground war or guns that are worth using this time around in ground war are going to be marksman rifles or sniper rifles paired with the Gunner vest, so then you can have an assault rifle or submachine gun as a backup weapon, or you can chalk that Gunner vest together and just run a Kimbo pistol or the Core 45.


As a single, because the core 45 is like a pocket Marksman rifle, pretty much you use those types of guns, and you're going to find a lot of success. Assault rifles, battle rifles, and submachine guns Even some of the light machine guns just don't really feel like they have a good place in Modern Warfare 3, because while they are okay up close with the five-shot kill average, down long range they can fall off to eight plus shots to kill, which is very, very noticeable in ground war and makes it so that whenever you still only have to put one shot into somebody with a sniper rifle or Marksman rifle.

It's fair and very noticeable. Now i'm not saying every sniper rifle is broken because some of them require you to hit the head down range, and they're only a one-shot kill to the chest up to a certain range, but there are a lot of snipers that have a generous one-shot kill range across the map to the upper torso.


And that is not something that should happen, especially in a game where some of the guns can take seven to eight bullets plus the kill across the entire map; it's not good for balance, so as a result, the snipers are just way too strong this time around here in ground war. Also, the marksman rifles are, like I said, some of the best guns in the game, and if you want to know what the absolute best ground war gun is in the entire game, it's going to be the MTZ Interceptor, and you're probably wondering, well, the reason the MTZ Interceptor is the absolute best gun in ground war is because it's just such a versatile gun while it does shoot very slowly, coming in at around 24.

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