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Mw2 vs mw3 pros & cons

Mw2 vs mw3 pros & cons

The first is MW2. Weapon movement speeds are slower. Mobility isn't painfully slow, but most MW3 weapons are going to have a slight advantage over MW2 weapons. The second trait is that MW3 attachments tend to be better now that MW2 and MW3 weapons have access to a lot of these same attachments.

There are some great muzzle and underbarrel options from Modern Warfare 3 that you can update your Modern Warfare 2 loadouts with, but the exclusive MW3, barrel stocks, and rear grips tend to have better pros and cons balance, giving Modern Warfare 3 weapons a slight advantage. And last but not least, Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles kill faster on average compared to Modern Warfare 3 weapons in close range.

However, Modern Warfare 2 damage falls off a lot harsher. Most of the MW2 rifles can compete within 35 M, and they'll feel good in multiplayer, but once you start to stretch the range on larger maps like Derail. Ground War, or War Zone, even you'll start to feel their weakness.

5 good mw2 assault rifles

5 good mw2 assault rifles

The five rifles I'm about to share are the exception to that, and they compete in most scenarios , so these aren't in any particular order, but the first assault rifle I want to talk about is the M16. I wanted to start with it because I have a lot of gameplay with it that you've been watching, and you probably realize by now that the M16 is pretty good.

The M16 receives several buffs throughout Modern Warfare 2, and then they give it even more consistent damage in Modern Warfare 3, and it doesn't feel like a hit marker machine like it did in Modern Warfare 2, especially since you expect to get a two-burst kill unless you're hitting headshot. It's one of the fastest killing weapons in the game; it kills 30 milliseconds faster than the DG 56, which is kind of its counterpart in Modern Warfare 3, and I found that kill speed difference very noticeable in the game.


I still think I like the DG 5617. You do that. This is like a pattern with most Modern Warfare 2 weapons: the mobility is going to be slower and the handling speeds tend to be slower from attachment, but if the DG 56s are nerfed, the M16 will easily be meta, and it's totally worth checking out. Next up is the M4, which hasn't changed much at all since Modern Warfare 2.

Actually, that's not entirely true; its damage got botched a little bit and carried forward, but the season 1 update reverted its damage to a consistent five, six, or seven-shot kill anywhere on the body depending on your range. It can kill in 296 milliseconds, which outguns every Modern Warfare 3 assault rifle.

assault rifles

At long range, the M4 can outgun half of the Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles. I wasn't really a fan of the M4 a year ago when I was playing Modern Warfare 2 because I had some wonky recoil, and its time to kill wasn't really that impressive. There were plenty of other weapons that were easier to use and killed faster, but with the weapon balance in Modern Warfare 3, the M4 4 is top-tier and much easier to handle since it has access to Modern Warfare 3 attachments.

The third AR I think you should check out is the TAC, 56. This feels the same, if not even more accurate, than it felt in Modern Warfare 2, but there's been one very interesting change: it is now a five-shot kill at all times. You can land your shots in the chest or on the toes. Point Blank is 200 meters away.

It's going to be a five-shot kill. The only exception is if you land a four-head shot, but that's going to be really hard to do, so expect a five-shot kill at all times with this weapon, and I don't think there's ever been an assault rifle that's functioned like that in a Call of Duty game before.

It's a very interesting change. The time to kill for the TAC 56 is 384 milliseconds, which is horrible in close to, you know, near mid-range combat, and I wouldn't really recommend using this weapon in small multiplayer maps, but 384 milliseconds is absolutely insane at long range, plus this weapon has very little recoil, so it's easy to land your five shots.


I haven't tried this weapon in War Zone, and it very likely is balanced differently in War Zone, but for multiplayer, if you're playing Ground War or like large maps like Afghan Derail, the tack is going to absolutely destroy every other assault rifle in this game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have m113 B.

This is an amazing time to kill up close, beating out all the assault rifles in the game. However, its damage falls off at 35 M, and it loses a lot of its stopping power, so the m113 B is really only good at close range, where the attack is really only good at long range. I mentioned this at the beginning of the article: a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles lose stopping power at range.


I mean, the same goes for the Chimera and the Tr76. G is kind of too; although it has a competitive time to kill at range, it has much more recoil, so you're not going to be really using it at range effectively, but anyway the m3b, does what all those weapons do and is much more versatile it has less recoil so you can use it in all scenarios even though it will be killing a little bit slower at range so definitely worth giving a try especially if you like those sort of weapons and aren't really a fan of the MTZ, 556 in Modern Warfare 3.

The last MW2 assault rifle worth checking out is the AK74, but with this weapon, they did some interesting stuff with it. I'm not even sure I'd consider this an assault rifle anymore. On paper, the new stats look awful, but in game, the weapon feels great, and I actually ended up getting a swarm with it in my first couple games using it in terms of damage.

best to worst

the ak74u is a submachine gun from what it was in Modern Warfare 2 they tweaked all of its range drop offs and they added a fifth range profile up close so now its Max damage range is from 0 to 9 M instead of 0 to 22 M like it is in my Modern Warfare 2, in Modern Warfare 3 it's a consistent four five 6 7 or eight shot kill depending on your range whereas in Modern Warfare 2 it had consistent shots in the closest in furthest range only, so fundamentally the ak74u.

Is a submachine gun now disguised as an assault rifle? I mean, that's how it's always been, but its stats are actually reflecting that it uses the same damage in range percentages as the submachine guns do; it has SMG-level handling; the only AR trait is that it has AR-level mobility, so it's not going to be as fast as the other submachine guns.

For the first time ever, weapons from the previous COD game MW2 are usable in the newest game MW3. I analyzed the stats for all Assault Rifles and tried each of them out. Here's a list of 5 MW2 ARs that are still worth using and 2 MW2 ARs that should have been left behind.
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