News - Cheater Zlaner 100% Using Aimbot Warzone 3


Today we have a compilation of clips of Z blatantly using Aimbot in War Zone 3. This guy will never let we've done it in War Zone 2 on him we've done it in war zone 2 on him and now we're doing it in War Zone 3. This guy is a blatant cheater. I just wonder why Doctor Disrespect still plays with him.

But without further ado, let's play all these clips for you. Let's crack on with the. St course., look up, look up, ready this guy you get looked at, get looked at from behind, okay, look up, look up, ready the sky getting looked at, at getting looked at from, behind coming up to our building right here, kned to our build right.

Z, There are so many unnatural moments within his aim, from aiming at people in the sky or as crosshairs locked onto them to snapping onto and locking on to enemies. It's all the same behavior that we've seen from Zena, across war zone 2 and war zone 1. It's almost like he's fine-tuned his aimbot and program, and up until this point, he was very blatant in V.

aydan mw3

Dan Caldera is not so much Al Mazra. Not so much, but you could still see Aimbot was in play, but right now it's almost like he's back to square one. He wants to get to the top of their leaderboards. He wants to clutch those wins for him and Doc, but he is blatant with it. Let's break down some of those clips now, so straight off the rip with these clips, you can clearly see his aim locking on; it's the UN actual snap to the door.

That is a very big problem for me, so this guy runs into the crosshair, then his aim locks onto him. As soon as the enem is down, it goes dink, over to the door, and then the enemy pops out, perfect timing. Wouldn't you say it is very obvious to me in these sit situations because I have personally seen how aimb functions?

So it's up to me to try and explain to you guys what is and what isn't aim boss, but the way it locked onto the enemy's upper sort of chest area and neck area is very strange, and then the same again with the second enemy, but it almost looks like he's used his Aimbot foot pedal to toggle it to Sage for the next enemy.

aydan mw3 cheating

The same applies here; you can clearly see the moment it locks on, so from there it goes dink and locks onto the enemy, which is very strange. Behavior, even the jump at the end as the enemy goes down, so we've zoomed right in because he's off center bang straight onto him, and it's as soon as he fires that first shot the aim locks; on the same with this one, a couple missed at the start, right, but then B locks onto the enemy, and then after this enemy goes down, ready, it transfers instantly to the second enemy, meaning that he still got it toggled on, causing that transfer across from enemy one to enemy.

call of shame

Two, zoomed in again you can see it more clear as the transfere happens enemy goes down and his aim just snaps onto the next available Target which just so happens to be right next to him and we've seen this multiple times from Zena in the past, something I will say about Zena he's landed to let the enemy run into his Crosshair okay and then his aim sticks to the enemy meaning once that enem is in his Crosshair toggle on and Away you go this is something that we didn't see very often we saw him toggling and snapping onto enemies very early on in vians but now what we're seeing here is him learning how to use his cheats, because if that was in fact just aim assist as they like to say there would have been a slight push as the enemy was running across his Crosshair but it wasn't it's toggled on now this one, perfectly tracking the enemy in the air but one thing I wanted to point out about this clip is when there's a sort of malfunction here like he whips his map up a couple of times which breaks away the aim are you.

Ready, yeah, so that moment there tells me maybe there's a malfunction with his aimbot. Program again, here completely locks on to this guy predicting where he's coming from, although he did see him prior to this. I will say he pings him through the rock, and then the guy runs out, and he absolutely lasers him from there.


Don't get me wrong. This gun's OP at the moment anyway, but we're not paying attention to how quick people are dying; we're only paying attention to the unnatural mechanics, so he's pinged that guy through the rock and then locks onto him, and it's always the same area of the enemy that he's locking onto.

This is something we used to see in Vians when it came to the laws of Rebath Island and other modes. He started changing his Aimbot settings so that he was locking onto knees and elbows, and that was because he was being found out by none other than yours truly, so he decided to change his program, but it looks like he's gone back to square one with his cheats.

Now that there is an indication of an aimbot snap, he saw the enemy glide off the sniper, but his aim was slightly to the right; it's as he shoots his aim snaps to the left. Watch again now, as we've zoomed in on it. So it's not about wall hacks or anything like that; it's only about his aim. So he sees the glint there; he knows the enemies there; he aims off now, and then as soon as he shoots, it whips back to the enemy there.


That is not a natural behavior; it's unnatural; it's mechanical, and it is very strange, almost like an. Aimbot, this one's very quick, but as he turns the corner here, his aims are off again, and bang as soon as he starts shooting his crosshair straight onto the enemy's upper chest. Crosshairs are off, so it's not great centering, but bang yeah, that was a very quick kill, but a good example of his crosshair being off target until he starts.

Shooting, same again with this one, he's lying down here waiting for an enemy to come out because Dror disrespects just died to him inside. The enemy comes out, watches his cross-air tracking, and it's off until he starts shooting now. And it's on, and guess where it's on the upper chest now? This is something that we pay attention to when it comes to Cena; there are patterns within his aim.

Like I mentioned earlier, there was a whole period of time where he was locking onto an enemy's left knee, and then there was a period of time where he was locking onto the enemy's left elbow. These are aim bone selections, by the way, so he's now chosen to go back to the center chest or upper chest, which is allowing him to get quicker, easier kills.

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