News - Cod Warzone 2 Ultra Realistic Combat With Sad Ending, John. Soap. Mactavish Death Scene


Boys Captain Price At Your Service I need half of your man with my lieutenant; the rest of you are on me. Right, stay close and follow my orders. Let's get on those doors. Yeah, six to watch you. We are on the X going for Makarov solid copy. Go get him. John, this bastard won't go down easy. Yeah, well, now we have sunshine.

Hey, come on, Position, watch. If Makarov's controlling the trains, can we regain access after attempting to breach their firewall? That hacker was good at helping a madbast for money on the move. C Good Hunter Bravo con spotted ahead; they don't see us; let's keep it that way. Take a clear 6 to Watcher train tunnel is clear advancing to crossover copy advise using the ventilation passage to get to the crossover check we'll go more Bravo, this is 07 Take it as effective fire.

Hing on Watcher, we're seeing dead civilians; they may be the first of many Bravo unless we stop Macaov, not right. W You ghost gas, watch your status, We're in the line of fire and can't advance to this time. Give them all you've got. We're all leaving here below. That garage is cleared, securing the hostages, ensuring no casualties, and getting them to safety.

4k 60fps

God, handle them. Let's take six. This is 71; we're at the crossover now, Watcher. That's Mra's last known position. Six stay sharp let's get up. Marov may have these goals on your list. It's guarding the bomb. I see it, SFO. Secure a perimeter. Yes, sir, get on. In those 2 minutes, sir, all Bravo bombs are located on the crossover platform.

I need cover here now. R pushing your way, contact [__]. get to work, so the B No, can we disarm it? I'll take both of us to get the snake cam on that right side. I'm in talk to me, so Bom's dirty Captain C4 and read you. I did close the tunnel and hit Europe. How do we disseminate it? I need the manufacturer's logo on the large circuit board.

Give me something, sir. The logo on the circuit board is a bear copy. Bear is cutting the wire. Boy, I bought some T. Please be advised. Marov is in the channel; he's heading your way, so you hear that I'm F. I'm not leaving this B CLE, so here you have it. Clear 07 to 6, we're punching through now.


get here what's next so loate the blasting cap bottom left hand corner copy blasting cap attach to the se4 all there's a serial number on it give me the third, number third number is nine copy Good work! This bomb has two fuses; we need to cut both at the same time. Red wire, red wire got it. You me, take this to hell with you, Captain.

Never better your enemies, alive.

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