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In today's article. I'm going to go over some helpful little tips and tricks that I feel like you should know before you start your journey to unlock Borealis or are super close to even completing it since I have finally unlocked it myself. Now i'm not going to go into insane detail; I'm just going to try to point you in the right direction, so hopefully, in some way, these little tips and tricks do help you out.

The first one up is leveling up your weapons. I used to always say the best way to go about doing this was with zombies, but zombies seem to have a cap until you can actually fully level up your weapon. You do have XP tokens that you can use, but I specifically played multiplayer. Inside of here, I was able to play on shipment 24/7.

It could be me 24/7 or a mixture of shipment with something else, and through here you can actually just simply level up your weapon. You don't have to be a good player, which means that I know a thing that a lot of people who are specifically zombie gamers might be having an issue with. Even if you're not the best player, you should be leveling up your weapons pretty fast, but you can obviously still do this on Zom zombies.


Now, for unlocking the camels, there are three different options. The third and worst is simply playing the game. The other two methods that I really recommend for you to do are the xill, which is kind of the second best method, and the number one fastest method is doing the Outlast objective. Now, when you activate the Outlast Mission, all you have to do is look around for where the zombies will be spawning, and here you can actually complete most of your camo challenges.

Most of them will require you to get 100 kills just after activating a field upgrade, so when you do this, all you have to do is activate a field upgrade and then start killing zombies. If perhaps you're in a game, let's say with an energy mine, all you have to do is just throw it as far away as possible and then kill the zombies.

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There's also one that I found challenging, like getting the tactical kills; with this, the zombies from here should be dropping them, and if you're actually near an ammo resupply, you can just simply run over to it and resupply your tacticals, which specifically means like flashbangs, gas grenades, so on and so forth, not lethals but tacticals, and just overall getting the 250 kills with, let's say, ammo mods, just the weapon itself getting critical kills, and other stuff like that.

This is the way to go about it, and it is honestly the fastest method of just doing the Outlast Mission. Another thing I recommend for you to do just to speed up this process so much faster is spawner with two weapons. To get the second weapon, you do have to complete Act 1, which isn't anything too difficult to do, but once you do, you have two different weapon slots, and I know this is really risky.

But the way I look at it, it is a high reward. Because you spawn in with two weapons, you could potentially make progress on the second one after finishing the first weapon, or you could also just get the two weapons done in that exact same game. Once you have the weapon fully leveled up, all you have to do is just get the four camos and then 100 kills on top of that in that exact same game, and the way you can actually tell sometimes that you get 100 kills for the gold camo is that sometimes there's a chance that you will level up.


That's when I found out that this is the moment I probably hit 100 kills, but even on top of that, I recommend that you get a few more than 100. Whenever you feel like you're done, just try to get a few more kills. Just to get definitely up to that 100 kills and definitely spaw it with two weapons, just to speed up that process a tiny bit more, not under the camo challenge that I know people will definitely have a tiny bit of issue with because I personally did as well with these specific, elite, or special zombie kills.

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So for the first one, let's look at the mimics. The best way to farm mimics is by completing the infested strongholds. In the tier one part of the map you will have only one mimic spawning inside of these it's definitely the most safest, option, because you will be able to kill the mimics really fast but if you want to have two mimics spawn in each time inside of these infested strongholds, then definitely go to tier two and complete the strongholds, there don't do this in tier three you're just wasting your time now the way you actually get these mimics specifically, is running around and actually getting through the stronghold itself and trying to find the spawn where the mimic will pop out the way you can also tell it is by finding a specific chest, that looks like it's not actually covered by whatever the hell infested stronghold chests are covered by and that should be your mimic now Obviously, another way to mimic another special zombie is by completing the Bounty Contest.

But this is just the fastest method since you could be getting up to two mimic kills; the next one is the disciples. There are specific spawn points for disciples, just like there are for the mimics and the manglers, but the best way to go about doing the disciple kills is also another high risk high reward, or, as I like to say now, death high reward, because the best way to go about getting disciple kills is going into the dark ether.


Go fight Gorm Gant, but don't fight Gorant. All you have to do is go over to the pillar, where the camera is, which is straight away when you spawn. Go to the right pillar, and once you activate it, this is the pillar for disciples. So you will be getting a bunch of disciples spawning in, and this is definitely the best way to farm them, and inside this situation.

I recommend that you find two weapons that need a cypo kill just to get this out of the way as fast as possible. This was definitely frustrating until I remembered that this pillar is here, and this is 100% the best way to farm disciples. The reason I said death and high reward is because you most likely will not be able to fight God.

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I just recommend that you, essentially. Die at the end of doing it is something that will suck but at least you'll finally make progress and won't have to spend a ridiculous amount of time running around the map to look for the CPUs specifically, and now lastly for The Mangler kills the best way to get these is I guess you could say similar to the other method that I mentioned like completing bounties or going to the dark ether or you could simply just go over to the xfill sites and this is where manglers will always be spawning in I will talk more about the spawn points of manglers but if you just activate the XFL point, this is where you're going to be finding manglers, all the time spawning in each time you recall the chopper, now another little thing This is actually a very little thing that I recommend you do each time you're done playing.

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