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In today's article, we are going to go over once again the best way to get through tier three to get schematics, or, overall, master the whole tier. I have recently been grinding it quite a lot, still on the hunt for my last few schematics, and one thing I will point out is that if you are struggling to find them, it is kind of more difficult for some odd reason.

I've noticed that after playing it for a few hours every single day. I can only find one or two schematics here and there, and overall, if you don't know, it is heavily down to luck if you are unfortunately unlucky. Then at the end of the day, that is just because the game chooses it for you; it's nothing to do with you, and if you kind of get to a stage where you want to give up, one thing I will tell you is to just take a break and come back to it at a later date, and I promise you, it will definitely be a tiny bit better because you won't be straight after giving up completely or having very little hope.

Another thing is that there's quite a few different weapons out there that I'd recommend for you, and I will have those specific builds for these weapons down in the description. The first one is the WSP, Swarm submachine guns, and specifically the aftermarket attachment, which makes it dual-wheel.


This thing is a beast. Another one is the Brewin shotgun; this thing is also really good; then there's the tears; and the last one that I'd recommend is the retti, which is also really powerful. All four of these weapons will just make your life a bit easier. Another thing is, when you go inside Tier 3, if you're a player who duplicates or a player who doesn't duplicate.

I recommend that you at least have proper rarity and try to complete pretty easy contracts, which I will be getting on to soon, to have a better experience inside the location. Some of the most important things you need to bring inside of Tier 3 to just have that slight bit of an advantage if you're playing solo or not solo.

Also, by the way, we do have a Discord server link down. If you ever want to hop into it to find players to play with specifically for Tier 3 or other stuff, there's just a bunch of people in there that are looking for help. Obviously, the most essential things are things like parks, and you can kind of guess which ones stamina up to be able to run around faster.

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Juggernog, Spe Cola Quick Revive, so on and so forth, but recently I made the discovery that the most important Park in my opinion, is actually elemental pop. If you don't know how elemental pop works inside of Modern Warfare Zombies, it essentially activates. At random points, the different Amo mods that are inside the game are kind of circled randomly through them.

Another really cool thing about elemental pop is that it gives you more power over the special zombies. So for example, the Mega Abomination has a weakness to brain rot, and also the napon, blast napon burst. I never really remember which one it is, but disciples can get taken out faster. With dead wire, Elemental Pop has the ability to activate it, but there's one more thing I really recommend for you to hop inside the tier with, and that is specifically.


Brain Rod, the ammo mod itself, is a really huge help because it does have the random chance of, after shooting a zombie, even if your weapon isn't too powerful, spawning in a brain-rot zombie that will protect you and go crazy on most of the zombies. The worst one to cause brain rot is definitely the hellhounds, because, well, hellhounds will be dealing enough damage to the zombies, but then they do deal a lot of damage to you.

It's a bit of a confusing one, but this one is definitely a huge help, so all of those things are 100% what I recommend, and if you want to get into more detail field upgrade-wise, the energy mine is personally my favorite. It's like the default one, but it's really powerful, and if you ever want to get into more detail about lethals.

I always use throwing knives because they seem to be one-hot zombies that aren't covered in armor, and also a stem just because I prefer having that extra health. Also, going inside with triple armor is pretty vital just so you can replenish that armor really fast, and using vehicles is really good, but now how do you get these schematics?


Hopefully fingers crossed if the RNG has been on your side recently. I've made the discovery that, as of right now, there's actually three different contracts in CER monif for zombies that should be your main priority to complete. The first one is obviously the cargo mission. The cargo mission is definitely going to be the easiest way, but it seems to have a higher rate.


Rarity of actually spawning in recently prior to season 1 was really common, but now it's kind of more difficult to find, and then if we move on to the next two, which are going to be slightly challenging, but are going to allow you to do them really fast because they're super common to spawn in the first one is this Outlast Mission, which is actually spawned, around the area where you can complete the cargo run, so it's inside of this building inside of the specific room, and if you do this, you run over to the big building like this main hall area, and all you have to do is stay in this overall building, which is pretty big and allows you to run around a lot, but instead of running around a lot where you have to activate the actual Outlast Mission, if you just simply run around the kind of upstairs circular area, you can outrun zombies and train them.

I'm not saying that it's going to be super easy, but it's definitely the easiest Outlast objective to complete, and then the next one is the last contract, which I think is the best one to complete if you're not looking for something challenging. Leits to take down with bounties, and that is specific.


Spores, contract, there's actually two different sport contract that can spawn in and there's one that is basic basically they're kind of overlapping one another basically but one of them is higher up one of them is lower down so always go for the sport contract that is lower down because this one will again make you go back to that like main, hall area of tier three, and you just have to run around and take out the spores if you've ever obviously done this contract this one is definitely the most challenging in my opinion because there will be always a lot of zombies and I do kind of go down a lot personally from my personal experience the reason this one is really good is because you can do this really fast and the faster you can complete contracts the better because you've only so much time to do contracts inside of tier 3 and then obviously if you want you can complete other contracts I'm not specifically telling you to do these.

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