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You need to start using, this more inside of Modern Warfare zombies and what I'm talking about is the brain rot ammo mod this thing has actually become my best friend for grinding tier 3 and overall just running around with it in zombies and the main reason for that is if you don't know brain Rod ammo mod essentially spawns in a friendly zombie at a random chance after shooting a zombie, doesn't exactly spawn them in but changes the zombie into a friendly one and then they become your friend in a way they just run around and kill zombies basically insta hitting them the only zombies that don't actually instakill are hell hounds which is kind of understandable, kind of funny cuz they destroy you but they can't really oneshot the zombie themselves we're not going to get into the details but I've been running around a lot inside of tier 3 trying to gather up my schematics.

I'm still missing the Pack-A-Punch level two schematic and the Elemental Pop inside of Tier 3, and unfortunately, I have not been very lucky with them. I got two ray gun schematics. Back to back, that ended up happening, but I decided to start using the brain rod almost every single time that I hop into Tier 3, and it actually does make a huge difference.

Brain rod allows you to run inside of tier three with a weapon that isn't exactly the most powerful thing, but for example. I am using the Lockwood Shotgun, which is really powerful but not fully upgraded, and I was actually not having a huge difficulty inside of tier 3 because of the addition of brain rod.


Another nice thing is that you can actually get elemental pop and have a random chance of getting brain rot on top of the brain rot that you have. I don't know if they'll exactly stack, but I do also recommend running around with a Lal pop on top of this. I think brain rod can become a really good perk to run around in boss fights like the orcus boss fight, the gorant boss fight, or the red warm boss fight.

I think it could become almost an essential thing to go inside those regions because you always have that backup zombie that will be running around and killing other zombies. One thing is that this zombie will not be reviving you; it is just essentially there to kill a few zombies, and then it's going to kill itself at the very end.

On top of this. I really recommend that you use Brain Rod inside of Tier 4 or whatever you want to call that region whenever you hop into it to get your schematics, whatever you want, or whatever else, or maybe the Elder sigil. I really recommend that you run around with brain rot now. One disadvantage of the brain rot ammo mod is the fact that if you're grinding for, let's say, camels or kills specifically with a weapon or a specific challenge, brain rod.


I just don't recommend using it in those scenarios because that zombie spawns in and takes away all of your kills, but there are actually specific C challenges that tell you to get toxic kill damage, which is brain rod, so that's kind of it for the article. I just wanted to tell you, Hey, go out there if you still need Tier 3 schematics or just want to have a bit of an easier life and can't get the vr11 or a friendly hellhound.

Don't forget Brain Rod exists, and it is the best ammo mod inside of the game hands down. Obviously, there's other ones, but I still think Brain Rod is just like the good old days of using it on older zombies into it, apart from Black Ops 3 all the way to Cold War Zombies. It's just as good, and it is a huge help because it can also turn special zombies into it, apart from the mega-abomination and obviously the warm bosses.

mw3 zombies

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, that's it for the article. Hopefully, I pointed you in the right direction. Another schematic article, anyway—another article about zombies. If you want to see more content like this, just me giving you helpful tips and tricks, and definitely be sure to subscribe. We've run over 50, 000 subscribers, and we're about to hit 44, 000 subscribers, so thank you in advance.

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