News - Warzone 2 Zombies Is The Best Zombies Mode We Have Ever Had


I wouldn't say it's definitely one of the best, just yet. Yesterday. I uploaded a article where I talked to you guys about how this game mode has essentially become one of the most difficult versions of zombies, and that is because with season 1, we have had the addition of some pretty challenging challenges to complete to unlock really rare items inside the game that make your life a bit easier overall.

Surprisingly, as a solo player, the interesting thing that I want to talk about today is the amount of stuff that we did get inside of season 1 and the amount of stuff that we have inside of this game as a whole. It's kind of ridiculous. There is so much of it, it's actually insane. Not only did we get a bunch of stuff with the addition of the game originally, but that already felt a bit overwhelming if you're a person who you know didn't know Life the game, which I know a lot of people did.

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One of the most common complaints that I see is that I've done everything well. The thing is, you would have the exact same issue with every other zombie experience if you completed stuff too fast. Well, there is a big flaw. You just do stuff way too quickly it's like taking a story game, 100 pering it and being like I've done everything too fast but the thing is with this we get updates, and a lot of them because before season 1 we got even more content inside of this game that might not have been specifically for zombies but it was content and what I mean by that specifically, is we got a bunch of different camel, and just goodies, overall for your characters inside the game that I know a lot of people don't benefit from and won't consider it's really good but now let's talk about season 1 which is supposedly, going to be adding basically almost the exact same thing of content almost weekly we're going to be getting a Christmas event soon but I'm just talking about the event, let's talk about what came with season 1 a lot of content for zombies, and we're also going to be getting mid-season content.

Let's talk about what came out in season 1. The dark ether is a brand new location that is a reskin of a map from Modern Warfare 2, which is Alra. It is the Bagra Fortress. I think Alra Fortress is what it's called, and yeah, you might have some complaints about it. It's just like a thing from the Modern Warfare 2 map.


I think it's really smart that this sniper absolutely destroyed him. I think that's really smart and really cool that they did that because that basically gives us the ability to check out the Modern Warfare 2 war zone map on the zombies, and I really hope we see that addition to what is happening here.

I hope we see a similar addition. With stuff like Theic Island or God, I can't think of the map—whatever that other war zone map is like. Look at this place; it looks insane. I know that the map isn't completely destroyed, but it looks ridiculous. Epic, well, that felt weird saying, but on top of all of this, they added boss fights inside the game, and these boss fights are actually quite challenging.

Yeah, there might be a copy and paste of a boss fight where already had an ACC three, but it's a pretty darn good boss fight that is really difficult to do, and then you have the red ether warm to defeat at the very end, basically giving the ability for an entire server to just go up against one boss inside a game.


I think that is really cool to see, and on top of all of this, you get all those rare schematics that came with the season. Which are, in my opinion, way too difficult in my opinion to unlock if you're a solo player, which I did, but on top of all of this, they also have so many cinematics already inside of this game, more than I think we did see.

I think we're going to get more cinematics inside this game than any zombies game that we've ever had, unless you want to, like, look at Black Ops 3 with maybe. The edition of DLC 5 I don't know if I would really count Chronicles for that, but even if you do, this game will 100% beat it because we're only in season one, and from the leaks and rumors, we're going to be getting new acts.


Every season, isn't that just insane? Every season you're going to receive a brand new act inside the game, like that's insane now. Also, I know I kept on talking about season 1, but let's talk about some of the stuff that a lot of zombie people, I guess, aren't into, and it's the cam edition. We do have like two Mastery camels if you want to just count the ones inside of the game, which is insane in my opinion, but also on top of that, you have the addition of the non-master camos, the camos on their own, basically over 100 camos.

69, over 100 camos inside the game. It's just there—just so much. There's so much. I have spent so many hours on this game, and I've still yet to scratch the full surface. It's insane it's insane for a player like me, who, yeah, plays games, grinds them, and goes crazy. I still slightly take my time, so I still have so much to do inside of it, and I don't know if quantity over quality is an argument here because, in my opinion, a lot of this stuff is really quality.


I know that a lot of people would argue that it's not quality because, boohoo, blah blah, but I still think it's pretty good. I still really enjoy this game, I think. Having quantity with quality really works, and in my opinion, a lot of this stuff is quity quity, but I won't say that this game is perfect hell, no matter what the glitches and bugs inside of it are.

So fun i love being able to play a full match of zombies; it feels like a Christmas present each time they let me stay in the lobby for the full time, and I think that Modern Warfare Zombies is really just going to go down in history as one of those holy moly we were wrong moments. I think it's one of the best zombie experiences that we've ever had.

And it's only been so many weeks, and it's only season one. I just cannot wait to see where all this goes in the future. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, sorry for these kinds of articles. I really want to do guides and other stuff, but the thing is, right now I am going crazy with my college stuff, but I don't want to miss something like an upload.

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I kind of want to maintain consistency by trying to upload at least as much as I can. The assignments that I have are for my last year of college, so that's the context as to why they are going so crazy. It's my second last semester; one more to go next time, but once it hits my Christmas break, which is literally like this weekend that I'm making this article, I cannot.

Wait, because I will be doing just about everything I can. That is my main goal, so that's when I'm going to go crazy. That's when I'll finish everything in this game. Unlock every single camo zombie that you can, every single camo multiplayer complete all the boss fights, make guys in all the boss fights, and on top of all that.

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