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In today's article. I'm going to quickly go over my favorite way of getting set up pretty fast inside of Modern Warfare zombies, which includes getting your self-revived gas mask backpacks, score streaks, and other stuff. I personally die a lot inside of the game mode, and especially I don't go out there and do the duplication glitches, so I'm not usually set up with a ridiculously large amount of things, so also talk about some goodies like perks, ether tools, and some other stuff.

First up, let's talk about the stuff that you will have on your character or your Strike Team operator. So that you can, I guess, stack them up together, that's one thing I will recommend for you to do 100%. If you have one operator, like set up to a stage where you feel comfortable with it. I recommend that you have the other two operators that we currently have access to kind of backed up just in case it will definitely make your life easier in case you die, don't have time to perhaps reset up, and you just want to hop back in and not worry about not having a self-revive or triple armor, definitely do that.

It's just something that I really enjoy doing from here. Let's take the scenario of you hopping into a game completely. Without anything apart from maybe some acquisitions that you decide to spawn, one thing that I really enjoy doing whenever I play matches is instantly looking at what's in Tier 3, and if you have the cargo mission inside of there.

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I really recommend that you hop in and run over there and complete it. The reason for this is that once you get to the cargo mission, you'll be able to get 5, 000 points, and the potential chance of getting any of the things that you might be on the lookout for, including armor, gas masks, and self-revive So on and so forth.

I usually actually happen to get some ether tools here and a self-revive. I don't know if it depends on your luck chance of getting rare items at the beginning of the match, but I just tend to get self-revivals quite a lot, and from here, you have 5, 000 points straight off the bat if you complete this mission, which allows us to get onto the next thing that I really like doing from here, and that is getting the triple armor.


The best way to get this, if you don't know by any chance, is to actually complete the mercenary strongholds. With a key card, you can now buy this key card for 2, 000 points. If you don't have the cargo mission inside of Tier 3, you can simply complete Tier 2 or Tier 1 cargo missions or any kind of missions in those regions, because all you need is 2, 000 points.

Another way of getting the key cards into those strongholds is by completing the camps with the mercenaries, but that's obviously one of the worst ways. Just get 2, 000 points super fast and then move on to a mercenary stronghold. Once you're inside here, all you have to do is take out the mercenaries.

One way to take down the shielded mercenaries. I really like throwing down my energy mine, which is like my favorite field upgrade to run around with. It just clears them out super fast, and you tend to only have around one. It doesn't really matter what area you also go to complete this; it is only in tier one and tier two because the zombies will be the only issue because they're the only ones that change in difficulty and rarity.


I guess if you want to talk about the different tiers, humans stay the exact same in both regions from here if you complete the safe You will be rewarded with triple armor, which is one of the points that we want to get, but there's also some other goodies that you can get from here, and that is either a self-revive or even specifically a purple gas mask.

Now you can be on the lookout to get a green gas mask, but sometimes the mercenaries can actually drop you a purple one, which you can get essentially for free, so moving on from the triple armor, this is one of my favorite ways of getting gas masks from The Mercenaries. You can get it from the cargo missions, the camps, or again from this specific mercenary stronghold, where there will be a bunch of mercenaries.

It isn't 100% that you can get it from here, so there's another method by which you can get gas masks, and that's from completing the infested strongholds, which will have little medkits around the place, or just even on the floor, you can happen to find purple gas masks, which is a really good way, or the last method is simply purchasing.


Both the triple armor, gas masks, and everything else I won't be really going over the purchasing method because that's the last thing that you want to do. You don't want to go out there and collect the amount of points that you have to because it'll take time. You want to do this as fast and efficiently as possible to be set up for the game, but it is extremely luck-based, specifically with gas masks and the other thing the backpack.

One of the best ways to get backpacks is by simply purchasing them for 10, 000 points inside of Tier 3, which is where you will find the really good score streaks like the Juggernaut suit, which is like one of the only really good ways that you can get it. I haven't really stumbled upon a juggernaut suit inside of, let's say, completing contracts.


And of course, for the gas masks and everything else, you can simply purchase them inside Tier 3. In Tiers 1 and 2, you can actually purchase the second level of armor and a backpack, so if you're happy enough with a medium backpack, I really recommend that you do this. The large one just simply adds on two more slots onto the medium one, which does make a difference, but the medium backpack satisfies me personally enough for a while until I find that large one, so if you don't mind not finding that large backpack fast enough, then I just recommend for you to hop in, run over to a tier one even buy station, and just for 2, 000 points, purchase that medium backpack, and also go back to the armor I really recommend that you just get the triple one because this is the best way to get it, just by completing a strong hold, which isn't very difficult.

Sometimes you can have some players that will be pretty mean and have a situation where a player runs up and essentially not only gets me killed but also, on top of that, steals my triple armor, which is unfortunate. What are you going to do, but most of the time you won't have players really intruding, and it won't be too difficult now over to the perk side of things, and again, tools and other stuff like that, which are the acquisitions?


The best way is to just complete strongholds that are infested and contract themselves, which is why I left this for the very last one because it's kind of self-explanatory, and it's super easy to get them. Also, perks are incredibly important inside a mono for zombies, but they're not extremely important.

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