News - How To Unlock New Schematics Fast Warzone 2 Zombies (vr-11, Blood Burner Keys, Mags Of Holding)


In today's article. I'm going to quickly try to explain to you how to unlock the brand new schematics that we have inside of Modern Warfare Zombies season 2 reloaded, that being the blood burner key, the mags of holding, and lastly, the vr11. So first of all, what you want to do is complete the brand new Miss, which is actually super easy, and you can complete it solo super fast.

All you need from here is the brand new drum item. Keep this in your inventory. From here, you want to go back and complete the exact same mission, but before you finish it, you have to get three different items. First, the boxing gloves that you can get from the boat that is directly behind you.

Just follow the exact same path that I'm taking, and you'll be able to complete this challenge, which requires you to get melee, kills to essentially fill up, and this pillar. Now you will be able to get an instant kill, but another thing that I do recommend that you do is spawn it with a melee weapon like a knife.

After this, where you want to go is just behind this boat, just beside the stadium. You'll be able to get a pillar that requires you to get head shots, and when you get these head shots, you will unlock this shooting range. Item, then go over to I8 on the map, and you'll be able to complete the ammo mod pillar; essentially here there's tombstones.


Around this pillar, and whatever is around the ring, whatever color it is, it will be the ammo mod you need to get the kills with. Once that's completed, you'll be able to unlock the mirror, and then after you have all these items, you want to go back outside of the game, so essentially complete this whole objective.

And then go back into the game with the exact same items, and now you need to upgrade those three, so first we're going to upgrade the mirror and go to H3. On the normal ö zikan map, first you want to find this exact tombstone, and once you activate it, essentially putting a mirror into it, you will have the exact same challenge you did to First, unlock the mirror.

You will have tombstones in the back over here, and once you activate them, they will give you a specific ammo mod in case you don't have it. All you need to do is kill three zombies; they're glowing different things. Make sure that the purple zombie is for dead wire; if you're wondering, the other one is for cryofreeze and Napon Blast.

mw3 zombies

Once they're killed, they will drop an upgraded version of the mirror from here. We're going to quickly run over to the shooting range from here. What you want to put down is the actual target shooting thing, and you need to shoot different targets around the place. They're actually really easy to find, but there is one just behind, like around the corner, where you would have put it down, so if you're facing that way, and then right behind you if you were facing, in the direction that we just did it, and once you do this, a zombie will spawn.


Kill that zombie, and you will be able to get an upgraded version of this item. Last but not least, the place that we want to go to is a boxing place, so go over to f8, on the map, and here you will find the boxing club thing, and what you want to do is put down the gloves here; it'll just give you the prompt, and then go over to these three different boxing bags, punch them from left to right; it doesn't matter what speed, and then go back into the boxing rink because a special zombie will spawn in and essentially just beat it up and kill it.

From here, you have all of the upgraded items now. Run over to the brand new item, like the ether storm that showed up in Tier 3, and place all of those items down. Once you do this, an imitator will spawn in, so make sure if you have friends kill it really fast before it obviously kills you, and this will allow you to get an ethersigil now.

I recommend that you quit and jump back into fully upgraded mode because you want to hop back into the dark ether. With this brand new portal that opened up with this special sigil, once you're in here, there are three different locations where bunnies will be spawning, and you'll essentially be able to complete three different contracts to get acquisitions of these items, so the first one will be located to your right inside of this building; you can see it here on your map.

new easter egg

You can also hear the bunnies, so if you're ever wondering where they are, you can just try to hear them, but if you're specifically looking for this one, it is right here inside of this kitchen on this table, and this one will be a bounty; it can probably differ through different ones. The one that I got in this game was just a Mangler one, so once you kill it, you'll be able to get an acquisition and just a completion towards Xville.

Then what you want to do is go over to the roof of this building on top of the roof. There's another bunny; this one will spawn in an Outlast objective, which is also super easy. Surprisingly, this last one is in the mall. To get on top of the mall, it is a bit complicated, so I'm just going to quickly fast-forward if you want to jump onto some boxes.


Then jump on to the roof, and once you're on top of the roof, you kind of have to maneuver through it like a secret path, and then jump on to the top because it is at its very peak, and this one will spawn in a rocket objective. You just have to blow up three different rockets with a bunch of zombies spawning in them, but once that's done, you can now xfill, and the xfill location is right here on the map as I'm showing it to you.

There's probably multiple other ones, but this is the one that we use the most, and once you fill it, you basically have that completed, but probably during that run you should have gotten an elder god sigil, so what you want to do is jump back into a game again for a full upgrade and probably have some friends because you'll only have 15 minutes to unlock the actual schematic.

That is how you get the brand new schematics inside the game.

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