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With season 1, we have had a lot of different methods to level up your weapons really fast inside of Modern Warfare 3. If you're a war zone player, unfortunately, every single one of these methods will involve Modern Warfare 3 and, even more specifically, Modern Warfare Zombies. It is actually going to be a game mode that will be going live just in a few days, completely free for all players, so if you want to test it out yourself, do these strategies.

Then you will be able to do that, but without further ado, let's get right into the first few methods. The first one up is on Mon Warf for zombies with the X full strategy. If you remember, this used to be the greatest way to level up your weapons that unlock camos for zombies inside mod Warfare 3, but it did get changed and basically was ruined well with season 1; they completely brought it back and it is back in its prime.

This time around, zombies are definitely there; they aren't as crazy, but you have a replacement of manglers, which will be increasing the amount of XP that you will be receiving. If I were to rate this one, I'd say it's around seven out of 10 on the best way to level up your weapons. The next one is the Outlast Mission.

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This was also altered with season 1 but reverted not too long ago, so if you didn't know, you can essentially hop in and do the Outlast objective. Activate the objective but instead of completing it just go outside, and start killing the zombies and you will be farming the XP like crazy for your weapons and your character so this is definitely one of the better methods out there it's super easy to get access too just because, essentially the Outlast objective is kind of spawning in more inside of zombies as well in the past we used to have like one per game but they increased that so definitely this one is up there and I'd say it's around like an eight out of 10 for leveling up of your weapons, and the next strategy involves you playing in the dark ether if you don't know we have the dark ether right now inside of mono for zombies and in that place if you haven't completed the Easter egg or act four, essentially you go in there to take down these pillars that will spawning a bunch of zombies when activated and the whole idea is filling up those pillars with Souls, well one thing that you can do is just don't fill them up with souls and zombies.


It will continuously spawn; probably the best one is the Mangler one or the Ring of Fire kind of looking one for a napon blast or burst; it's one of those. This one spawns a ridiculous amount of zombies; they just won't stop coming, so this is a really good one to level up your weapons. It can get to a stage where the manglers just will not stop attacking you, but there is one disadvantage to this entire strategy.

And that is with the fact that unfortunately, if you do not defeat Gorant at the end, which is the boss fight, you will die and lose everything, so if you do not mind. I guess losing all of your weapons is a really, really good strategy. I basically almost leveled up my full weapon, from like level six up to level over 20.

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With some double weapon XP, and I think that is absolutely insane, so this one is definitely like a 9 out of 10, but it will go down to like a seven out of 10, similar to the Xill strategy. Just because of the fact that you lose your weapons, but if you don't mind losing them, then definitely be sure to test this out, and the last method is kind of like a mixture of everything, and that is to play the game; that's a really good way to level up your weapons on multiplayer; you can play kill confirm; that's a good way to level them up; or just overall, as I said, if you just play the game, you can level up your weapons pretty fast and pretty effectively.

I know that some of the comments I will receive for this article are people saying, but hey, you could just do this strategy do that strategy; it doesn't matter what you do. That's why I wanted to do a article where I covered multiple of them because recently I just talked about the dark ether strategy.

And since you can do absolutely anything, you don't have to be limited to one strategy; they're all good. I gave them my rating: whatever you like to do, you can do it. I just wanted to point you in, I guess, a better direction. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, hopefully you enjoyed it.

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