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Today, the best map in war zone history came back in the season 2 update, and it's not what you think. Ever since Rebirth Island in Fortune was removed from war zone history in favor of war zone 2 in 2022, the war zone scene's been in a little bit of a rough place; everybody has been counting down the days till rebirth comes back, and today the best map is finally back in the war zone.

The only thing is that everybody's wrong about what the best map is. I'm not saying Rebirth Island stinks; don't mince my words; I'm just saying Fortune Keep might actually be better now. I promise you everything that's coming in this update is actually crazy in terms of just the scope of what we have here, and that's what really made me think about this update being one of the best ones that War One ever put out and got me on the trail of thinking about Fortune Keep being better than rebirth.

This update is not going to disappoint. Now this is Fortune's Keep in terms of the new update and everything that's changed. As you can see here, it's pretty much the same as Fortune's Keep, and I think that's actually what makes it great. There's such small changes that it doesn't feel like a different map; it has the same identity and the same core, with Keep Winery Lighthouse and Oldtown.

fortunes keep

little bit easier to regain a little bit of a larger map. Rebirth Island, don't get me wrong, is the best fastpac. Resurgence experience, but Fortune's keep feels like a really good mix of a battle royale and Resurgence that I think vond is the only other map that's really been able to capture that so see this is just a article for me to get out some of my thoughts things like that and even though I'm somebody who I pump up rebirth quite a bit if you think about rebirth Island as a map right it's a beautiful map in terms of the rotation right you have prison in the Center POI, everything rotates around it well one of the problems with that is that in the end game and re Island if you don't have prison even in the beginning of the game right you're going to lose to people with that power position that have uavs, have that Center Spot and can hold you from prison now prison is a little more balanced because you could take it from multiple angles unlike you know the top of peak or something like that in Caldera.

fortunes keep 3

But the problem with rebirth is that one regain is really difficult to achieve, and two, it's going to be a lot more sweaty than Fortune's Keep because, one, there's fewer teams and fewer players. So when you have a sweat, Lobby, it feels a little more noticeable if your team's in the blender. If you're in a blender, it's harder to get in there and actually get into the zone and take fights.

Fortune's Keep you can regain a little bit easier, it feels like the odds are a little bit harder, the intensity is up, you know, it's harder to actually win games in Fortune's Keep there are points that you have to strategically take, like keep that of high ground, but keep you can really navigate well cuz there's a lot of ways to get in there, and now there's an underground too.

fortunes keep back

I believe that you can also navigate through there. and I feel like Fortune's Keep has an identity of being a castle map that feels a little bit different if I go to Oldtown. I'm going to have a little bit of a quicker fight, and I'm going to be able to have a little more cover. If I go to a place like Winery, it's like a super star; there's not as much cover and not as many places to go.

It's a hot drop if I go. I can play up top. I can play cover, and I can play slower, almost like the verance prison type of vibe, and that's why to me I kind of feel like Fortune's Keep is slept on in terms of the number of players. It has the pace that it has; it's fast-paced, but the end game is still super slow.

Rebirth feels like go sweat four stacks, right? It's still fun. I'm still going to be playing rebirth. I'm still going to be bringing you guys content on different rebirths. Island Concepts. Rebirth Island, though, is basically the map that everybody looks to right; it's the map that everybody talks about; everybody wants back myself included, and I feel like its name and hype.

fortunes keep is back

honestly is a little overrated versus where Fortune keeps standing. Fortune Keep is never really mentioned when people want to bring different maps back. When people are talking about War Zone 1 maps coming back, Fortune Keep does come up, and it should be super underrated. for that reason. I've been saying that I think Fortune Keep is a better map than rebirth.

I guess only time will tell when rebirth comes back in Modern Warfare 3. Are you liking it? Do you agree with me? You think I'm crazy for what I've said here? If you didn't see my other article on rank play, rank play also dropped today. You can't use melee weapons like riot shields, launchers, and certain shotguns.

fortunes keep update

certain attachments, like a snake shot. Dragon Beth is highly explosive, and sniper snipers don't miss one shot. I think that's good in rank because it kind of matches what the CDL has for multiplayer. Certain things definitely should be banned. but ranked looks like a w so far, and that's because of the way that they balanced it where you get Sr by getting team kills, eliminations, assists, wins all of that, and I think that Resurgence is going to play really well on ranked, and so far from what I've been watching from some of the best players in the game, the pace looks awesome and the intensity looks awesome as well.

I think a lot of you guys are going to enjoy being ranked. We'll have a article coming on that soon. Make sure you subscribe if you want to see that, because it's going to have the tips that all the pro players are doing in order to help you level up and get As of now, there are quite a few quality of life changes that aren't really talked about in this update, and I'm just going to cover the four that really stand out to me.

There's a new contract called the squad wipe streak, as you can see here, where in the corner you can now essentially see how many kills of that squad you have in 90 seconds, and if you wipe the squad, you get a contract. Now the only thing is that a white player shoots up from the last enemy player to be slain after each streak, so basically, if you're being really aggressive in Resurgence now, you're going to have white flares shooting up.

warzone 3

This could be good or bad. I think it's going to basically force people to push you and, honestly, cause more engagement and concentration in an area. I think that's actually good for Resurgence, and of course it's disabled and ranked as it should be, but if you're able to basically knock out a bunch of squads and get squad wipes, you're going to get calling cards, emblems, and rewards just like any other.

Fortune's Keep is finally back in Warzone and here's EVERYTHING you need to know! It is returning on February 7th with Warzone's Season 2 Update.
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