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I'm giving you guys the top five best meta loadouts in War Zone 3. Now some of you guys actually weren't fans of my previous top five because it included nerfed weapons even though they're still meta, so instead, in this article. I'm actually going to give you guys some updates and I'm going to give you guys better weapons.

So we are going to start out with the Hoger 556 again, but we're going to give you an updated class. Start out with the Vt7 Spirit Fire Suppressor for being undetectable. By having the radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range, you do lose some aim-down sight speed, aim-walking speed, and sprint-to-fire speed.

It's not a big deal, trust me. This build right here is going to have zero recoil, and it's going to be incredibly mobile. Next, put on the Cheerio Six Match for bull of velocity, range recoil control, and gun kick control. You do lose some down side speed aiming all the way from sprint to fire speed, but like I said, don't worry about it.

3 best loadouts

Next, we're going to put on the 40-round mag. Now you do get a reduction in movement speed and all that, but trust me, this is already an incredibly mobile weapon, so don't worry about it. Next, put on the RB at assault stock for recall control and gun kit control at the cost of aim down s side speed, and the last thing you're going to put on is the jack glasses, optics for precision sight picture, and firing aim stability.

You lose some aim-down sight speed, but I can't wait to show you the outcome. The Hogre 556 is kind of difficult for some people to use; they don't have good control over the recoil, so I wanted to make a build that was actually incredibly easy to use, and this is that one right here. I think this build right here is going to be the least difficult overall meta to actually use.

If you want to make it even easier. I give you guys a better choice, so here's the entire class up right here, but if you guys don't want to use this muzzle and you guys want even less recoil. I have something for you. So you guys go over to the right, and you can either use one of two things, or you can use the Cass break.

best loadouts

Or you can use the x10-ported 290. Now I know this is something that people don't really recommend, but this thing is absolutely insane. Look at the positive stats, so I'm going to show you the two, and you make a choice, so this is the cast of this break right here. Check this out. I don't think it really moves; I think it's pretty solid and stays in one spot.

You can take that off, or if you don't want to use that, you can use the X10 ported 290, like I said before. I think this thing is absolute. A laser literally does not move, so you guys have multiple choices. Whatever you guys want to use is completely up to you; it all gets the job done. HRM 9 because this thing is taking over in both casual and competitive play.

The first thing you're going to want to throw on is the Zon 35 compensated flash hider. Now this shortens the radar pings, which is actually fantastic. But the next thing is that it helps with vertical recoil, horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability. Now you do get a reduction in bullet velocity and aim-down sight speed, which you notice is a 5% reduction, but I don't really think that's a big deal.


A deal now if you can't handle the Zon 35 compensation and you don't want to deal with that. We do have an alternative to the LR flash hider, the L-Forr flash hider. All you do is get a reduction in aim-down sight speed, but it has the same benefits. Now you don't get the vertical recoil boost that you would get in the previous one, but look at this; it also helps with the 133%.

On recoil horizontal and vertical, it's just not specifically vertical; in fact, the previous one helps with vertical, a Nega 15%, versus this helping 133%, So you weigh your options. Whichever one you want, you can use Next throw the thorn 90 for hit-fire attack, stand spread, aim down sight speed, sprint to fire speed, and sprint speed.

You do lose control of aiming out of the way, but it's not a big deal, and I don't think you're going to even notice. Put on the DR6 hand stop for aim walking speed, aim down sight speed, spread to fire speed, and movement speed. Once again, you get a reduction of hit-fire inct stand spread aim walking stus, but it's not a big deal.


Put on the 50-round drum because there's really no better alternative. I think this is the best possible choice, and the last attachment is the folding stock. This helps with recoil control, gun kick control, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed, which is not a big deal for this gun.

This gun is ridiculously easy to use at all ranges, and I would say even at long range, it does a good job. I just wanted to reload all the way so I could actually show you guys that this thing actually does a fantastic job at long range. Just make sure you do. Choose your gunfights wisely. I would recommend staying at the short to medium range with this gun, and to show you guys the entire class setup, here's the HRM 9 right here, and real quick.

cod 3 best loadout

Next is the SOA subverter. I actually think this is the best long-range weapon in the game right now, so I got to show it to you guys by throwing it on the cast as break L for horizontal Reco firing aim stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed. I would actually give a similar recommendation, as the one I did earlier, but instead Tempest.

GH50 so if you guys want to use a Cassis or the Tempest completely up to you, you do get more reduction of a down sight speed with the Tempest, but I think the C is more than enough on the Dozer 90 long for bullet velocity and range firing aim stability gun kick control and recoil control at the cost of aim walking speed spread to fire speed aim walking steadiness and aim down sight speed.

The next point on the Brun heavy support grip is gun kick control, aiming a sway horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability. You do lose some aim-down sight speed and vertical recoil, but trust me, this is the one you want to have. I've tested every single one of these big ones right here, and I think the Brun heavy support grip is the best choice.


50-round drum I think there's just no better alternative. You don't want to have less just because this is basically an AR. I mean, it's a battle rifle, but why would you rather have 30 than 50? Last but not least, I put on the Motion V2 heavy stock for recoil control and gun kit control at the cost of aim-down sight speed and sprint-to-fire speed.

Just check this out. This is literally the ACR. Like, it's actually insane that this thing does not move; it has a pretty decent recoil, for, I mean, reloading for a drum. The lack of recoil and the fast time to kill make this thing an absolute force to be reckoned with, so I highly recommend trying this out, and if you guys do want to be risky and you want to use a tempest GH50.

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