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Ladies and gentlemen, we got us a new map, another one-shot sniper audio and visual improvements, and of course, the new gun attachments as well as tons of tweaks. We're going to go through all of it as we get an overview of the newly updated Fortune's Keep. And that is coming this year. Of course, it's going to be on mobile as well as dance on mobile too, so rip to us players there, but see if I can snag the chopper here.

They did say there's going to be a guaranteed spawn on this new Inc., Police, Station. Another big change is the overall visuals of all of these. Doors—you'll see they're color-coded for the doors that you can kind of go through, and then there's an X, as well as boarded-up windows, on all the things that you cannot go through.

Of course, back when we used to play Fortune Keep, we also couldn't swim. Now we can go down and swim. We've got a new redeployment location. Actually, I do remember that tunnel there, but a lot of the overall underground areas have kind of been blown up, and it's less of a maze underground in general.

It looks like Smuggler's Cove is still here, although the main part of this map of what changed it all was a giant bomb going off in the middle. I got some of these retractable bridges, which they released today. You can shoot them in order to trigger them, which is kind of cool. There's also a new zombie contract.

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Let's see, here's the PA icon. There's a bunch of quality of life updates here. I want to show you guys. Now they did say as well that's that indicator is only going to come up if you're actually near it, so you still can get a pre-precision air strike on people. Come on, don't shoot me out, man.

I'm doing a tour. I'm doing a little tour over. Here, I want to see the new map with the people. UAV, so you still can get a prepa, but it'll at least be a better indicator for you of when you're about to die because you'll see it. They widen the radius of the warning for it, so a lot of times you would run and jump into the line of fire.

Now you'll actually have direct communication for that as well, as you'll see up in the top left. I've got this ring around, my mini map, that's indicating that I'm on somebody's UAV, so you'll get the queue of enemy UAVs up in the area, but now you'll also get another indicator warning you why everybody is shooting me doing a tour up.


Anyway, they want to guarantee that you'll hear it. Part of that also includes the audio changes to the mosquito, and for that as well as the ascenders, you'll be able to hear that from further away. Boy, I didn't get the full plates off. It's okay; we're doing research, and we've got to just come back.

A big part of this, though, is that people are going to be sweating their asses to look at the new tracker that actually might have been a zombie perk, but he did have tracker on. There's also some limited-time zombie perks that are in there. There's so much stuff here, all right? Let's see if we can find the new contract.

Here we go; we got one over here. I may end up dying on this, but we're going to traverse the entire map and see if we can go. Complete it this will give us, kind of like in zombie mode, a cyst to pop or a high-value Target zombie to kill. I'm hoping they're just not too strong. Because why do you need that to be strong?

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A hostile mosquito is online. Here's the winery, though it looks mostly the same. Although there is an opening to The Wine Celler here that is full of water that you can drain out, it only affects that part of the map. And we also know this map is going to get updated again soon. They teased out a boat that's going to be coming off the side of the map.

I am still running the Jack BFB; this is getting nerfed. The WASP actually got a nice buff alongside the XRK stalker sniper, which is the new One Tap Sniper. Of course, it's not as good as the cat, and it was the sniper that, yes, was already added, but they made it so now that you can get the one shot snipe up to 50 m, the max damage range, which I think you might be able to even get to go longer.

But that's how, actually, when we had Fortune keep at the end of the original war zone, they kind of made sniping where certain snipers out to a certain distance could get a one-shot head shot, but less than that, it didn't one-tap. Boy, I saw somebody else up there too. Let's go check out the underbarrel here.

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So that could be worth it, especially on closer range maps; however, for ranked players, Play One Shot sniping, as I thought, is not going to be a thing you can get a one-shot snipe. On rank, they've nerfed all the snipers for it, which I think a lot of the ranked players will actually enjoy, just like shotguns, can't use riot shields, can't use launchers, they really.

Made, ranked for SMG, is your very traditional style of gameplay, so this does still connect through the bottom here. Portable buy Apparently they made the load-out markers that you find on the ground more visible as well. Here's one of those bridges that you can get to go across. Yeah, this whole thing is way more open; it's less like a giant cave and more like a valley.

Let's see if we can notice the difference with this aim, though. So this is one of the big changes that they made, and you'll probably notice it more on Mouse. But if you aim directly at a point and you aim down sight, the gun will immediately. Go to that point; it's actually accurate now. This was a big problem on Mouse, and you'll still see it with sniping.

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So if I aim directly at the tip here, put the dot right on it, and then I aim, you can see how off it is. You can see the sway is already moving. When I aim down, my gun is exactly aimed at that point, but it moves. This is what I always talk about with you guys in terms of waiting. Did I wait long enough for my sway?

If it's a close-range shot, I may not wait for that, but if I hold my breath on it, you can see it will line up, but it just takes another couple of seconds. Now they did not make this change for sniping; otherwise, sniping would be a little too op. But you can see it's exactly on point, so now when I'm trying to aim with my mouse, it's not like it's going to be RNG if my crosshair is actually where it is.

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This has been a big problem with many mouse players, including myself, where it's like you know you put the crosshair on them, but it's just not actually accurate of where you're exactly putting it; of course, we don't have any aim assist to help get the shots on either mouse. So that was the article they did here; a lot of people did not understand what was actually happening on this, but hopefully this showcases it a little bit better.

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