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This is the number one meta loadout in War Zone right now, and I just got the most clutch win possible, so make sure you guys watch this entire thing. But first, I have to give a huge shout out to ExpressVPN, because they are a lifesaver. I can easily switch my location to one of over 105 different countries, like Egypt or Morocco, where there aren't as many people playing and the people that usually do play are most likely working or sleeping.

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I'm actually not sure that's a good question, and I don't think so. Job well done, all right, guys. So here is the best SMG and assault rifle in War Zone 3 right now. For the HRM, we start out with the Sonic suppressors, which are undetectable. By the radar bullet velocity and damage range, you do lose some aim walking steiness, sprint to fire speed, and recoil control, but this is the best possible choice.

3 best loadouts

Trust me, this setup is going to be amazing. Next, put on the DR6 hand stop for aim walking speed, aim downside speeds, sprint to fire speed, and movement speed at the cost of HIIT fire attack stance spread and aim walking steadiness. Put on the 50-round jump because it's the best possible choice.

I can't think of a better one for you guys to possibly use, considering the alternatives. It is 20 or 30, as the base, but on the PCS 90 assault grip for gun kick control two times and recoil control the cost of aing outut's aim down sight speed, which is not a big deal. We already took care of that last, but not least.

We put on the folding stock for recoil control, gun control, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed, and this thing is an absolute tank at close and medium range. Now, I'll be honest with you guys. You guys can actually use this at long range too, but it's a little riskier just because.

There's a little bit of an interesting recoil pattern; I would just stick to the short to medium range, but here is the entire class set up for HRM 9. Make sure you guys take a screenshot. Whatever you guys have to do next is the Ram 7, and this is still the best assault rifle in the game right now.

best loadouts

Throw the cast as a break for horizontal recoil firing aim stability. You do lose some aim-down sight speed, but that's not a big deal when throwing the cron in the head for too long. Throwing the Cronin headwind long barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out way and firing aim stability at the cost of H fireing attack stand spread aim walking speed and sprint to fire speed, none of these things matter for an assault rifle.

heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming out horizontal recoil and firing aim stability at the cost of vertical recoil and aim down sight speed 60-round drum is the best possible choice for this weapon, and last but not least, the HS 3.4 is a pad for gun kick control and reco control at the cost of sprint speed and sprint to fire speed.


As you guys see, it just takes no effort to actually use this weapon. It's insanely, broken and incredible, and easy to use, so you guys have to have this in your arsenal, and please give it a try because you guys just see how effective it is at every single range; in fact. I would even argue to say that it's probably even effective at super close range as long as you hit all your shots.

But here is the class setup right here.

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