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I'm going to give you guys the top five best loadouts in War Zone right now, and if they're not in this article, you should not be using them. You lose some hit-fire attack, spread aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed, but I just don't think it's a big deal. Some people like to use the XRK core Mark 40 heavy barrel for gun kick control, bullet velocity, range, and recoil control.

I feel like it's not really worth it. I feel like you might as well just have more bullet velocity and range, especially considering how fast this thing actually kills. You want to have as much bullet velocity range as possible; look at that; you get a plus 20 increase on everything. Now you get a plus 13, 12, and 15, with the XRK, which is really good as well, and you get some recoil horizontal and vertical boost, but because of the setup.

I just don't think that you actually need this; it doesn't need more recoil control; it already has very little recoil as it is put on a Brun heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming out way horizontal recoil and firing aim stability. You lose some aim-down sight speed and vertical recoil, but it's just not a big deal; you're not even going to notice it next.

3 best loadouts

Just put on the 60-round drum. This is the best choice for ammunition, like magazines. I don't really recommend the 40 or the 20; in fact, if you play War you played war zone using the 20-round mag, you're most likely not going to do very well. This is just very optimal to have. The last thing is the HVS 3.4 pad for gun kick control and recoil control at the cost of sprint speed and sprint of fire speed, as you guys see.

The recoil gun kick increases by 20%. That is massive; the pros are just so useful that the cons aren't even noticeable, which is absolutely insane in my opinion and does not take any effort to actually use. As you guys see, it has such little recoil that it's actually ridiculous. This has to be, in my opinion, the best weapon in the game right now, and I know that with recent events like buffs and nerfs, people are really scrambling around to look for an amazing weapon.

best loadouts

This is an amazing weapon. The RAM 7even has always been great; it's always been the best AR, and this is the setup that you guys need to use. It has no recoil, and it really gets the job done, so make sure you guys have this class. Next is the best SMG in the game it's the HRM 9, now I'm going to give you guys a different build than what pros and everybody typically give you because this one actually kills faster than the pro build they're on the zon 35, compensated flash hider for shorter radar pings vertical recoil horizontal recal and firing aim stability at the cost of aim downside speed and bullet velocity now keep that kind in mind of the reduction of bullet velocity because we're going to take care of that but on the dr6 stand stop for aim downside speed aim walking speed sprad to fire speed and movement speed at the cost of HIIT fire in tact stand spread aim walking steadiness, and that's it I mean I think that's a pretty good tradeoff.


And trust me, it's not even going to be anything that you notice now. We're putting on the 9-mm high-grain rounds for bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of recoil control, which you will not notice. This is such a huge factor. I see a lot of people using the thorn barrel. You guys do not need that, and your guys are going to see why you guys don't need that.

When this class setup is in your hands, make sure you guys put on the 50-round drum for the magazine ammo capacity. You do lose the cons. I mean. I'll be honest, it's a tradeoff, but with everything in this build, it's not even going to feel like you lost any of it, and last but not least, the folding stock for recoil control gun K control and firing aim stability at the cost of aim down sight speed.

now Check this bad boy out; this thing does not move. I try to tell people that this thing is an absolutely amazing weapon; in fact, even at long range, it really does get the job done, so this is something that you definitely should try out. Even if you haven't tried this build before, if you just use the regular competitive build, this is definitely one that I would highly recommend.


It's an amazing weapon that really gets the job done very easily. I win the majority of my gunfights; in fact, if you guys watch the stream, I most likely will be live at some point, guys. I'm dropping 30 and 40s consistently. And if you guys want to see that type of gameplay, make sure you guys come to YouTube.

Also, I'm going to be streaming on Twitch more often, so make sure you guys come through there. The Hoger 556 I recently got buffed, man. There's very little recoil on this build as well, so I think you guys are going to like this one throwing on the VT7. Spirit fire suppressor for being undetectable.

By the radar Reco control bullet velocity and range at the cost of aim down sight speed, aim walking sadness, and sprint to fire speed. Next point on the Cheerio: 6 matches for bullet velocity, range recoil control, and G control at the cost of aim-down sight speed, aiming out-way, and sprint-to-fire speed.

cod 3 best loadout

Put on the Brun pivot vertical grip for gun kick control and vertical recoil aiming idle. Sway and firing aim stability at the cost of horizontal recoil aim downside speed and sprint of fire speed I just don't think there's a better choice, and trust me. I've gone through every single one of them that really controls recoil.

This is the best possible choice for the Hoger 40-round mad, because unfortunately, you can't get any more than that. This is such an amazing weapon; if it had more bullets, it may be considered too heavy. The last thing in my preference was the class of optics. I like it so much, like there's the Mark 2 reflector or the Mark I reflector, whatever it's called.

I just feel like it's pointless to have that when this is actually a thing and it helps with firing aim stability. If you guys don't want this, you can use the next, but I just feel like you're going to want this more, and I'm going to show you guys why, so check this out. This thing literally does not move.


I'm not even using it like the cass's break or anything like that. This thing just literally does not move. It's an amazing weapon, and it doesn't take any effort to actually use it. With that being said, please give this class set up a chance. The Hogre 556 is so great that if you're not using it, you're really, really missing out on an amazing gun.

The MCW has been absolutely insane recently, and this SMG build is something that you guys are going to absolutely love. Make sure you guys have the Jack Raven kit, because if you guys don't, I mean, it's just not going to work in general. This increases the rate of fire mobility, handling damage at close range, and hitting fire attacks.

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