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In this article, we're going to be talking about all of the things I don't like about the new update, the new map, and the new mode, and most of my complaints are going to come in three flavors. We've got technical flaws and opinions about the gameplay loop, and then we've got a flavor that's all too common of Drifter being a boomer and being a little bit bad at games and struggling to do some things, so we're going to start off with a light criticism, and then we're going to jump into the really.

Enormous topic of how bad the audio is so the first criticism I have is something that you're going to run into immediately upon booting war zone which is the intro cinematic, the intro cinematic is way too long and honestly it's kind of cringe that's not a word I use a whole lot on this channel I even employ quite a lot of cringe humor myself so getting that criticism from me means that the level of cringe is near lethal here it's not cool it's really annoying it's an unskippable Cuts scene and I think the purpose behind it is to show off your operator skins your weapon Blueprints and all your cool stuff before you deploy into the war zone, unfortunately it's the same thing over and over and over again which makes it repetitive and a complete waste of time which is kind of a shame because I actually really love the way they did the outro cinematic where your team lands and you've got roles and you kind of act out those roles from medic sniper Slayer.


Dead Weight would be hilarious if we had more variety in the intro. That might actually make it fun instead of cringe moving along to our second topic today this is going to be the biggest and most important one because it is a massive technical flaw with the game and the number one thing that needs to be fixed which is the audio is bad and even saying that is technically incorrect I can't say the audio is bad because there is no audio it's almost like playing on mute it's seriously, so bad I have no idea what is going on around me footsteps literally do not exist, and nothing makes any sense I can only say this has to be a bug this has to be an oversight this has to be a flaw that slipped right through QA, there's no way the audio balance being the way it is in war zone.


It can possibly be a reasonable design decision because. There are essentially no footsteps enemies can Sprint full speed all around you up ladders hit zip lines reload throw equipment do all sorts of things and you just won't hear them I have sprinted right past people and they didn't notice me I would turn around and come back and shoot them I've had people Sprint right up to me just Full Tilt full tax Sprint up the stairs slamming doors.

I don't hear anything, and this isn't just me and my sensitive ears; this is the most common complaint I see about War Zone, even amongst season streamers that have headsets so loud you can hear them echoing across the room. So whatever the audio engine is supposed to do, it's clearly not doing it.

As an example here, I've been playing War Zone on the new Astro. A not Astro these are the Logitech G-A 50x headsets. These are kind of like the next generation of Astros. We're going to have to do that. Yeah, it hides a lot of bad hair. We're GNA, and we have a full review of these in a little bit.


But I put these on, and I hopped into War Zone, and I was like, because they kind of came out and came together the same day, I was like, man, I can't hear anything. I don't hear any footsteps. Are my new headsets broken? Is there something wrong with the mixer or something going on here? And I booted up other games.

I booted up Fortnite. I booted up the finals. Battlefield apex i could all hear footsteps. And navigate those battle royals with normal audio, but I could not in war zone, so I assume the flaw is with war zone, and I think this is a catastrophic flaw for a battle royale game, which is why we're talking about it so much in the beginning of this article, and I'll give Sledgehammer the benefit of the doubt that I created.

Battle Royale audio is very hard, but other games are doing it. This is a massive budget AAA game; there's no excuse for the lack of audio to be this bad. I'm going to just add another fun fact here: gunshots are a little muffly. I can't even tell where people are shooting sometimes, so I think this is the biggest flaw that needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed ASAP because people aren't going to play like this for too long before they dip.


The next technical flaw is that the graphics on the console are. Inconsistent question mark, it's a little. Hard to describe so I play on PC even if I'm doing controller I'm probably going to be on PC I'm playing 30 20 40 ser gpus and higher so I'm playing very high resolution it looks very nice, however I've seen gameplay and complaints from console Gamers the gameplay looks blurry it looks a little odd it looks a little off a little rough and it's inconsistent some people seem to notice some don't it seems to happen on some consoles and others don't and my suspicion my Absolute Total guess as to why it's a little bit blurry is that there's a scaling problem on the consoles, typically console games and even PC games don't necessarily render at the resolution that you're playing at and they have to have some degree of upscaling.

battle pass

So on PC, you'll probably do this with something like Nvidia DLSS or something similar on AMD, but if you're playing on a console, the consoles are supposed to have native upscalers. That's what would happen in Old Cod games, like the games would render at 540p. And the console would upscale it but I think something is wrong here something somewhere, probably went wrong with the little console scaler something isn't cooperating and I think it's looking blurry because it's actually outputting the wrong or lower resolution, that is a literal guess that is a suspicion on my part as to why people are complaining about this and the article examples I've seen that's kind of what it looks like which is surprising, given that PC is usually the one that has all these kind of wonky problems another technical flaw that's already been mostly fixed that I hope we never see again, is that right out the gate we had an issue where Battlenet and steam were like different versions of the game so I think battl net got locked out and was unable to play for five or six hours while they fixed it should be fixed now hopefully it's temporary it was only for war zone I hope that doesn't happen again still a little bit of a rough start I think that's mostly it with the technical flaws, now let's talk about issues with the gameplay Loop itself and I'm going to start off in the goog.

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