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In the four years and countless hours that I've played War Zone. I have learned the key to using the best of the best when it comes to creating a loadout, and while it's not a hard concept to wrap your head around, there are some small, fine details that you need to pay attention to, some of which you might not even think about or know about, so let's fix that.

To start, we're going to break this article down into three main concepts, all of which are incredibly important and vital to building the correct loadout, so be sure to listen up to all three, but first, let's start from.

What is your skill level?

A lot of those creators are using loadouts that are catered to them and their ability to do a number of things within the war zone, and that might not necessarily work for you, and I know it's just easier to go into someone's chat or go look up something online.

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You know the top load is out right now, Top Meta. Loadout top whatever, but take a step back first and truly ask yourself if you have the ability to use some of those loadouts to their full potential. The top meta picks are always going to be the strongest, no doubt; I'm not saying that they're not.

However, if you can't use those loadouts to their full potential, then they're not worth using. So when you go and look at those loadouts, you need to ask yourself what your skill level is, and for that, I'm going to give you three examples. How well can you control recoil? How well can you track an enemy while shooting at them while they're running, sliding, diving, whatever it might be, and know how many hours per day you play?

If you are incredibly good at controlling recoil and know how to use aim assist and rotational aim assist, we'll talk about those in a second to your advantage, then yeah, those loadouts are probably going to work out for you to use because if you're able to control your recoil very well at super long distances on the loadouts that are super unforgiving, then yeah, those loadouts are probably going to work out for you.

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An example of that would be the MTZ 762. Or really any of the battle rifles because they tend to have lower mag capacity and lower fire rates; however, their damage profiles are usually higher, so with a higher damage profile and a lower fire rate, it's super unforgiving. Because if you miss one or two shots, then it's going to raise the time to kill that it takes to kill the person that you're shooting at tremendously.

Now compare that to something like the SVT, which has a super high fire rate and a 60-round mag, and its damage profile is right in the middle, so if you do miss a couple shots, it's super easy to regain and still get that lower time to kill. Now I want to talk about tracking, and before we do that, let's talk about aim assist and rotational aim assist, and the way to abuse them is the biggest controversy.

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In War Zone, it basically helps out controller players a lot more than mouse and key players because it's more difficult for a controller player to aim at an assist. This is what kind of makes good players look like they have sticky aim because they know how to abuse it, and the way to abuse it is to use rotational aim assist when you are shooting at an enemy and moving left to right strafing.

Rotational aim assist is going to kick in, and it makes your aim assist even stronger than it would be without moving whatsoever. So, like I said, this is what makes it look like a good player has sticky aim, and this is what can make or break your ability to track your target. If you're really good at abusing this mechanic in the game, then you're going to be able to track your target no problem at longer ranges and get those faster kills no matter the range, and then lastly, on the topic of your skill level, you need to consider how much time you have to play per day and what you're doing with that time if you're leveling up guns, playing plunder, etc.

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Okay, use whatever you need to do and whatever you want to do. If you're playing ranked, then you need to take that into account and really use the best of the best that fits your play style. Now, before we move on to Section 2, I want to give some examples of a loadout that takes all three of these things into consideration.

If you're doing them perfectly, and if you're not doing them well at all, so I have two loadouts to show you that are perfect examples of if you're able to do all of these things perfectly and play a good amount, and that's going to be one of the ram 7, which at the time of recording this article is the top meta loadout, and it has a ton of recoil.

However, if you could manage that recoil, learn the pattern, take the time to do so, and really master it, then you're going to be frying people at any range in the game with super-fast kills. Another one that fits this category and is super unforgiving is like the side winder. If you take the side winder, it has a very slow rate of fire when on full auto, and the recoil is disgusting.

But it has a high damage profile, so if you can learn that recoil pattern and are able to track really well with it, then you're probably going to get super fast Tim to kills. Now, I'm not recommending you use that because it does have a lot of other issues, but it's just an example of something that is super unforgiving and has a high recoil and everything.

Now, if you're not able to do any of the things that we just talked about, then something like the SVA, the tack evolver, the tack eradicator,or the tack eradicator or the tack eradicator are all going to be super good options. These all have super high fire rates, low recoil, and are super forgiving if you miss your shots, so those are some things to keep in mind when you're looking at your skill level.

Now let's move on to play style.

What is your play style?

What is your play style?

Play style is one of the most important things in Call of Duty: War Zone, and there's so many different play styles out there. You could be an aggressive player; you could be a player that strictly goes for kills; it doesn't matter how late you get into the game, as long as you get over 10 kills, you're happy; you could be a player that goes for wins and goes for end zones; or you could be a completely passive player that likes to sit somewhere and feels safe on top of a building or in a building.

Held up and just able to snipe at people or shoot at people from super far ranges, so typically if you fall into the first two categories, being an aggressive player and just wanting to go for kills, you're going to be wanting to master the best of the best. The top meta loadouts for every single meta and every single patch The recoil on it learns its limits and uses it on the other end of the spectrum.

STOP! You're Probably Using the WRONG LOADOUT in Call of Duty Warzone.
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