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Rebirth island in warzone 3.0

A swim into a bunker. There are very minor changes; the bigger changes to the map that we saw in the trailer are the infill strikes. These are only going to occur after two weeks; they're not going to occur for the first two weeks, and then there's going to be a chance for them to occur, and they're going to see what player feedback is at these locations. To see how often this will actually curf, they just keep it as the original map.

New warzone bootcamp - bot mode

New warzone bootcamp - bot mode

There's also a brand new thing, so if you are a new player, they're introducing War Zone Boot Camp. This is going to be 20 players, 24 bots, a much easier mode to kind of get into and get your feet wet in the game, but there is going to be less progression rewards in this, so you're not going to be able to just grind a bunch of levels here against a bunch of bots like we saw with Battlefield 2042.

Resurgence changes

When that came out , now Resurgence is the main mode for Rebirth Island. There's going to be 44 players in the public mode and 35 in the ranking mode. We'll get some of the ranked in a bit here, although. You can read all the details about that separately. For the most part, vehicles are also not going to be here at the initial launch of season 3.

There's a lot that's going to be missing, including the specialist bonus, which wasn't listed here, but they did mention in the call that it's not going to be here until midseason.

How to get max xp in warzone

Although all of the Easter eggs related to it will be here, the squad play bonus is a massive thing if you guys are not already in my discord, Gg, st64, same as my gamertag.

It is now a better time than ever to join and find people to play with because, just for playing with friends, you get extra, battle pass level, and weapon progression XP, which is the big hurdle in this game. If you also use recommended weapons, which are typically the best weapons in the game, you get extra XP.

If you also play with at least one friend in your party outside of just other people in your party, you get extra XP. You leave Squad Fill on if you don't have a full team extra XP. You also play with play again at the end and stay with Squad Extra XP so you can stack a whole bunch, but the basic is to play with other people; you will get rewarded for it, and there's even more in a second.

I'll mention that for even more XP. They also have a challenge that you can select to track your progress. Doing these challenges will get you even more XP, of course.

Buy station changes

Buy station changes

Buy station Shuffle; this is across all the maps; they've changed locations of these again; they typically do this for New Seasons. The big change, though, is squad assembly.

New squad assemble mechanic

If you land near your teammates, you will get a proximity UAV.

Supply boxes, and the supply box UAV now just shows boxes through walls, which is incredible. The TAC map only shows you where custom loadouts are or the big boxes that you really want to see, not all the white boxes that are literally everywhere; those you can just now see through the wall. It is way more similar to how zombies work, if you guys are familiar with that.

It is also disabled in ranked lockdown and plunder. This is just for the standard game mode, which is typically what I play.

New gulag changes

The goog is also something new. This is for the main map, obviously not for Resurgence, but there's two ladders that will be in the game, so if you agree with the other person, you could both climb your ladders and leave the game together.

Biometric scanners in rebirth island

Biometric scanners in rebirth island

But be careful you could get betrayed while you're climbing the ladder, you will get extra cash if you do that though so that's kind of cool, now back to rebirth Island this is the new map this is what you guys are getting ready for most of it is the same but there is some new biometric scanners have been added once per match you can go up to these red lights scan your eye it will give you a key card note that you will get a better key card if you are with your entire, squad or the more Squad mates you are with you're going to get a random card it will carry in your bag and you take this to a buy station for an extra reward some of these can get extremely juicy, but it might just be a free item discounted item like a fire.

Sale so the big things are the polyatomic and the Orion key cards. Whoever has these cards will also be displayed on the smart displays around the map, so keep an eye on them. They'll also tell you what the high area of traffic is where there's a ton of players, as well as the player with the most kills, so you're kind of scared.

Spy drones

If you see these drones being out of the air,the big thing you need to know with this new contract is that if you see these drones in the air, somebody else could be on the contract. You can steal this one. You know scavenger contracts; you can't steal those from other people, but if you can shoot down the drones, the last one will drop an advanced.

Staged weapons

Staged weapons

UAV , there's also staged weapons on this map you've played it in the past you'll be able to find, sniper up in the tower shotgun down at the bot like there's specific locations not going to go through all of them but you can get those 60% chance they mentioned in the call that these will be there so they're not always going to be there.

Squad rage

Squad Rage is a new field upgrade as well. You need to kind of be close to your squad, pop it, and everybody will get a boost to their tax and Sprint health regen. Etc.

Resurgence champions quest

Resurgence Champions Quest is always here, and I did get all the dirt on this as well , so it's going to be one long timer that will be progressively decreased as you take action, similar to how normal Resurgence works: you need to have the element in your bag for that timer to go down, so if you kill somebody holding the element, defend that thing.

Don't let them pick it up to stop them from getting their nuke. As the timer goes down, it will drop into another element.

Ground loot changes

Ground loot changes

Now that they've made a lot of changes to the actual loot ground loot, they've taken out molotovs, thermites, and EMD grenades, which haven't been too popular, and they are planning on reworking him, although there is some rework here too.

Damage changes & balances

Supply UAV I mentioned earlier heavy Choppers have been massively nerfed.

The two big things that they mentioned they want rewarded are damaging it with C4, which have been buffed joker as well. These are also going to take longer to refill. Semx is frags; everything does more damage to it in terms of explosives, and it's going to be harder to keep this thing fueled up and keep it in the air, but try and use those two main pieces of equipment to take it out now that they're adding new weapons.

I go through everything new in the Warzone Season 3 update. Chapters.
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