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When it comes to getting easy war zone lobbies, there are about a thousand different theories floating out on the internet, and I've tried almost all of them and none have really worked, but there's one that I'm actually very curious about, so today we are going to test it. There's always been a lot of talk about the best time to play War Zone, which is a theory that I haven't really given a whole lot of thought to.

It's like you have to buy a skin, you have to use a VPN, and you need to install XYZ. I don't even know what XYZ is, but I don't want to install it on my computer. But right now it's 7:30 p.m. 7:26) excuse me, that was a picture of my dog. For every new person that subscribes to this article, I will give her one treat.

She would love nothing more than treats to rain down upon her, and today we're actually going to test out if the time of day that you play in the war zone adversely, or I don't know what's the opposite of adversely affects your lobby. M no, I'm just going to get a sniper because I want it. I guess I'll just get both of my guns because I want both of them.

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Is my audio that good, guys? I think it is. Did they make audio? Let's see if they have a default skin. They don't have enough money for the new skin that just came out in the store. Interesting data point. I'll take your perks. I don't think they were very good ones. They had the sound perk on; that's how they heard me just being a sneaky boy up there.

Now let's see if anyone else is lurking in here. I do have a portable bag. I can throw down, although I don't really need the money. How many loadouts are over here? multiple, someone else is near. I'm going to pick back up this SMG though, because it's good luck it has one less attachment. I don't know why it only has four.

I just probably made a goof now. All of this would have been so much easier to do if they still had the open APIs, like the war zone stat. Checkers I'm not sure how many of you remember, but back in Caldera, I forgot that guy's precision. Don't worry, guys; I have another one now. Back in Caldera, you could see who was in your lobby as long as their profile wasn't private, and you could also get the average KD of your lobby.

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They recently decided we didn't want that to be something that people could do, so they removed API access for those websites. I'm going to throw in my portable and get a UAV so I can see where that mortar streak is coming from. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but you know UAVs are helpful.

Now give me my stuff; my Precision just disappeared, and we have a ghosty boy somewhere here. Neato, I think they're in. Here, yeah, they're trying to throw stuff out at me. This guy's a demon. This person means business. I'm being shot through walls. Wait, are they on the roof with me? They are it's my cat from before they got better at me this time.

Okay, maybe they didn't have the sound perk. Maybe they just had wall hacks. Let's find out I'm going to be the worst person in the world to observe if I do end up beating Chris 2403 I wonder what those numbers mean. Chris was yelling, This is going to be a real doozy. Yeah, I saw your laser. I got another smoke, though.


Christopher I am victorious. Here's the issue with that person, all the way over there, very far away from it. What was that tag? So what I think I'm going to have to do is regain, and I'm going to attempt to do it just on these little buildings down here because I just want enough to get my sniper rifle back because the game is more fun when I can shoot people across the map in the head and kill them, and look at that.

Landing right on an orange crate, I get a durable longbow and, technically, a sniper rifle, just not a good one. Fire sail guys, let's in here. I got perks, like we're kind of holding on. I was going to say that we're kind of chilling out because it's 37. I need, like, no more money to get this load out; please tell me there's a yes.

Now I can do that. Throw the smoke down. I know there are gunshots very close to me. I don't really care; it's kind of a nice feeling going into a game right now and being like, if I die, I die because it's for science. Look at that! I got my stuff back. I'll keep the good SMG now, and I'll take off the stable gas mask because it's annoying.


You're right, UAVs are out of the secret stash. Drop it into the area. Let me call my UAV. At this time, there's like four people around me; I'm not even kidding, one less, what? Yeah, I know I sniped. You, I'm lagging. I lagged into that, death. Okay, you would think with the number of people playing this game right now that servers would actually be pretty good, but I have a theory on why my server stinks, and we're going to get to that here in a second-skill game.

For nightmare PR, something tells me that is not your PR; indeed, it is not. I mean, they were crouching in the corner there's, I'm not kidding, there were like three other people on this UAV around here, and why did the person who like team shot me? Why do they do nothing about it? Now nightmare PR is about to be off the scene, and I'm going to tell you the first theory about why I think I have a crappy server infrastructure for Number One Call of Duty.

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It just stinks. Yeah, it's not the best. If you've played this game, you know that if you don't play it, I appreciate you watching this article anyway. Second, though, is that ping is not the most important thing that they give you in matchmaking; it's not something they prioritize above all. Otherwise, what they really prioritize is for you to keep playing the game, and the way that they do that is through skill-based matchmaking and engagement-based matchmaking.

Basically, they take ping, move it down a couple rungs, and then say, Hey, what's going to make Sally, the dog, play the most war zone? This guy's really about to put the tallest building on the map. I'm here for it. I want to see the type of person who chills up here during this game. I make it a personal point to never go up here.


I can help it, but nightmare PR is about to do it, I guess. Movement on nightmare PR does seem pretty good, but what is very weird is that there are only 21 players left and we just started getting into the forth zone, so I think there might be I don't want to sound alarmist, but I think there might be some Tom Foolery about them just seeing a trace around going 20 people and 19 other people in this massive there's a jailbreak.

Where do I land? This is a great I have no idea where to land, but there's about to be a gun fight here. No, they're above you. It's okay, nightmare. PR also got in before the jailbreak, no? Yeah, I don't. I don't know where I should go. Part of me wants to land on this, but I guess I just land on this building and then end up working on it.

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