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Setup/updated bundles

this right here is the updated bundle glitch article working for War Zone, and Modern Warfare 3 season 3 is still the same with some bundles working. But some bundles are still patched, so all the new bundles you can easily do the glitch with, so whenever this bundle is no longer stored, the Kong bundles, or any of these bundles that's no longer in store, you can do this glitch in order to get them, and you can get them for different accounts.

It's also working for this bundle from The Walking Dead: The Firecracker; the bundle is back able to buy. This bundle was once patched, but you can now get it the same with a train. For some reason, two of the boys bundles are back working, so if you missed out and weren't able to get those bundles right now, now is the time to get them while they're still working.

The Doom bundles are still working, just like Ice Flow. Mascus heats the original bundles I got in the past articles; those are still working, but at the moment, like Nick MERS Nicki Minaj, 21, tender tatman They're all still patched at the moment, so whenever it is back working for those bundles. I will make an updated article.

The same is true for Shredder and the other boy bundles, like Homeland Starlight, which are not working at the moment, and then there are bundles like the 23. Champs, and doom bundles that are still working, so now I have these bundles on my main account, and I'm going to be transferring a bundle to my other account, my alternate account.

Warzone method

Warzone method

It's the same exact steps, so load up War Zone Headquarters on the main account that has all the bundles, so I'm already loaded up, then go over to the store, then go to my bundles, and then click into any random bundle pack.

Just click into it; you don't have to do anything, and then click circle again. Circle back to the main headquarters, and then with the second controller, the second controller is going to have the account that you want to buy the bundle on, so it will be your main account or whichever account you want to buy the bundle on.

Go ahead and add it as a split screen. Then, once you add it as a split screen, go over to store and then go to my bundles, and now you're now able to see all the bundles that the main account or the main first controller has; it's now loaded on there, and I can now buy the bundles, so I'm going to go ahead and get this bundle right.

Here is the war zone pack. And remember, you guys can just go ahead and get all the bundles you want. You can get multiple bundles now. This method right here is going to be for Modern Warfare 3, so if you have Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer , you can do this glitch this way.

Mw3 method

Mw3 method

This is another way. Just in case, let's say if your game is freezing or you can't get the glitch to work, you can do it just like this: Modern Warfare 3way, which is almost as similar, so go ahead and load up War Zone on the main account, the account that has all the bundles, and in this case.

I want to buy the Ice Flow. I want to put the ice flow on my alternate account, so once you clicked in the bundle in my bundles, go ahead and click circle again. Circle back to the headquarters, and then with the second controller, go ahead and load it into the game, which is the account that you want to buy the bundles on, and then click Circle as fast as possible.

Once you do that, you click Circle with the same controller, just to cancel out the loading, and then, with the main controller, click Go Offline. And then go over to local multiplayer. Then, once you're in local multiplayer with the second controller that you're buying the bundles on, click X. Now, back with the first controller that has the bundles bought, click Circle.

Leave Lobby and then Circle again, and then once you're on the main screen with the second controller that you want to buy the bundles with, go ahead and press X. Now, it's not letting me press X on my second controller, but you can actually do it this way as well. You can just press X with the first controller still and then add the second controller at split screen. And then with the second controller, go over to Store, and then my bundles, and you guys see all the bundles are there that the first controller had, and you can go ahead and buy all the bundles as many bundles as you want, all right, so I'm going to go ahead and get that ice flow on my other account, especially while it's still working and not ped yet.



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warzone bundle glitch MW3 bundle glitch warzone 2. In this video, ill be showin you NEW UPDATEDHow to BUY and GIFT ANYREMOVED BUNDLES in MW3Warzone | BUNDLE GLITCH METHOD.
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