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I did see somebody fall in, which is why I'm checking over here; there's no walls, no cheating, or nothing, clearly, and we're just moving up. Now I'm simply spotting a target and looking when you spot a target. Make it a habit to ping. I know on the controller it's a little bit harder for a lot of you guys, but get an aim controller, get something with paddles, and bind the ping button to one of the paddles.

It will save you and your teammate a lot of headaches. So the reason why I ping the enemy is not just to know where he's at, but it's also to track where he's going, so we know he's in the building right now. I've got my teammate Dakota coming in from another side, and I just simply look in the window to see if there is any movement.

Of course, here is Joblo, right here doing his best to, lo. I get some hits, but I'm not able to track him at the end, and now it's just a shooting contest. What I've expected from a lot of you guys is that I definitely think this is an important note. A lot of y'all notice how the enemy wrapped around the right-hand side of the vehicle.

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What I witness when I spectate or when I'm in fights is that enemies will just chase you around and around and around. It's fine every now and then in certain situations but for the most part you want to try to cut the enemy off and catch him, with his pants down and that's exactly what I try to do I WRA the left side, there he is right there and I'm able to snap on him I do almost die so it was a risky thing and I missed a lot of shots, but it is what it is, and again remember whenever you're chasing an enemy, make sure you don't just fall into the habit of chasing them like you're a dog chasing your tail because a lot of times the enemies will bait you back to their team so you want to kind of win that fight fast and don't fall for the bait that's another thing I witness a lot from you guys is chasing one guy forever and ever and ever next thing you know there's a firing squad of four just looking down the sights, and you don't stand a chance.

And again, I preach a lot about zip lines. I love starting with zips; that's actually how we started this match; we landed on a bounty; we tracked on the bounty; that's what got us here; we took the zip to get here; and now we're doing the same thing: zip on the map. For an amazing technique, use vehicles or zips; make sure you're using them to get around.


I want you guys to practice aggression, not just for kills, not just for strategy, but for it all. So look at this: We've got an enemy team on the hill. I've got Fle, my teammate, on the left-hand side. I could land on him. I could land on the enemies, but what I'm going to do instead is I'm going to go to the right-hand side.

The reason is that I want to triangulate the enemies. I want to put them right between me, Fle, and my teammates. That way, we have two different lines of sight on them, so if they end up shooting at one of us, the other one kind of collaps, not to mention in The High Ground right here as opposed to this just seems way better than where he's at right now.

So I try to pull my shot as low as possible; he might have seen it, but again, if you pull it up high, he's definitely going to see it, so I pull it up low. Try to get a nice snipe off in all retrospect; I probably shouldn't have even shot that guy; it could have alerted the enemies in my presence.

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That was really a mistake, but it is what it is, and I continue to do so, but now that the Chopper's gone, I'm sitting here looking around for enemies. Now that me and my teammate communicate right here, he already knocked the only player that was over here; the Chopper was the other teammate, so I'm still here on Red Alert looking for the other guy and have no idea.

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That he already had him down again this is just simple breaking communication, just make sure you're communicating how many enemies are there whether you knock them whether you cracked them whether you hit them things like that make sure they're accurate don't lie to your teammates to make it seem like you're doing better than you are because right here this break of communication we could have got killed if there were two other enemies here and we went ghost on Comm so now right now we have Art Is War, he's down I'm waiting for some coms he finally gives them out and pings the enemy great on Art pings right when he has a chance to and I whiff an easy head shot let me rewind that real quick did I really miss that [ __ ] or was the game ass let's see let's see let's see no game's ass all right, all right.

That one I got, though it would have been really nice to solidify both, would have really put us in a good position, and then at this point I'm just trying my best to smoke my way out of this situation; unfortunately, my dumbass picked up an EMP grenade. I didn't know it. And well, I think we all know what happens now.

Let me go and remove the camera. You can see me slightly bitching right here, all right, so when it comes to this goog for me, I am still struggling, so I'm not really going to give you guys too many goog tips right now. I like to try to push up because you can usually catch movement if you sit in your seat and watch one side.


You can't see what the other side's doing; you can't see the enemies rotate, so I can just kind of push the mid, get eyes on the middle, and have a left or right side depending on what goog you're in, and once you see the movement, you can kind of rely on your reaction. Time, one, another situation where I almost got [__] on.

I don't know what it is about this Go Lo that I struggle with, but I'm definitely struggling. There's no doubt about it all, so we've got an enemy sitting in this building. We've got the train on us as well, and the train stopped. Unfortunately, it stopped, and now it's going back to the team. Remember this, because this is important.

I wasn't paying attention to the direction of the train, believe it or Not, and of, Course. With no audio, you can't hear the footsteps, but that was really on me more or less than anything because I saw the train going back; it just never registered in here, so when you guys are landing somewhere, make sure you're remembering what's happening.


Before you end up dead, big mistake on my part, and again, I'm going to give you guys mistakes. Correct what I should be doing. So when you purchase a new one and you get tired of the way it looks, you rip that [__] off and you buy another one, for I don't know how much 15 or 20 bucks whatever it is, you slap that [__] on, and you get a brand new damn controller.

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