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New warzone & modern warfare 3 update is live!

New warzone & modern warfare 3 update is live!

Ladies and gentlemen. It is, of course, Wednesday, and that means it is update day here in the war zone in Modern Warfare 3. While the developers are currently on their holiday break for the year, yes, we do still have a partial update live—at least a partial update live today—and we've got some new changes to break down that have been made recently to some other sort of secret or subtle.

I guess more discrete changes that have been made recently to some things within Cod and even some new leaks regarding some cont are definitely very highly requested.

New secret change in warzone/mw3 is not great␦

It does seriously help the channel grow, and if you're new here, you want to guarantee that every single day you are up to date with all things going on in Call of Duty.

modern warfare 3

This is your one-stop shop. But let's start first with something that Charlie Intel actually posted about yesterday that shed some light on something: Call of Duty is absolutely doing this here, and it stinks, and they're doing it very subtly and almost secretly in the background. But it's definitely happening, so Charles Intelligence posted this on Twitter, saying anyone else should notice how Activision seems to be slowly increasing the prices of bundles to see how high they can go in Call of Duty.

We started off with 1,800 Cod points for the majority of bundles and then 2,400 Cod points, and now there's 2,800 Cod Point bundles in the shop. If you pay attention to the store, admittedly, I really don't pay that much. I always check in and see what bundles are out and if there's new stuff or cool blueprints that I can use, like thumbnails for the loadout articles and whatnot, but I think most of the bundles are scams.

I don't really think they're worth buying in most cases, but we absolutely used to have, like the Max B, those 2400 Cod Point bundles, which were operator skins and a couple of weapon blueprints, and now you see ones that are honestly probably pretty mediocre in content by comparison, that are 2400 Cod Points, or they used to be, you know, 900 Cod Point bundles that are now 1,400 or 1,200 in some cases.

I have to imagine this has to do with MW3 sales being lower than MW2. To be fair. I don't think any Cod ever is going to Eclipse Modern Warfare 2's launch sales because they were so crazy, then of course the game fell off a cliff, but definitely something is discreetly happening in the background that is a bummer if you're someone who likes the bundles you're going to end up having to pay more for the same content as before just different colors and whatnot, so definitely a weird thing going on in the background, there briefly shifting focus here.

New modern warfare 3 content leaks explained

New modern warfare 3 content leaks explained

There have been some new leaks surfacing recently in the past couple of days, along with some of the weekly updates. I guess when they modify the game slightly for that, we get some new leaks. According to forward leaks over on Twitter, there's been several different sorts of loading screens and asset screens leaking out, and one of them in particular is actually a newly updated cyber attack loading screen or asset screen.

As you may recall a little while back. Sledgehammer did say that while Cyber Attack is currently not one of their planned new game modes for MW3, if there was enough community interest in this, they'd be more than happy to look into bringing it back. So if this is being newly updated in the game, it seems like maybe they have heard that there is some interest in this mode returning, and they might be bringing it back in the future.

modern warfare 3 new update

You know, maybe later on in season 1 or perhaps later on down the road in seasons 2, 3, and 4, we're going to have to wait and see, obviously, but that is a sign of potentially that new update happening based solely on community feedback, which is definitely cool now.

Missing playlist update explained for warzone & modern warfare 3

As mentioned, Wednesday's a routine weekly update day for COD across the board.

However, this is where today's update becomes a little bit strange. If we head on to the game today, you'll see we actually do not have any current playlist updates, nor are there any countdown timers on any of these modes currently. That's because, obviously, right now, if we head on over into our challenges tab and our events tab, you can see we've got our Santa Slay Ground event with six days remaining next Wednesday.

This event is coming to a close, but obviously, for a lot of these challenges, it requires you to play some of these specific holiday LTMs. Whether it is, you know, just standard war zone stuff with Slay Resurgence, or if it's playing, you know, gunfight or snowball fight, whatever you want to call it here, snowfight is the official name, so that's why we don't actually have a full-on playlist update this week.

Obviously, between multiplayer, we still have the standard stuff with ship Miss with hangover snowfight and infectious holiday, as mentioned, and it's actually the same deal over in War Zone as well. As far as the playlist goes, it's going to be the same standard stuff this week as we just saw last week, so slay ride.

Resurgence is still there; we've got BR quads. Resurgence trios plunder quads, then the usual stuff, the usual mix Resurgence Obviously, we've got map rotation for quads, for trios, duos, and solos across obviously Ukan, and then, of course. Vonell and Asika as well, and you can see which maps are live for which modes on the menu previews, but unfortunately, again, because the developers aren't in office today because they're on their holiday break and because we've got the holiday event going on, there are no actual playlist updates; instead, this update's just a playlist continuation.

New mw3/warzone aftermarket update explained

New mw3/warzone aftermarket update explained

However, said if you go into your challenges tab and check out your weekly challenges, we do have a new week four update here, which is definitely very exciting, and this introduces another new aftermarket part or aftermarket weapons update in the form of the KR endless lsj. 3 optic, so this is actually a laser, a built-in laser optic that gives you snappier ads and better accuracy just as an optic, which you really don't usually see there, so this is definitely going to be unique in its own right and almost like a two-in-one attachment.

Where it is applicable now, of course, to complete this, it's the same deal as always: you got to complete any five challenges between multiplayer zombies and Battle Royale, so if you want to do two in Battle Royale and two in zombies and one in multiplayer, you can get that done that way. If you could do that in one mode, you could do it that way as well, but for multiplayer this week, we have seven available challenges.

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