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Android lag fix

Android lag fix

But before you do your interaction, let's talk about something important: game optimization, especially for Android devices. We all know that the war on mobile is graphically intense, and unfortunately, it's not always optimized well for Android. Well, that's where things get tricky, unlike iOS devices, where testing game performance is relatively straightforward due to device variations.

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you are curious about how a mobile runs on a specific iOS device like the iPhone 12 Pro, you can easily find articles on YouTube for firsthand impressions, but when it comes to Android, there are thousands of devices all with the same chipset but different performance capabilities.

Meaning even if your device has the same chipset as another, it might perform differently due to factors like heat management, but fear not. I have got a game-changing tip to help you minimize in-game lag in war zone mobile. When it comes to optimization, there are two main reasons behind poor performance.

First, your phone may lack the necessary graphics processing power to run the game smoothly, and second, network lag can also significantly impact your gaming experience. When it comes to these two, there's only one you can bypass: network lag. Unfortunately, you can't change your phone's graphics processing unit unless you buy a brand new device.

Download warzone mobile for incompatible devices

Download warzone mobile for incompatible devices

First things first, if you can't find V on the mobile Play Store or it shows as incompatible with your device, don't worry; you can still download it using an app called Taptap. It's a lifesaver for getting games that aren't officially available on your device.

Now on to tackling network lag. This can be a real headache, but there's a solution here. Booster Gear Booster ensures that you connect to the nearest physical server from your location. Sometimes the game may not automatically choose the closest server, leading to potential network lag. Even within the same region, there are multiple servers, and you might unknowingly connect to the one that's farther away, causing lag.

G-Booster helps address this issue and ensures a smoother gaming experience. Have you ever felt a slight lag when encountering enemies in most games? That's the type of lag I'm referring to, and it has nothing to do with your device; it's caused by network latency, which can affect your gameplay experience.

But here's the best part: you can try Gear Up booster for free for 3 days. Yeah, you heard me right. Test it out to see how much it improves your gaming performance, and if you think it's worth it, you can purchase it. If you're on iOS, you can also use this app to get a much better gameplay experience.

And hey, this trick doesn't work just for War on Mobile; you can use the Gear Up booster for other games too, like Call of Duty Mobile and Blood Strike. So, what are you waiting for? Free gaming on W on mobile, and if it still lags after trying out this app, well, it might be your device, and it might be time to consider upgrading to a better device, but let's hope it doesn't come to that, as well as mobile gear up for its release in just a few hours, it's bringing with it green, gold, and red versions of Ghost Skin all available for free.

3 free ghost skins

3 free ghost skins

Let's kick things off with the most well-known version of Ghost Condemned, the green version. All you need to do is pre-register for the game before its official release. As of recording this article, the game is set to launch in a few short hours, so hurry up if you haven't pre-registered. Yet head over to the store app store and secure your spot.

By doing so, you will unlock the following and the best items: Here are the ghost-condemed operator skins for the Prince of L X12 weapon blueprint and the ARP and M4 weapon blueprints. Now that the other two ghosty skins, the gold and red versions, are earned through the Brand New Day Zero launch event when Wason Mobile goes live on the 21st, we are in for the Operation Day Zero event on the 22nd.

This includes two sets of rewards: the community rewards featuring The Golden Set of His Skins and the individual rewards, which include.

How to complete operation day zero event


The red-set operation Deo introduces six contested zones, five over Dan and one CA, to take place entirely on Rebirth Island by completing specific event actions.

Within these zones, players can earn event points, also known as simply ep. The ePU accumulates contributes to both individual rewards and the overall community EP score, which unlocks Day Zero Zs. A zone is cleared once players have collectively reached the required community EP displayed in the game.

Event points can be earned by engaging in any mode and completing specific event actions within a contested zone. The number of EP earned varies depending on the action completed. You can do the following to earn an EP: open a supply box or a zero supply box. The Dayo supply box is a special drop that allows players to earn even more points more rapidly by obtaining items and gear.

These supply drops offer superior loot cash (XP and EP) compared to traditional supply boxes. They are periodically dropped into the active zones and can be identified on the radar by a crate icon. You can also eliminate an enemy player and complete a contract. You can use a kill streak, you can land a head shot, or you can purchase items from the buy stations.

Additionally, when warming up in the multiplayer mode of War on Mobile, players will earn EP for every elimination, but at a lower rate compared to eliminating enemies in the Battle Royale mod. As the event starts, the first zone will become active, and players should complete their specific actions while inside the active zone to earn event points as the event progresses.

When community milestones are reached, the next zone will activate, providing new opportunities for players to earn rewards.

All collective rewards

All collective rewards

At the conclusion of the event, all players will have the opportunity to claim the following rewards that have been earned collectively: Guilded devil king large thecal for clearing Zone one, his coach Beginnings: animated calling card for clearing Zone 2; golden Blaze emblem for clearing Zone 3; Golden Flame X12 weapon blueprint for clearing Zone 4; heavy thunder M4 weapon blueprint for clearing Zone 5; and finally, the best reward.

golden Phantom Ghost operator skin for clearing, zone six is now moving on to the individual rewards they are distributed. Based on the total number of event points that you contribute to the overall community score, the more event points you accumulate, the greater your individual rewards will be.

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