News - Warzone: The Major Season 3 Weapons Update

The full warzone season 3 weapons update explained

The full warzone season 3 weapons update explained

Coming up here with the launch of season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone, we are going to see our next major weapons update. This includes the launch of several new weapons that I'm sure are going to spice things up in the overall meta conversation, as well as various different weapons. Buffs and Nerfs have new aftermarket parts, and some of them honestly are basically brand new weapons and of themselves.

All warzone weapon & meta changes coming with season 3

And so today we're going through the entirety of the season 3 weapon update that we know of so far. The full patch notes are going to give us even more details on the exact weapon. And as we dive into all the weapon updates for season 3's launch, be sure to drop a like on the article as well if you like it.

All new weapons coming to warzone/mw3 in season 3

All new weapons coming to warzone/mw3 in season 3

Enjoy it But initially, per usual, with any new season, we're going to see a handful of completely new weapons released into the Arsenal. Some of them we're going to see right away at launch, and all of them are going to be free, just available through playing the game over time, the first of which is known as the FJX.

Horus, now this is an SMG, although it's also kind of a pistol. In fact, according to all the data-mind stuff that we have as of right now, it's still listed in the files as a pistol. They're just calling it an SMG. Now this is going to be available through the battle pass in Sector 8, so this is going to obviously be free for everyone in one of those sectors or one of those tiers, and it has 18 levels in total.

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They describe it as an ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC, damage, and mobility, so simply based on their description here, it should technically have the best ttk. In the super-close range, I'd imagine maybe the first 5–7 m. They also say versatility is the name of the game with this machine pistol SMG, a favor to those who like to pack a punch on the run.

This weapon has an incredible fire rate and class-leading mobility and handling, which helps mitigate The recoil control is also essentially the MP9 from previous Call of Duty games. If you thought it looked familiar, you'd be correct with that assumption. Our next new weapon is one that personally I am very much looking forward to because it's going to be very nostalgic and ideally very fun for spicing up the meta, and that is the Moors sniper rifle.

Now this is going to be another launch gun available through the battle pass as well. This one in total has 19 levels, and they say the single-load rail gun delivers a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration. An advanced form of sniper warfare, obviously hitting at the advanced warfare Moors, this is what this is: a remake of the military-operated rail sniper, or the Moors is a one-hot beast offering high damage with exceptional handling.

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Distance is an afterthought with this long-range and accurate sniper rifle, which might be the perfect combination of accuracy and damage. This weapon has single-round devastation with a reasonably rapid reload rate, but keep in mind that this description is just more of a broad one. Obviously, I'm sure you picked up with them, saying it's a one-shot beast.

We don't know for sure as of right now if that is indicating it's going to be a one-hot sniper in a war zone. I would certainly hope so, though, because if it's not, it's going to happen instantly. Become an obsolete sniper because it's just not going to be able to compete with the cat or with the stalker.


I feel like at the very least it has to be able to one shot in its first damage range and ideally at any range just like the cat if it's going to be meant for long range accurate sniping, and if that's the case, we definitely have a new contender in The Long Range Meta for maybe the best sniper in the game, so I'm really curious to see how they approach the balancing with this one and if it does in fact compete with the other one-hot snipers, or if it's going to be an afterthought like the majority of the snipers in the game that just can't one shot with reasonable velocity.

Anyway, moving on, next up, we've got a new melee weapon dropping at launch again through the battle pass, this time sector 15. This is the Gladiator. It's kind of like a shadow dagger if you've played Counter Strike. It basically just looks like there's going to be six levels on this, although those don't actually get you anything outside of the weapon camo challenges.

Obviously, it's a melee, so there's no attachments for this one, but they say it's a compact concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians. Close combat was never so quick and painful, with the Gladiator rivaling the Corit for Supreme Mobility handling and damage potential.

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Cut straight to the bone with haste and ease, but ensure you're close enough to make those stabs count. It's just going to be a pretty basic melee weapon. All Things Considered, and then lastly, we've got the bow 27, assault rifle. Now this is going to be coming in the midseason, update likely happening in early May.

I would have to imagine, and currently the unlock for this is redacted, but more than likely it's going to be through a weekly challenge or a new battle pass sector, and we'll have a better idea of that with the midseason update obviously, but the ballot 27 is going to have 19 levels. They say this one is a Bullpup prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while its trigger is squeezed.

The first four shots are slower to fire but highly accurate, top loading with a reasonably rapid ammo. Swap this fast-firing futureproof assault rifle that shreds at closer ranges, has a moderate kick that drifts upwards, offers great default reticles, and comes with a 60-round magazine once you've leveled it up, doubling the available ammo between reloads.

Obviously another Advanced Warfare throwback weapon, so if you played AW back in the day, I'm sure you know all about the batt 27 obsidian Steed just being crazy op. I have to imagine they're going to do some kind of bundle or blueprint that looks similar to the Ste or has some kind of callback to that blueprint. In specific, we'll have to wait and see, but I expect it to be a decent rival to maybe the RAM 7 or the BP50.

New aftermarket part updates coming to mwiii & warzone season 3

New aftermarket part updates coming to mwiii & warzone season 3

Now, in addition to all these straight-up brand new weapons that we're going to see with season 3, we also have a bunch of new aftermarket parts coming, some very interesting ones. I might add, so these are going to become available week to week through various different unlock challenges.

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