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10 new weapons leaked for modern warfare 3 & warzone

10 new weapons leaked for modern warfare 3 & warzone

ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, obviously we of course have a bunch of weapon updates always going live within War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, whether they are actual, new content updates in the form of a new weapon being added in through the battle pass with the seasonal update, through the armory, or through the weekly challenges.

Or in the form of actual meta updates with various different buffs and nerfs, and today we are heavily focused on the updates based around actual new weapons being added in because, thanks to various leaks and data mins that have been updated over the past couple of weeks dating back to launch, we already have a very good idea of a bunch of future weapons coming to MW3, in the war zone, some more so in the near future with like season 2 and season 3, but potentially also some further down the line as well, so as we get into all The information is here.

New weapon leaks can always change or be scrapped

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Drop a like on it; it is always seriously appreciated. Of course, much love to everyone who does take the time to do so. And if you're new here or you simply have not subscribed yet, let's change that, because every single day I've got you covered with everything you need to know about Call of Duty, whether it's multiplayer or War Zone future content.

But as always, I do want to preface things here when we're talking about leaks and data mines. At the end of the day, this stuff is leaked, and this stuff is data mined, so it's not officially confirmed yet that things could be scrapped, things could be updated, names could be changed, behaviors could be changed, so while we do have these details stemming directly from the game files and a basic data mine like a sort of Excel spreadsheet that surfaced back towards launch that's been updated since, these are not 100% set in stone, so just keep that in mind. Looking ahead to our new weapons, let's start first here with the near future, then work our way out towards the long term or the unknown, as you'll see as we get to that point in that point in the article, but season 2 We actually do have a couple of new weapon leaks already, according to this mentioned Excel spreadsheet with all the data-mined content on there.

New mw3/warzone season 2 weapon leaks

New mw3/warzone season 2 weapon leaks

The first of which is one that we've actually talked about several times here because it's been leaked since launch, and that is the Anvil B assault rifle, which is actually known as the FN2000. The F2000 is one of the more iconic guns in COD because it's always kind of been that goofy choice, obviously dating back to MW2.

In 2009, we had the F2000, which was oftentimes an overlooked rifle. It was definitely, you know, okay, holding its own because everything in that game was super good, but in a game that had the ACR, the tar 21, so on and so forth, the F2000 was often times overshadowed. We also saw it return to Vanguard as the BP50.

I think it was called it wasn't as crazy in War Zone then, but the FN2000, or the Anvil B, as it's likely going to be known in the game, does appear to be a season 2 weapon, probably dropping in through the battle pass free for everyone when you go through and unlock that sector. The second weapon that we have leaked set for season is the Ruger P85, Pistol.

modern warfare 3 new weapon leaks

Now, we're not sure of what the in-game name could be. Keep in mind that they don't usually go for real-life names for licensing, and for legal purposes, they're just not allowed to because they're based in California, so we might not see the actual official name of it, but this is a 9mm pistol, which is probably going to be pretty standard.

We've seen a lot of these sorts of additions to the game throughout the course of the past several years. If there's some kind of Kimbo mod for it or crazy conversion kit, I'm sure it definitely has the chance to be broken. If it's just more of a standard pistol, it's probably going to be a bit more mediocre.

modern warfare 3 new weapons

Just because that's kind of how it is, we're just going to have to wait and see, but currently, it does seem like we have a new rifle and a new pistol dropping in season 2. Keep in mind that every single new season usually has anywhere from three to five new ranged weapons and maybe one or two new melee weapons as well, so we're certainly missing the majority of the potential season 2 weapons.

It's also quite possible that with the season 1 reloaded update coming up here soon, we're probably going to see some new leaks stemming from that title update that include references to more of the Season 2 weapons, so we'll have that to look forward to in the future. Of course, if that does end up happening, you guys know I'll have you covered in future articles, so just stick it here for that, and well, what do you know?

post edit Zack here Just a couple of days after I initially recorded this, we surprisingly got some new game file leaks pertaining to some other season 2 weapons we covered briefly before. But there is going to be a new melee weapon, apparently, likely coinciding with the Walking Dead crossover rumors.

And then also a new bow that has a bunch of different ammo types; we're talking potentially highly explosive, shotgun, ammo types for the arrows, which are going to be really weird, gas arrows as well as standard ones, so it's more like a crossbow or like a basic bow there, but really interesting how different the ammo types are according to the game files.

New mw3/warzone season 3 weapon leaks

New mw3/warzone season 3 weapon leaks

You could have a lot of different scenarios where certain ones could be pretty effective, but we then extend a little bit more into the future with season 3, and if you're an active viewer here on the channel and you've caught some of the previous leak articles, you might know exactly what's going on with MW3, season 3, because according to all the leaks that we have so far, it appears that this season is actually going to be based around Advanced Warfare.

Obviously, this is a sledgehammer-developed game, and so was Advanced Warfare, so they're probably just having some fun here throwing it back to that, but currently we do have four weapons leaked for season 3 potentially, and they're all from Advanced Warfare, so the first is the EM1, which is actually a full-on laser rifle, which I'm sure is going to be controversial because it's a laser gun and cod in modern warfare.

modern warfare 3 season 2 weapons

Cod, but yeah, the EM1 is very gimmicky, not really super serious, but could be pretty crazy depending on how they want to balance it. We also have the iconic Bow 27 assault rifle. This was one of the best guns back in the day because of the obsidian. Steed, blueprint for it, we've also got the asm1.

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