News - Warzone 2i Is The "laziest" Cod Ever Made. But It's Actually Worth Buying

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They're the game changers out here, but Sledgehammer. Games here actually got my hopes up a little bit for Modern Warfare 3. I know a lot of people are really split, but some people see this as a great Modern Warfare 2 improvement of modern warfare, 2.0. Although it's Modern Warfare 3, it's all the Modern Warfare 2 original maps from Modern Warfare 2.

We're going to get all the guns and cosmetics from Modern Warfare 2 to carry over, and overall, it does look a lot like Modern Warfare 2 itself. That being said, that is also why a lot of people are kind of hating on the game, saying it feels like a $70 DLC, and I'm not going to lie. I do feel like this is probably the laziest Call of Duty that Activision has ever dropped it's like what they did is they took Modern Warfare 2 they added a bunch of old Maps just remastered, tweaked the gameplay the time to kill how fast you ads and The Recoil went into the files and deleted stuff like muzzle smoke slapped the title Modern Warfare 3 on it and shipped it as a new game, so I do kind of get where people are coming from when they say that Modern Warfare 3 is just a $70 DLC.


However, there are slight caveats. The first one is the map. I have never played Modern Warfare 2, though, so for me and many others like me in the same boat who came into Call of Duty later on in the franchise, unless they've remastered these maps in Call of Duty titles before they're going to feel new, they're going to feel like brand new maps, like I've said many times here on the channel.

My first Call of Duty title I like to consider is Black Ops 3. It's the first time that I played multiplayer really heavily. I grinded camos for the entire multiplayer. My first experience was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Now something that's not going to feel new to me or anybody who played Modern Warfare 2 is all the guns that are going to be carrying over and all the attachments that are also going to be carrying over on top of them.

Just bringing over the Modern Warfare 2 guns and attachments, they've also kind of reused assets from stuff like Vanguard, for example, with some of the optics that you can put on your guns, and honestly, with all the different guns and attachments that we're going to have. I imagine that Modern Warfare 3 is going to be an absolute headache for Sledgehammer.


Games to go ahead and balance. I already know you're going to have a handful of guns that are just like, you know, the meta that's not new. Even if the game were Balanc, there's always going to be a couple guns that players like the flock to players will definitely find out what's best, what's peak, and what's optimal, but that's not even where I'm so worried.

I'm worried that Modern Warfare 3 is going to have a ton of guns that just suck guns that are going to feel unusable. Compared to the meta weapons, and like I said, there's going to be, I don't quote me on this, but I saw something saying there's going to be 100+ weapons in Modern Warfare 3. I couldn't imagine having to sit there and tweak every gun statistic—range, damage, fire rate stability, recoil control, speed sprint, and fire speed—on top of all the attachments that you can put on the guns that modify the statistics even further.


I don't know; we'll just have to wait and see. You know, maybe we'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but like I said, you know we got the remastered Maps guns being brought over. Call of Duty is just a $70 DLC, but if you don't buy the $70 DLC, another tradeoff isIs you are going to be left behind while a lot of people talk I'm not buying the Call of Duty title this year I'm going to skip Cod I'm done with Cod the amount of people who say that but then go ahead and buy Call of Duty anyways I feel like would actually kind of surprise you and while yes it might be lazy I personally thought it was fun really it could be both it could be a lazily, made game but also a really fun game to play and that's kind of what I'm counting on with Modern Warfare 3 here is that the game play and all the changes, although it's all stuff that Call of Duty has had in the past we haven't had it in the past couple of years to the point that it just felt refreshing, and fun to play in the Modern Warfare 3 beta even with the skill-based, matchmaking.

Even with the spawns being terrible and a lot of the maps honestly feeling pretty terrible to me as well, I saw a lot of people saying, You know, don't judge FLL off of Modern Warfare 3's beta. Familia is actually a god-tier map, apparently according to all these people who played the original Modern Warfare 2, but from the beta, for me, it was just a bad map.

That map was terrible; you had rooms on rooms. Windows rooftops it felt like a small section of a war zone map. Now something else that I saw watching one of Nero Cinema's recent articles here where he talked about kind of the same sub here is that he said new isn't always good and he used border crossing from Modern Warfare 2 as an example, and for me, that will 100% go down is one of the worst Call of Duty maps of all time, you know, right up there with Gustav.

Cannon and stuff, right? You know maps that are just so bad that they make pickadilly from Modern Warfare 2019, look like a good map, but now, of course. Moder Warfare 3 is offering a lot more than just the multiplayer experience; they're going to have a campaign mode, which I personally have never played in a Call of Duty campaign aside from infinite Warfare, so I can't really judge it.

There's also going to be a war zone, which obviously is going to be massive, and then on top of all of that, they're going to have zombies, which once again have the community pretty split. Some people don't like it because it's like this weird mashup of DMZ and zombies, but with no PVP. But there are other players on the map.

I'm not quite sure how it's going to work to get your loot extracted. It's just super weird—not my type of thing personally, but it might be fun. I know a lot of people did enjoy the outbreak, or whatever it was called in Call of Duty: Cold War, with a massive war zone map with zombies everywhere, but I do feel like the core zombie community wants those round-based zombie IES with good Easter eggs and good maps with a lot of depth and paths.

I mean, that's what I would want if I were to play zombies. I think Black Ops 3 probably has some of the best zombie experiences. I mean. Black Ops 2. Black Ops 1, and World at War are also really great titles, but I just think the replayability and the Easter eggs of Black Ops 3 kind of stepped it up a notch for me personally, but at the end of the day.

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