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What's good Everybody, it's Ducker with GSO game time. In today's article, we're looking at how you can do a proper xill and keep your tombstone, and there are many cases for it. Maybe you have a schematic you want but don't currently have it. Maybe you're doing a cam challenge. Maybe you're trying to do some of the missions and get them finished if they're not done yet.

For whatever reason, we're going to show you how to pull this off now. Before we do, there are a few things that you have to have in place. You first have to have access to the dark Ether Portal; now that's the big portal right where the tornado is, not to be confused. With that little portal that's in the orange area that we're going to show you right here, that's the big, dark Ether Portal; there is the smaller.

Like the Mission 3 and Mission 4 portals, that's different now. If you don't have that portal open, it's okay. The next thing you're going to need are sigils, either a standard sigil or an elder sigil, and it's okay; it just changes the difficulty inside the dark ether. So in this image, you see that it's yellow, which means it's a standard sigil; if it's red, it's an elder sigil.

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But let's move on. So the first step we're going to do is go to our tombstone, because we already have one. We want to pull everything out and crumble it, and be sure we have the right items, like the sigil, the schematic, that we have, and we have the tombstone along with the scorcher, so we're good.

Now we're going to head over to the dark ether portal, where that tornado is right in front of us. The reason we need a scorcher in our bag is that when we go into the dark ether this way, it's going to strip us of any guns we have, so we have to equip it. So let's activate the portal and make sure it's yellow.

Go into the water, and then we're going to do the normal thing, drown ourselves, and activate when it turns red. This is going to kill us but still bring us into the portal, so there we go, activate, let it count down all the way, and it's going to stay eliminated. We're not going to crash, and then we're going to go into the portal.


This is going to bring us into the dark ether. Now again, we have no gun, so we want to go ahead and equip our scorcher. We want to definitely pack it, but you don't have to because you could fly around. But just for safety, I'm also going to put on a dog. Now we have to go to the left side of the map because we want to get to the portal, but we can't look at the map, so you just have to know where it's at.

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So we're going to Scorch up first, and I could try to do the super Scorch and fly around, but in this instance. I'm just going to do a regular fly, so that's why we didn't have to pack it necessarily. But we're going to land right to the left of this building, and then we're going to Scorch again right away before any zombies come after us so let's get our second Scorch on and from here you could see the portal stop it right there that's where we're going to land right on that Tower so let's fly over there we're going to land on the tower and notice we didn't fight anybody while we're doing this and then we're going to hit F and activate the portal and go through it we're going to do a normal xill so we're not crashing and it's going to give us credit for doing a normal xill, so once this finishes it's going to show us the screen, that actually says the rift is complete it's going we're going to look at what pieces that you have and what points you're getting, high value items.

All that stuff, you can see the schematic right there. We're going to let this play out for a minute, and then we're going to go back to our character, go to our gear, and make sure there goes the schematic so we know it just got taken from us which is adding, to our active schematics that we have but we want to verify it first so let's go ahead and leave match and let's go make sure it's not in our gear so here we go back into the game and as you can see under the gear the schematic is gone, now what we want to do is go make sure we can make it this is a pack 2 Crystal so it's the refined.

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And there it is. We can make this crystal now, so we know we got credit for it, and we shouldn't have lost any of our items or our tombstone. So we go back in, right there, and I can see it. I have my tombstone, so that's how this works. You can do a regular XILL and keep your tombstone. Now, if you want to see more articles like this, go ahead and subscribe.

Hit the bell. Do the thumbs up, and we'll just keep making them. I appreciate it, and remember, this is just a game. Have fun don't get frustrated. Have a wonderful day, everybody.

KEEP your tombstone after going into the Dark Aether. We will show you how it is done. This is great for completing missions, camo challenges and adding schematics to your crafting table. Opening the Dark Aether Portal - OneAverageDan.
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