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The tombstone duplication glitch is back, and I'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to utilize it the best way possible in order to bring as many items into your game as you can so you can share and duplicate your essence and your items with this glitch. Now, the two methods I'm going to be showing you guys today are: One is a team method, which will 100% duplicate your items and allow you to get them.

999, essence, as well as any rare items that you want to bring into the game and duplicate to use with your friends. However, the xfill method for this glitch is not used currently, as well as a few other changes, so let's get into all the information that you guys need in order to get right back into Modern Warfare Zombies, because I know we were all upset about this going away.

All right So first and foremost, obviously, we're going to need Tombstone and Soda to actually do the duplication and glitching. This section of the article is going to apply to the solo and team methods. So in this section of the article, I'm just going to devote myself to both glitches, all right? So this is how you set your Tombstone, but it is a new method, so I highly recommend that you guys watch the entirety of this article, so go ahead and find a buying station.


This is more of a recommendation, but I highly recommend it. You will be wasting your time if you don't do this. You need to make sure that you buy two rucksacks. So if you want a medium rucksack, for example, at the start of every game, make sure that you buy two rucksacks; the right one applies to you automatically.

Obviously, when you start the game, if you have a small and you buy a medium or large, it'll automatically apply, and then the second one will be stored. So that's why I say you need to buy two. Also, you need to make sure that you do at least one contract every game, in my opinion, unless you have about 999, 000.

If someone shares money with you, that's a different story, but for me. I did not have any money, and every single time that you do this glitch, you're going to need to purchase Tombstone, so that's easily just a one-tier-one contract, so you don't really have to worry about that, so just go ahead and get that knocked out.


You need at least 2, 000 Essence as a baseline for this glitch, so requirement-wise, all you need is Tombstone soda, so let's get into the actual steps to this glitch. Once you have all the items that you want to either duplicate or have at the start of every game, if you're doing this solo, you obviously need to set your tombstone.

To set your tombstone, it's pretty simple. You need to get yourself down and give up if you're not on a team. If you are on a team, hold up on the d-pad and select Leave Squad. If you're on PC, hold alt and select leave squad. But as soon as you go down and give up completely, make sure that you plead for help.

That is a necessity, and that is a necessary part of this glitch, so make sure that you do it. Now don't fret if you're solo. You can easily find someone like this person here who's a complete stranger to me, and they will usually pick you up if you plead for help. Just go to a populated area and make sure that they pick you up.


At this point, your tombstone is set, but you're still in the same game, so just know that, right? So at this point, we're going to get into the team version of this glitch, where you can actually duplicate items. Yes, I said that right. Now you'll see my tombstone is here because this is a game after the next game.

I want to demonstrate this glitch to you guys, but just imagine that this tombstone is not there. You went down, you pleaded for help, and you got back up all right. That's totally fine. What you need to do is you need to do the first portion of the glitch. Every single game is all right; you are hearing me correctly.

You need at least 2,000 Essence to do this glitch. Every single game you go down, you plead for help. After you've given up, someone picks you up, and at that point, your tombstone is going to be there the next game, so that is a requirement for this glitch. They are then going to make sure that they have a tombstone; they have all of the items that you have given them, and they will go down, give up, and then plead for help and get picked back up, so that effectively will create two tombstones.

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With the same items and money, okay, so if your friend has $50,000 and you have $50,000, you give them $50,000 plus items when they set their tombstone. Now they will have 100k items, and you will still have your 50k plus your items in your original tombstone if you keep doing this as I've shown you here, so let's get into the actual close out of this glitch for the team version of this glitch, right for the duplication version of this.

Glitch. When you're ready to close out this glitch, make sure that you leave your squad again. Just as a suggestion, I would hold up on your d-pad if you're on console and then select Leave Squad on PC. You can hold alt and leave squad that way. A couple of tips here as well: You cannot buy Tombstone.

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Again, after this point in the game, once you actually got up after you pleaded for help and someone picked you back up, you cannot buy Tombstone again; otherwise, it will save your Tombstone with whatever you have at the end of the game. So what you want to do instead of X filling because that portion of the glitch is not how we do this anymore you want to go down and then, and give up and wait for that plea for help timer to run out and the reason for this is because the eliminated symbol will come up and then you can leave the game at that point so that's exactly how you do this glitch and if your friend does those last couple of steps, to this glitch where they set their Tombstone and plead for help then they will have created a tombstone for the next game and they can repeat those last couple of steps I just showed you where you let it run out and then leave the game, and what will effectively happen is that they will then have all the items and money that you had, so you can effectively double up right and say that you start out with $50,000.


You can repeat this glitch over and over again until you get there. 99, 999, And then you can share that with your friend, right? But you may have noticed my tombstone was empty just now when I was trying to pick up my stuff, and that is what happens when you buy a tombstone and then you do the last couple steps to fix this glitch.

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