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Not even 48 hours after the tombstone duplication glitch, we have a brand new method. Wesley is here, and today I'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to do the tomb zone duplication glitch solo, and you don't even need a scorcher for this method. Now this method will be included in my March 2024, all working glitches compilation.

It's all right. So first and foremost, we need to get some Essence because what you're going to need for this glitch is a minimum of 3, 000 Essence to start out with, or you're going to need 1, 000 Essence as well as a Tombstone soda. Currently, mine is cooling down, so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to do one tier 2 contract.

If you didn't know, each tier 2 contract is worth 3, 000 Essence, so doing a single tier 2 delivery contract will get you the essence that you need for this glitch. Now once you've gotten that 3, 000 essence, you have everything needed to actually do this glitch because all you need are the items that you need to duplicate as well as 3, 000 essence.

Now it's important to keep in mind a couple of things here. Number one, this glitch now uses bad signal again, so if you don't have that unlocked, you can't do this glitch as far as I'm aware, so make sure that you have bad signal unlocked as well as access to that portal now. Ence left over that is a requirement.


Once you've gotten it, make your way over to the bad signal portal. Here's where we are going to actually do the glitch. All right, so here we are back at the bad signal. Now there's a couple of things that I really want you guys to note. Number one, this is all about timing yet again, so make sure that you are quick with this, but you don't need to have absolute Olympic speed.

Just make sure that you are quick with what you're doing. So where the glitch is actually located is in this building right next to the bad signal portal, so you're going to need bad signal actually selected as your mission. Make sure that you keep that in mind, but go ahead and follow the path that I do here.


So we're going to run through the courtyard, and here we're going to run up the stairs to the second floor. All right, so here we are. We have all the items that we need, all the essence that we need, and Tombstone equipment. Now, I highly suggest that if you have Tombstone soda, you keep it in your rucksack for this portion of the glitch.

So hold on one second while these annoying zombies get killed. I'm going to hit I I'm going to hit youu and then I'm going to hit this one that I like to call the potion because it kind of looks like the perk potion schematic, so once you've done that, what you want to do is go ahead and activate it.

Jump off here and run very quickly this way. Now the best way to do this glitch is with bare hands, so I actually have weapons here, but in a second I'm going to go ahead and drop them just so that I can run as fast as possible. Because this portal is going to eventually close, what you want to do is activate the bad signal immediately, turn around, and run back.


If you have trouble with timing and stuff, go on the other side of the bad signal and activate it while you run through it because what that'll allow you to do is you can actually get full speed before doing this, but I'm pretty quick with my hand, so I went ahead and just followed the original path that we found, and what we're going to do is we're going to go through this portal now.

Now as soon as you get through this portal make sure that you run towards the edge of the map instantly, all right you need to make sure that the portal timer does not get to zero and you want to accept it around 1 to 2 seconds so that gives you the maximum amount of time you also want to make sure that you get to the out- of bound Zone and you get this red error message before it hits around like 4 seconds now the portal is going to come up and you're also going to see eliminated, now on Console, make sure you close as soon as it shows eliminated but on PC you want to quit on this black screen just like we did before when you would drown yourself with the original glitch so let's get back into zombies and we're going to notice here that my large rucksack has all of my items however you want to make sure obviously that your Tombstone exists on the map so let's go back and check that as well.

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All right, so make your way back over to the graveyard site now, as you may have previously remembered. I said to include a Tombstone Soda in your Tombstone now the importance of this is that every single time that you do this glitch if you do not have it you will need to spend 2, 000 Essence on Tombstone as well as 1, 000 on the portal so no matter what you do just know that it's negative 1, 000 Essence that you're going to have each time that you do this glitch so make sure that you at least do one tier one Mission or really any mission that want but as you'll see here all of my items are back in my Tombstone, as well as duplicated into my rock sack so what this will allow you to do is you can share this with your team you can do this on your own just make sure that you destroy your Tombstone each time that you do this before you repeat the process, and then lastly make sure that you use the items in which that you have left over if you can just to make your game as easy as possible.

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Now there's a couple of different things that you can do here, so let's go over how you can repeat this process or not. So what do you want to do at this point once you've actually successfully done the glitch and you have, let's say, doubled your inventory? Now, what's going to happen here? Pretty much, you're going to lose your tombstone, which you know exists on the map; however, you're going to keep all the items, so if you need to make quick escapes right, you need to leave the game, and you know, say that you're busy or something like that, go ahead and just take a normal xfill, and what that's going to allow you to do is take all your items out; they'll stay in your rucksack.


Obviously, the acquisition stash is currently patched, and that glitch is patched. So until a new method comes out, you can just keep them in your rock sack, but generally speaking, this is more for the player who actually needs to rush out of the game suddenly. I just want to make sure that you guys have all the various methods that you can use for this glitch, so that's one method.

The other method is that you can repeat the process as far as the steps go at the start of this article. The whole purpose of that is obviously to repeat and always have those items in your rucksack as well as your Tombstone, thus duplicating them, so make sure that you watch out, make sure that you actually do the steps to this glitch, and pay close attention to that timer, like I was saying before, otherwise you will lose your Tombstone and mess up this glitch.

I appreciate your guys' support, and I will catch you

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