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barrier glitch

what's going on Guys Wesley here and today I'm going to be showing you guys a Easter egg bypass now what this is and just to kind of give you an explanation of it there is a long convoluted Easter egg that you can do within Modern Warfare zombies and today I'm going to show you how you can get the rewards from that Easter egg within 3 minutes tops, now you can do this once per game and I highly suggest that if you're a solo player that you 100% do this every single game because what this will do is you can actually build up your essence stash as well as get items for your Tombstone, and combine this with the Tombstone glitch so that every single time that you come in you are netting positive so if you want to go do Easter eggs if you want to go do story missions all that type of stuff you can essentially guarantee that every single time that you leave the game you're better than when you came in so with that let's get into what this glitch.

All right, so let's get into the Easter egg bypass glitch. You're going to get a ton of loot at the start of every single game, and it's only going to take you a couple of minutes to do it. It's located at the southeast corner of the map, and you're going to look for this little inlet here that will take you to a cave that is at the bottom of the mansion.

Now go ahead and enter the cave, and what you want to do is follow the exact path that I follow all right, so I show you guys this in real time so that you don't have any trouble locating it. You just simply want to take a left at the fork, and on your right through the first door is going to be the vault.


Now this is the end of the Easter egg, all right? This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if you will, and you can see through the cracks in the window. You can actually physically see that there are reward chests in there. That is what we're going to be stealing today. So getting us back to the entrance of the cave, this is where you're actually going to be doing the glitch.

It's going to be located right at this lamp on the right next to the barrels, and you will need a scorcher for this. Now I went ahead and slowed down the footage, but first of all, just nud yourself into the corner and hold forward while you fire your scorch for the first time. It should land you on top of the lamp.


Then all you need to do at this point is just fire the scorcher up two more times. It doesn't need to be supercharged, like I did. You can charge it for one to two charges, and you will end up in this glitch state right here. Now at this point all you need to do is just hit space or a or X or whatever console button that you're on to jump, and that will actually get you into it, so once you've gotten into the wall breach, you want to follow the path that I to all of this ground is solid, but just be prepared be very careful to not go off the edge cuz you will fall and die so you actually need to put away your Scorchers so you can lay down to reach the chest, just be prepared.

To do so, you will get random loot each time. This is a little bit underwhelming here, but I got lucky a couple more times, so you'll see here that every single time that I went. I recorded what loot I got for you guys, and you can see I got a Wonder W there, but really what this is for is the free 7, 000 Essence worth of gold bars that you get out of this glitch.

Now you can get random, rare items. I have yet to see any schematics or anything like that, but I have found random gold weapons as well as random rare items, so this is just super useful for solo players if you're trying to build up that Essence stash and you don't usually play with other people.


I usually play solo, so this has been really helpful for me. As you can see down at the bottom left, I'm already in the $20,000 range. This is just after about, maybe, 20 to 30 minutes of playing. I just keep going into games and doing this. All right so last but not least let me show you guys how to get out so you're going to come to this location right next to the rewards room and run off towards the pool now it's pretty simple you want to get over to the right edge here and then you should be able to mantle straight out now be careful with that you can drown if you don't know what you're doing, but let's watch it in slowmo again you just simply Sprint off there's water that goes down you can't really see it just trust me and run straight at the pool and then come up and right on the edge of the pool there's an invisible barrier so you want to go to the right as you can see that I do and as soon as your parachute comes out you're good you just want to swim back you are above that bottom ledge if you will all that dirt that you see under the ground, is real it's solid so at that point then you can mantle up onto the right here and you are out of the glitch you can do this I'm telling you in 3 minutes flat and you immediately have 7, 000 more Essence to use in the.

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