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a new method has been discovered for the solo Tombstone duplication glitch. Wesley is here, and today I'm going to be showing you guys both methods that you can do right now that are guaranteed to work. However, one is faster than the other, and I'm going to be comparing both times, so let's get into it.

Make sure you comment below with what your acquisition stash is currently at. I'm actually running out; I'm at 80 out of 10 right now, but I know a lot of you guys are at 200, so just, in general, make sure you craft these items instead of taking them out of your stash, and with that, let's get into the requirements.

So first and foremost, you're going to need 1, 000 Essence to get this glitch started, or alternatively, you're going to need 1, 000 Essence as well as a Tombstone Soda can, but I highly suggest that at the start of this glitch you do not use the can, and I'll tell you why in a minute. Now, personally, I like to do the Tier 2 delivery contracts because they're pretty brain dead.


I mean, you can do one of these contracts within 5 minutes; you just find it on the map; knock it out; it is very easy to do; you don't get killed by zombies, and you can get your essence. So once you finish that contract and have your $3,000 essence, you are good to go. What you need to do next is go ahead and buy Tombstone, so make sure that wherever it is on the map, you go and get it.

I decided just to go to the Wonder Fizz so go ahead and get Tombstone now at this point you wouldn't need 3, 000 you actually only need 1, 000 if you have a Tombstone Soda can in your inventory but I highly suggest that you go ahead and throw it into your Tombstone when you do this glitch so I highly suggest that you purchase Tombstone do not use your can go throw it in your stash because once you do this glitch twice you will always have a backup can and you can always use it and immediately get it every single game thus reducing the amount of money that you need to spend by 2, 000 every single game but you will always and here's an important note you will always need 1, 000 Essence to do this glitch so anyway here I am at Tombstone I obviously do not have a soda can because it is currently on cooldown, so I'm going to go ahead and purchase Tombstone.


All right, so I'm not going to bore you with the details of how to buy Tombstone; however, once you get it, make your way over to Bad Signal. You should have all the items that you want to duplicate Tombstone equipped, as well as at least 1, 000. Essence So what we're going to do is show you both of the paths that I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

So here's path one, and this is the original path that I posted. What you want to do is follow the path that I do here, and what you're going to look for is a portal. Now these ether portals are spread out throughout the map, so go ahead and run through the courtyard. Here, you're going to run through this door, and you're going to run up the stairs to the second floor.

When you get to the second floor, the code that I'm going to be showing you guys is the second fast. I'm going to show you the fastest one in a second, but this is a great backup, and even if you want to just practice. I would highly suggest this method over the other one, so let's go ahead and look at all the codes available now.


You'll notice that number seven is at the top right corner of the map. Just keep note of that. As well as this code, you're going to need to memorize it or have it handy. So you notice that symbol in the middle; that one has a similar symbol that looks more like a u. I have people comment sometimes and say, Hey, the code does nothing for me.

Yeah, it doesn't do anything for you because you are entering the wrong code, so just keep that in mind and just keep watching, because it can be messed up, so make sure that you have all the items and essence that you want to duplicate, and go ahead and enter that code. Now, once you've entered all three symbols into this code, if you didn't know, it's going to offer you a portal.

cold war

Now you need to stand back and make sure you're not too close; otherwise, your character will automatically take the portal, so go ahead and activate it. Jump off and follow the path that I do here; now it's quicker to cut across the courtyard, in my opinion, than take these stairs or go around, obviously.

Secondly, I suggest that you drop your gun; that way, you can run faster. So go ahead and activate the dark ether Rift for bad signal, then you're going to immediately turn around and head back to that original portal. It does not stay open long, so make sure that you do this as fast as possible.

You can buy stamina up to save time, but just watch the timing in a minute whenever the portal gets accepted, and you'll know when you need to get to the out- of bounds line. Now, as soon as you go through this portal, you need to turn right outside of the building and run straight for the out-of-bounds.

Now, what I like to do is wait until this timer votes yes to get down to one, then I accept it as I'm running, and you should be out of bounds before it gets to around 5 seconds, so when you accept the portal, it usually gets to around 7 seconds for me. Just make sure you do this as fast as possible.

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Now on the console, you're going to close the game on elimination; right here on the PC, you are going to close it on this black screen. It's that simple, and after that, when you come back into the game, you're actually going to have all of the items that you left with, as well as your tombstone being at the graveyard just like before.

All right, so let's get into the second method. It's a little bit faster than the first, but I highly suggest that you memorize both codes just in case you're in a time crunch or one, for whatever reason, stops working. All right So here we are back at the bad signal portal. Now it's pretty simple, all right?


This is going to be a similar method to the last one, but there's going to be a key difference here, so make sure that you watch carefully. So we're back at this building, and we're going to follow the same path that we did before. Now always make sure that you take the same exact path. Doing this, you want to kind of find some simplicity, because I know that this is more complicated than the original Tombstone duplication glitch of drowning yourself and going through here, so let's bring back up this guide.

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