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Now, once you've made it over to private matches, what you want to do is click Create Private Match, and then just select V solos. It really doesn't matter what type of war zone game you play; all that matters is that it is a private war zone match. Lobby so the next step to this glitch is pretty simple you want to go over to your create class menus and create a custom Loadout now this load out the only thing that matters are your setups for your actual weapons all right so what we're going to be doing here you're not going to actually unlock the weapon so remember what I said earlier if you don't have this weapon unlocked at all or you know you can have it at level one you need the weapon actually unlocked, to actually do this so make sure that you have it unlocked and then what you want to do is go into the gunsmith menu once you've applied it to your custom class and you want to just put on whatever attachments that you want so set up these classes like you know war zone metas that you see on Twitter I would suggest you go check out War Zone Meta.

That's literally what it's called; they have like all the best ttks you know time to kill for. War Zone weapons, things like that, or if you just have a preferred multiplayer. If you want to test it out, you can obviously use these in gun range. You can see the firing range at the bottom, so you can sit here and set up the perfect class that you love even for multiplayer, but anyway, once you've actually set up that class, you can do it for the primary and secondary minds again.

You just need these weapons unlocked. Once you've got that set up, go ahead and completely leave the private lobby. So once you've backed out of the private lobby completely, you need to look for this hot menu. It's at the top of the main menu, which is where it's always located. Now, what we can't use for this glitch is ranking.


Play Resurgence I had a few people on my last article say, Hey, this isn't working anymore, or they were having trouble finding this playlist. It's on the main menu, and you have to use a battle royale SL Resurgence, non-ranked playlist. So in other words, this one right here is a Battle Royale preview that is not ranked, and it is a war zone.

That's it those are the two requirements that you need, and you need to enter one of these lobbies in a very weird way, so I went ahead and tried this a few times. I actually got it first try earlier, but what you want to do is click A and B or X and circle if you're on PS5. To enter an exit, it's really quick, so you want to kind of tap tap; it's that quick, and what's going to happen is that you're actually going to see this script bundle not defined, so again, you are selecting and then clicking back right after it's pretty quick.


Try to just work on the timing; it 100% works on the console. So before you comment, hey, this doesn't work. Sometimes it takes me 30 tries, sometimes it takes me one try all right, so it's just a timing thing. I believe, but what's going to happen is that you're actually going to be in a glitched war zone lobby, and when you go over to your creative class, it's going to be just like when you're in the private match, so you have your custom loadout right here.

I called mine glitch 4, and you can see that I'm actually not supposed to have these. You can see, you know, when I was in Gunsmith, right there, it said you needed a particular level to unlock. That's not what the private lobby says, right? But it is giving me my private lobby. Setup So what you want to do is actually go into the gunsmith menu, and at the bottom left, you'll see save as a custom mod using your left trigger, so go ahead and click left trigger, and what you're going to be able to do is name this whatever you want.


I highly suggest that you be very organized with this because having access to all the attachments for every gun if you are a high level, which a lot of you are, is just a brand new account for me, so this is why I'm using the SVA, the default assault rifle that's available. You can actually do this with any weapon that you have unlocked, like I said, so once you have saved that as a custom mod, the last step to this glitch is that you need to go back out to the main menu, make sure it's the main menu, not the War Zone menu, and go over to multiplayer.

Now, this is just an example, and I didn't want anyone to get confused. I had set up my classes in war zone private right, remember that, and now that I'm in multiplayer. I definitely should not have what I had in a private match in multiplayer, so I wanted to make sure that it was contrasted as much as possible, so you can see here that you can actually see I got those little labels again because I'm in a normal multiplayer game, and it's saying.

cold war

Hey, you should not have these, or rather, you can't set them, but it's already set, so what you want to do is go over to your custom mods by just selecting whatever the newest custom mod is for, and it should bring up this menu to either select the default or your custom mods, and what you want to do is go ahead and select whatever the newest custom mod that you saved is, and bam, you can use this in any multiplayer lobby.

It is super easy, but you can actually use this in all modes, so let me show you how you can apply those now. Now the War Zone menu is exactly the same as multiplayer, so I'm not going to go through that one because it's the exact same thing; you just apply the custom mod, but in Zombies, what you want to do is actually go over to your insured slot because obviously it's not a contraband weapon; you can actually assign it as an insured slot weapon, so you can actually go and see.

Whatever you want to do, you can actually assign that as your insured weapon. So, that's it. That's the whole glitch, guys. Time.

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