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Wesley is here, and today I have the after-patched Tombstone glitch for season. 2 now the season 2 patch just came out, and I have a compilation out with all the latest and greatest glitches for there, so make sure that you go and check that out. This glitch is not included in that compilation. Of course, the new method needed to be found first, so every single patch I post in those compilations and this one will be included in future compilations, so let's get into it.

So, a couple of key differences here, number one being that you cannot duplicate items, so in other words, every single time that you come into the game, you can open up your tombstone like so and grab all the items and money that you last had. However, whenever you set this tombstone, you need to not extract, so there are a couple of major changes to this glitch, so let's get into some of the requirements for this glitch and just hop right into it, guys.

So number one, first and foremost, you obviously need to go and buy Tombstone. That's why it's called the Tombstone glitch, so you need at least 2, 000 Essence every single time that you do this glitch. However, there is a recommended setup that I suggest, so there are a couple of items that you're going to need.


Number one, I would highly suggest that you find yourself a buying station and either buy a medium or a large rock sack. If you go to the Red Zone, you can obviously get a large rock sack, but I also suggest that you throw an extra one of whatever rock sack that you bought into your inventory, and I will go over why in a minute.

Now another suggestion that I have for you guys is that you do contracts every single game cuz again you're going to need at the very least to buy Tombstone, every single game in which that you do this so if you want to bring back your Tombstone, every single game with all of the items that you had previously you're going to need to make sure that you at least have 2, 000 Essence at the end of it so each game you're going to diminish 2, 000 Essence that is literally one tier one contract that takes you about 5 to 10 minutes max so make sure that you do that so that you can prepare yourself to buy Tombstone each game so with all that in mind let's get into some of the details of actually how to do this, glitch.


Once you've gathered up all the items, in essence, you want to start every single game by making sure that you find a good place to actually set your tombstone, and it's obvious from how you do that you want to get yourself down. However, there is a key difference here between the old glitch and the new glitch, which is that you need to give up and also plead for help.


Now, once you've pleaded for help, you need someone to pick you up, so someone needs to be nearby to actually pick you up. Luckily, I found this guy signing a contract. People are usually very responsive if you plead for help. So once this person revives you in the game after you plea for help you actually can use all of your items and Essence at this point without any worry all right so your items are now in a tombstone it might as well be where I was just downed, it's just invisible right now the next game it will show up so in other words you have now completed the actual tombstone, portion of the glitch and once you're done with whatever game you're in you want to go ahead and get down you're not going to extract like you did before you want to get down give up and then wait for the plea for help timer to actually run out so this is how you actually get out of the game and keep all those items in the tombstone so I've now left the game and when I come back this is another game of mine but just as a demonstration.

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