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A new duplication method was found for the dark ether, and I'm going to be showing you guys today how you can bring all of your essence as well as your items through the dark ether as well as use them while you're there without losing them. I will also include the unlimited Essence method, which I just posted yesterday, so what we're going to do here today is go through exactly how you can bring your items and duplicate them through the dark ether.

All right, so let's get into the tombstone duplication glitch for the dark ether. Now, the requirements and the steps to this glitch are very similar to the original tombstone duplication glitch, but there are key differences here, and if you do them correctly, you will always bring through all of the items that you want to use during the dark ether as well as have a tombstone afterwards, so it is a duplication.

So let's get into the requirements for this glitch; they're pretty simple. I would highly suggest that you bring in whatever items in which that you would like to fight with in the dark ether. If you're simply doing this for duplication purposes, obviously you should just do the original Tombstone method, but as you can see here.


I have almost 99,999 Essence, as well as the items in which I want to bring in a couple of notes, and these are very important. I highly suggest that you have ethereum crystals, all right? If you have these, then you will be able to upgrade your weapons. You should also have legendary tools, and I will tell you why in a minute because your weapons will get glitched when you come through, and I will show you why in a sec.

So first things first, you're obviously going to want to buy Tombstone soda. This is obviously going to be a requirement, so go ahead and purchase it now. Any member of your team that wants to make sure that they bring through their items through the Ether Portal needs to buy Tombstone Soda, so go ahead and buy it, and let's get into the actual glitch.

All right, so let's get into the key differences between this and the original Tombstone glitch, because they are crucial. I'm telling you guys, you will waste your time, money, and essence if you do not follow these rules carefully. First up on the list is that when you go through this portal for this step of the glitch, you're actually going to lose both of your weapons as well as your lethal and tactical weapons, so just take note there.


Second, right after this step in the glitch, you're going to need that legendary ether tool as well as Pack-a-Punch crystals. I don't actually have a tool in this game, but I'm going to still explain it to you guys, so just take note of that for the next step in this glitch. All right, so here's where it gets kind of similar to the original Tombstone duplication glitch.

Instead of the bad signal portal, you're actually going to spin your sigil into the dark ether. Rift here, and then you want to go ahead and run into the water. While you're in the water, let your air run down until it gets red. As you're doing this, just make sure that you know what button to press to accept the vote, because timing is key here.


It turns red. As soon as it turns red, as you'll see right here in the middle of my screen, I immediately open the menu and press three since I'm on a PC, and you will accept the contract. Now what's going to do is start the timer, and you're going to die right before you go into the rift. As you can see, I'm actually starting to go into the rift, but here's where things differ from the Tombstone glitch.

You will not close the game. Yes, you heard me right. You will not close the game; you'll actually go into the dark ether. What has happened is that you have died in the game, but you're actually getting pulled into the dark ether, so let's see what happens. Next, All right So here I am in the dark ether, and what you want to take note of here are the differences between your equipment.

So, like I said, you can see my weapons are gone, my lethal is gone, as well as my tactical and a few other items, but as you can see. I still have my self-revive as well as everything that was in my pack. Now, sometimes, if you do not time this right, you will lose your large or medium rucksack.

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That's why I suggest that's why I suggest that you bring a large rucksack anytime that you do the tombstone duplication glitch or this dark ether. Tombstone duplication glitch: the reason for that is because if you don't time it correctly and you do lose that bag, you can obviously get it back, but what you'll notice and the reason why you need your ether tools If you know about the Pack-A-Punch level four glitch, which I have previously posted, you'll know that at the bottom right of your screen, you can actually see the weapon is gray; there is no rarity on my weapon, so as you use these cases to actually get weapons back in the dark ether while you're doing this glitch, you need those ether tools to get the rarity.

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Up, and you'll have a pack-a-punch level four weapon each. I would also obviously suggest that you use pack-a-punch because, look, you're in the dark ether; you should have it anyway, so it's not even really a requirement. It's just something that you should always use regardless of whether you're doing this glitch or not, so when what you want to do here is play normally and do whatever missions that you want to do, so here I'm just going to fly up in the air and do the Superman glitch, and I'm going to find my way over to the closest portal, now the closest portal if you're just trying to test this glitch out, for example.

I would suggest using this one at the top and using your scorcher to get to it. Time.

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