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barrier glitch

Glitch it's important to keep in mind that there are a couple of key differences to this glitch, and I'm going to be going through every single step for you guys so that you understand exactly what to do. Number one, first and foremost, you want to make sure that you destroy your existing tombstone.

All right, at the beginning of each game, you need to start fresh. Now you can buy Tombstone. Before you actually destroy, your, existing Tombstone, don't worry about the order as far as those two steps go but again I would just suggest go ahead and destroy your existing Tombstone and grab whatever items that you have within it and then you want go ahead and make your way over to the tombstone park now if you don't have enough Essence to buy Tombstone at the beginning of the game or you don't have the schematic available to craft and just bring it straight into the game make sure that you go and do a tier one or tier 2 contract, you can do the cargo extract Mission or the delivery Mission and that will give you the essence needed then what you want to do is actually make your way over to bad, signal.


Now you can actually do this glitch with your friends, but at this point in the glitch, you're going to need to leave your squad. If you're on PC, you can hold the ALT key and then hover over leave squad and select it there, and I believe on console, you can hit up on the d-pad and select leave squad from there.

Make sure that you have left the squad when you do this; however, I don't believe that you actually necessarily need to, but you all need to agree to go into bad signal. Now, once you've made your way over to the bad signal portal, what I want you to do is go ahead and activate it. You may need a couple of decoy grenades to actually do this.

Also, make sure that you obviously have all the items and essences that you want to save. At this point, whatever you have in your inventory is what you're going to have next game, so go ahead and activate the bad signal portal, and what you're going to want to do is immediately jump into the water.


While you're sitting in the water, watch your breath meter here on the left. This is very important for this glitch. You don't have to get the timing exactly right, but just do it. Whenever I do it here, you'll notice I actually turn red on the left. I immediately open up my menu and accept the vote, so since I'm alone, it will immediately trigger the countdown, and by around the two or one second mark, you'll see I will die here.

Now, once the portal comes up at this point, you can leave, like other people have done in past glitches for consoles. You can actually leave on this portal screen. However, if you're on PC, you want to make sure that you close on the black screen, and you'll actually see that as a demonstration here, you actually wait through the portal animation, and then right about here, as soon as you see that little loading symbol at the bottom right, you can immediately hit alt f4, and that will actually close your game and send you back to your desktop.


All right, so once you have completed the steps, make sure that you go ahead and boot up your game. Now, here's where the last couple of steps to this glitch will be performed. Now you're going to notice here that you have all the items that you had in the game just now, which is a great sign that you did this glitch.

Correctly, now you can store all of those items in your acquisition stash just like before by passing your limit. However, if you have any trouble with this, make sure that you go and watch my acquisition stash glitch article. It helped a ton of people out and will give you the ability to actually bypass that limit.

If you're having trouble, that will also be included in the compilation coming up, as well as this.

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