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For those of you who don't know, I make daily zombie articles, and in doing so, I come across rare schematics all the time. Since I have them all unlocked already, the best thing I can do is give them away to you guys. The winner of all the schematics from yesterday's article is Uncle Dave's beard, so congratulations.

I sent you a friend request. Go ahead and accept that, and hit me up whenever you're free. For those of you who still need the schematics, don't worry. So stay tuned. Someone by the name of Bo Porter suggested a marksman rifle from Modern Warfare 2, the eBR14. I personally haven't used the ebr14 in zombies, and I barely used it back in MW2, so I'm definitely looking forward to testing it before we get into the build I'm using for the ebr14.

I quickly want to take a moment to thank Mitch Coctus for sponsoring this article. If you're interested in unlocking the Interstellar and Borealis Mastery camos, or if you just want to play Easier Lobbies to quickly level up your weapons and unlock camos, or if you're a zombies player, just interested in unlocking all the schematics, go ahead and check out Mitch Coctus.

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Com; they have over 10,000 reviews on their Trustpilot page and are the safest and most professional Call of Duty service out there. Be sure to use my code Hypno for 5% off. So this is the build I'm using for the EBR14. It's as follows: we're using the S-So90 Factory Stock, which allows us to use the PD40; a seve comb for increased ad speed; and reserve ammo; we got the 22-in Bor Master barrel for increased bullet velocity; I threw on overpressured rounds, but you could also opt for armor-piercing rounds if you prefer; and last but not least, we're using the 20-round mag.

If you guys have any suggestions for other weapons you'd like, see me, check out, and then drop a comment below now that we've covered the build we're using for the ebr14. We do have the Bounty contract right there, so I don't think it's going to be great for groups. I might actually be wrong; it might actually be pretty good for groups of zombies too, but I can see this thing being super effective for HVTs.


So I can't wait to do this bounty contract, man. Hopefully we get like a mega abomination or something as our target. Fingers crossed, and there we go. We got the contract. Let's see what target we get, and it's a disciple. Okay, not what we wanted but it's all good set over there and there we go the disciple is right back here start hitting those head shot on him there we go cracked his armor so we can actually hit those criticals now let's take out some of these zombies get that reload yeah reload speed's pretty good too of course it is just a 40 round mag normally it's a 20 but of course since we're pack-a-punched it doubles the ammo count good amount of reserve ammo too, so yeah ammo is definitely not going to be an issue we got this Mega Abomination fighting us now too let's hit those critical yeah just look at the damage output man let's back up a little bit throw that blade.

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I would have preferred if this weapon were full auto, though I will say that, but you know it's performance that matters. Really, let's get a bit closer to this disciple. Here, I swear, man, disciples are the most annoying target. There we go, shoot his arm nice, throw that blade, let's actually throw a Casmir here just to make this a little bit easier so we don't have to worry about the zombies that might be coming our way, there we go, nice did a fair bit of damage to that disciple already, let's get that reload, shoot his arm real quick, there we go, let's get those critical hits in.

Beautiful disciples about halfway dead now let's get that reload there we go start damaging that Mega too while we're at it, nice we go I swear I hate disciples come on and there we go Mega Abomination is dead now we can focus on the disciple, beautiful and he was healing off the other guy behind us no way throw that blade there we go let's get a bit closer to this disciple there we go shoot his arm just to stop his heal throw that blade real, quick, yeah so damage output is definitely great Mobility is great reload speed's good he got a good amount of ammo with this gun let's get that reload, keep shooting his arm, there we.

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Go and there are a few more shots coming on, and he's going to heal a lot off that. So there we go. And we got him nice quick and easy stamina up off that we already have that, so we're not going to grab those self-revive two plates and two rare tools. Okay, nothing too special about that contract.

There are no more bounty contracts in the Tier 3 zone right now, so I say we just hang around, wait a bit, and if none of them spawn, then I'll just go over to the Elder Dark Eternity. And we got a bounty contract that spawned in, so I'm going to go ahead and rush over there. There's a guy in an LTV here, and I don't think he's going for it.

Okay, we're good, we're good, we can get this contract, let's go, and there we go, getting another contract. Hopefully we get a Mega this time, and we did. Let's go perfectly, and he's going to be right here. We don't even need to run that far. And there we go. Mega Abomination is right up ahead.

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Start hitting those shots on him, so yeah, just from those normal shots, we're not doing any critical damage. Look at that health bar. Yeah, it took off a little chunk. Nothing too special, but the damage output is definitely good on that blade. Get rid of some of those zombies back there. Nice, let's get some distance from the mega; hopefully he hits us with a laser attack soon.

I'm pretty sure there's another spot we can stand at here, kind of. Get the Mega to attack us with the laser. Let's come up here and maybe see if that works. No, it's just going to make him sit there. Okay, no problem. Let's back up a little bit. There we go. That's a laser attack. Let's hit those critical points.

Yeah, so once you start doing that critical damage, just look at his health. Fireman, just look at that. Let's get that reloaded. Take out this hellhound. There we go. We've got a mimic coming towards us as well. Start that blade, okay? We turn the mimic nice, and then again another laser attack comes in.

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There we go. Two faces have been destroyed so far. Get those shots. Come in here. There we go. This might be the Playboys. You just sit in here. He can't attack you. But I don't think he'll hit us with laser attacks while we're in here, which is yeah, so it's not really going to help out that much, so let's come back to the other side over here.

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