News - Warzone 2 Zombies - The Ray Gun Is Now Insane. Ray Gun Huge Buff After Update

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My name's Hypnos, and welcome to a brand new MWZ article. For those of you who don't know, I make daily zombie articles, and in doing so, I come across rare schematics all the time. Since I have them all unlocked already, the best thing I can do is give them away to you guys. The winner of the schematics for my last article is King Cair, so congratulations.

I sent you a friend request. Go ahead and accept that, and hit me up whenever you're free for those of you who still need the schematics. So stay tuned. So with the season 2 update, we got a lot of changes, one of which was a buff to the ray gun. It got a pack-a-punch damage buff and a 60% projectile speed buff, which increases to 110% when pack-a-punched, and it now deals less self-inflicted damage before we start testing this bad boy out.

I just want to take a moment to thank Mitch Cockus for sponsoring this article. If you're interested in unlocking the interstellar and Bo oralis Mastery camos, or if you just want to play in easier lobbies to quickly level up your weapons and unlock camos, or if you're a zombies player, just interested in unlocking all the schematics, go ahead and check out Mitch Cactus.

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They have over 10,000 reviews on their Trustpilot page and are the safest and most professional call-of-duty service out there. Be sure to use my code Hypno for 5% off. All right, boys, we are here in the Tier 3 Zone. As you can see, we got the Ray Gun 2 Pack 3, and we are killing Tier 3 zombies with just two shots, so the damage output on this thing is definitely insane.

The velocity is noticeably better. I mean, just look at that; that's crazy. I can't wait to do this bounty contract, man. We're definitely going to have some fun with this thing, so if we're two tapping normal tier three zombies. I'm going to assume that the tier five zombies are going to be like a PO Tap, maybe, or something like that.

I'm just quickly going to do that just so we don't get interrupted by this guy here, my bad B. I just had to mute you. It's all good, though, so we got this mangler as our target. Let's get a bit closer, start lighting this guy up, and let's see how quickly we can take him out. So we already damaged his arm cannon right there.


Let's keep hitting those shots. All right, dang, we got surrounded right there, boys; it's all good. Let's quickly use a self-revive. There we go, all right. See how he performs against groups. He definitely has no issues with groups of zombies with this thing, so yeah, damage output is a 10 on 10.

The only thing I'm going to say is that since PhD Flopper got changed to a device that doesn't actually protect you from fire damage and explosive damage, you're going to want to be careful because splash damage from the ray gun will damage you. We're actually going to do some testing here in a second and see how much damage we actually take.

But for now, let's just focus on our contract here, and he's almost dead. There we go; we got him no issues taking that guy out. See what we get? An extra self-revive definitely needs that. That got this Mega Abomination right here too, so let's start lighting him up. See how quickly we can kill this guy with that blade.

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There we go. Start lighting this guy up here. All right, he took off almost a quarter of his health bar. Let's pick up that skull. Okay, let's keep hitting those shots. We're almost at that quarter health bar. Mark, let's quickly come back here. Just make sure that this guy doesn't despawn by going too far from his spawn point.

There we go. One of his faces is already destroyed. Definitely hit that quarterway, Milestone; I guess you want to call it there. We go let's hit those shots, beautiful. It's about halfway dead. Nice let's hit some more shots. Go that blade real quick, beautiful. He's got about a quarter of his health bar left now, so yeah, it is definitely super easy to take out Mega Abominations now with the ray gun back in season 1.

This would be a struggle, man. You would not be ripping through him as quickly as we are right now. Let's get that reload speed; it's really good on the ray gun too. Ammo hasn't been an issue so far. We're running low on Ammo now, but we also didn't focus on picking any up, so Ammo was definitely good.

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There we go, destroying another face. He's only got one face left from those shots, and can we get him? He ran out of ammo, almost. Let's get that reloaded. Just like two more shots or something, there we go. He got the kill quick and easy. He dropped a three-plate for us, which we're able to leave there.

Juggernog, stamina up, and some armor plates are nice, all right. So there's another Bounty contract way back there, so I think we'll go ahead and rush over there. Hopefully, we get a mega-abomination as our target this time. That'll be very nice. The only thing I'm going to have to keep in mind while using this ray gun is to not fight zombies when they're right in front of me, because I think we're going to end up going down because of that, but you know I'll just play a bit safer.

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I'm honestly not sure why they changed PhD Flopper. It just doesn't make any sense to me, man, and since that Tombstone glitch got patched. I saw so many people complaining on Reddit saying that they're actually going to quit playing zombies, but you know, boys, just give it like a couple days. Maybe one or two more days and we'll have a working Glitch again; it's going to be almost as good as the one prior to the update.

Just give it some time; people are going to find it, because that's the thing: when we play Zombies, we want to load in the best stuff, go straight to the tier 3 zone, or the tier 5 zone, and have some fun. We don't want to craft something and then have to wait 2 days to go back in with the best stuff.

It's just that it gets rid of a lot of the fun in zombies. So let's back up a little bit here. We need to get some ammo. Actually, we probably should have hit an ammo box earlier, but it's all good. Let's light up that Mega. Right, I think we destroyed one of his faces. Did we all right, let's back up a little bit.

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Here we go. He's going to charge into us. There should be some more ammo on the ground here. Well, we actually have to think about picking up ammo now. There we go, and that blade again comes back here. Beautiful yeah, no, we took a fair bit of splash damage right there. We're going to have to be very careful when we're fighting off zombies that are close to us.

Let's actually take these guys out now. There we go. Beautiful, there should be some more ammo back here. Nice let's pick that up some more on the ground. Beautiful should be good to fight off the mega now. There we go. A laser toe coming in might go down. NOP we made it. Beautiful destroyed one of his faces.

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